RID Stomp n Chomp Grimlock sighting

Hot on the heels of the official images, RID 2015 Stomp n Chomp Grimlock has been sighted at US retail. This first sighting comes from a TRU in Kansas City, MO so he should be popping up all over the place shortly. We also have news of the online listing which in turn provides us with his price tag which is a hefty $79.99. The scannable sticker for the RID2015 mobile game can be found on his transformation handle on his back (it wasn’t on the figure in the stock images, so we felt it worthy to point out). This sticker, for those who aren’t aware of this feature of the game, can be scanned by mobile devices, allowing you to play as that version of that character.

Happy hunting, TFW!

TAV Stepper

Thanks to fellow board member, BattleUpSaber, we have a new pic of TAV Stepper!  This image was found on TF-TF’s Twitter Page, you can also see the image here. According to the description, the picture came from a catalog packaged with the toys, and that Stepper will use the TAV Jazz mold, feature a more G1 head sculpt, and will be packaged with a TAV Sideswipe.

So what do you think of this figure?

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RID Stomp n Chomp Grimlock 03

Thanks to Boards member Driskull98, we finally have stock images of the Robots In Disguise 2015 version of the Age of Extinction Stomp n’ Chomp Grimlock! This titanic T-Rex was teased a while back in the official Robots In Disguise game app as one of the many different playable versions of Grimlock. Judging by these stock images, there doesn’t seem to be any mold changes so he’ll be a straight-up repaint of the original AOE figure in his RID 2015 color scheme.

No price or release date has been revealed as of yet, but in the meantime, check out the official images we’ve mirrored after the jump!


The long awaited MP-18B Bluestreak figure has been released! This figure is a dream come true for fans that have wanted a blue Bluestreak since the G1 days. Read on for in-hand images from Monari & TCracker and check out the MP-18B Bluestreak review thread already in progress!

Transformers Devastation Sideswipe

Here is your weekly fix for some game footage of Transformers Devastation! Jump directly to here to see the Transformers: Devastation trailer for SideswipeIf you haven’t looked at Sideswipe’s profile yet for this upcoming game, check out our report of his bio right here.

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RID One Step Night Ops Bumblebee

A few more bits of sighting news for you TFW, this time we have reports of Robots In Disguise One-Step Changers being released at Germany retail. Wave 3 consists of Drift, Fracture and Thunderhoof, while wave 4 will see Night Ops Bumblebee and Ninja Mode Sideswipe.

As always, utilize our sightings forum to help out fellow collectors during your hunts!


TFNation Logo 2

With the close of the final Auto Assembly, a new Transformers convention has come forward to occupy that August / Summer spot in our convention calendars. Introducing TFNation, a new Transformers convention for the UK and for our friends from Europe and even further afield.

TFNation has announced that TFNation 2016 will be taking place at the Hilton Metropole in Birmingham, UK – which you might remember was the venue for Auto Assembly for the last few years. The dates for TFNation 2016 have also been announced today, as 19 – 21 August, 2016!

Further information and registrations will go up shortly – for now, save the dates and get ready for more summer Transformers fun! Within the United Kingdom, we shall come together at the TFNation!

Dinoichi Shell 04

In FansProject fashion the third party group has been hard at work today dropping a ton of news at once. In addition to their color prototype images of Severo, we’ve got our first really good look at the Dinosaur pretender shell that Dinoichi can be stored in or ride atop.

Named Tricerabot, it is still unclear as to how these will be offered to collectors. Rumors were floating around during TFcon Toronto that they will be sold separately from the figures themselves, but no confirmation is available at this time.

Check out the prototype images after the jump!

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