UK Toy Fair 2016 Hasbro

For many years Hasbro was a proud sponsor and the biggest exhibitor at the UK Toy Fair. However, due to the tight schedule with multiple Toy Fairs around the world simultaneously, Hasbro is sad to announce that they will not attend the UK Toy Fair for 2016.

Hasbro stated the following to the media:
“Hasbro will not be exhibiting at the next London Toy Fair due to the complexity of the global toy show calendar in 2016. As part of a global organisation we have had to make this tough choice to ensure we utilise our people and resources as efficiently as possible. We nevertheless continue to maximise support for Hasbro’s sales in the UK and remain committed to the toy industry. This is wholeheartedly demonstrated by our attendance at many of the other UK shows and events, our extensive showroom at our Stockley Park offices and our passionate involvement in the Industry’s charitable ventures. We would like to wish London Toy Fair 2016 every success.”

British Toy and Hobby Association has finalized the dates for next year’s toy fair with the noticeable absence of Hasbro who has withdrawn their participation for 2016. London Toy Fair is one of the earliest toy fairs happening each year. Though the fair is generally closed for the public, early leaks in the past has given us sneak peeks of what we will see at the New York Toy Fair, a month later.

Journalist John Baluch stated that while both Hasbro and MGA pulled out from the event with heavy heart, it is rather bad for a major event to lose a big company like Hasbro even for a year.

Hopefully, leaks will happen during the German Toy Fair… but this time without obscuring bald guys.


Griffin-of-oz has posted his initial report from Australia Toy Fair 2015 over at OzFormers. More information is coming later but here’s Griffin’s initial report:

Photos later tonight, and the full report…. but some teaser info to get you interested and to send the global fansites into meltdown.

Generations Devastator on display with my Gen1 Devastator – BigW already signed up for June/July.

More JP Masterpiece coming this year – Gold bumblebee July, Convoy reissue, Tracks (not MP25), MP25 in Sept (I can’t reveal name before TakaraTomy), and two new “sports cars” for OCT & NOV.

Platinum edition – Myer will have Seeker pack and YOTG pair… while ToysRUs will have Insecticon pack, Perceptor/Blaster, Trypticon, aaaaand…. Dinobots. YES, Gen1 Dinobots multipack which I hope is all five.

JP Stinger still for this month, only at TRU though.

GEN Slingshot & Wildrider don’t exist (yet) for Hasbro Generations, but might next year as Combiners are going to be at least two years.

Leader Starscream for wave 4.

Hasbro MP Starscream is the second (MP11) version because fans wanted it.
Hasbro MP Bluestreak will be in July.

Toyworld’s cheaper prices were indeed just introductory prices from Hasbro.

Loyal Subjects w3 should be out in the next month.

That’s most of it. More later, probably after midnight though.

Go nuts…

Meltdown commence! Stay tuned for more

EDIT: griffin has elaborated on the Mastepiece Transformers information:

Australia will continue to be following Hong Kong’s lead and having both Hasbro and TakaraTomy Masterpiece toys at ToysRUs stores here.

The Japanese Masterpiece toys that SHOULD be coming this year (details and dates can change, and often do)…
– Gold bumblebee in around July,
– The Convoy reissue middle of the year,
– Tracks is NOT noted as MP-25 on the Hasbro Australia list, but maybe they have 25 and 26 mixed up, as Tracks was labelled as MP-25 in a recent Japanese Hobby magazine. If they are mixed up on this Australian list, then I know what MP-26 is.
– MP-25 (or 26 if the numbers were mixed up on the list) will be here in about Sept (I know what it is, but I can’t reveal the name before TakaraTomy announces it)
– two “sports cars” for OCT and NOV (the names haven’t be revealed to Hasbro Australia yet, as it is so far in the future, so I have no idea if they
are new moulds… but with three new moulds already this year, I’d imagine that at least one is a redeco).
(please don’t bother asking me, or expect, any more information on the future Masterpiece toys, as I am not expecting updates before
TakaraTomy reveals the next few… and everything I am allowed to talk about is listed here already)


Hasbro’s Jerry Jivoin was gracious enough to sit down with Ben’s World of Transformers at Toy Fair for an interview, mostly concerning Combiner Wars. He discusses the design process of the line, and gives some hints about the Fan Built Combiner – mostly notably stating that a gender option will indeed be included.

Check it out after the break!


Here are photos of the Transformers Figures on display at The Loyal Subjects booth. Here’s what they had

  • Starscream and Cobra Commander 2-Pack
  • Talking Optimus Prime
  • Dino Accessories Grimlock
  • Rainmakers 3-Pack
  • Large Shockwave
  • Shattered Glass Evil Dinobots 3-Pack
  • Conehead Ghost 3-Pack
  • Smokescreen, Invisible Mirage, Sideswipe 3-Pack
  • Cybertronian Edition Grimlock and Soundwave 2-Pack
  • Oversized Optimus Prime
  • Mini Carded Vinyl Figures
  • Action Vinyls Blind Box Figures Wave 3
  • Action Vinyl Window Box Figures
  • Skateboard Decks


We’ve got some images of the Transformers Hero Mashers from the Hasbro Toy Fair 2015 Event. The figures are all shown in their mashed up form, but Hasbro seems to be continuing with the Robots in Disguise theme, and to follow up the first assortment of Bumblebee, Steeljaw and Sideswipe, we will be getting Hero Masher versions of Robots in Disguise 2015 Optimus Prime, Strongarm and Bisk!


We have some images of the Kre-O from the Toy Fair 2015 Hasbro Event. Headlining this set of pictures are the new Battle Changers Drift and Blitzwing, who each triple change into three modes without needing to be disassembled. Other Battle Changers are also on show including new reveals Hound and Shockwave.

There’s also a bizarre new kind of Kreon combiner. Both Bumblebee and Optimus Prime are getting combiners, with both combiners being made up of five smaller Kreon versions of them. Five Optimi or five Bumblebees making one big, combined figure.

There’s also a diorama showing a mix of this new stuff and the previously revealed, upcoming Robots in Disguise Kre-O sets.


Next up for our Toy Fair coverage is Transformers Robots in Disguise! Our on site Staff has provided images of the newest revealed figures to hit the toy line including:

– Single packed Mini-Cons as well as Mini-Con deployers Drift and Fracture
– Warrior Class Jazz and Sideswipe
– Mega Optimus Prime (can have up to 10 Mini-Cons attached to it)
– Super Bumblebee (the biggest Bumblebee ever)
– Legion Class Underbite and Fixit
– One Step Changers Drift, Fracture and Thunderhoof
– RID Titan Heros

Check out the full gallery after the break!


We’ve got some more images of the rest of the Combiner Wars display for you. On show are the Legends class Warpath, a remold of the Generations Legends Megatron, and Viper, a blue Cobra Rattler redeco of Powerglide. Viper is looking especially cool, even sporting a modified Cobra logo from G.I. Joe! He’s a crossover of the two franchises!

Also visible in these images are the first three Leaders in the Combiner Wars line, Megatron, Armada Megatron, and Thundercracker.