Courtesy of Tumblr, we have a new iTunes preview of the Combiner Hunters special one-shot comic that will be released at SDCC! The issue contains lovely art by the talented Sara-Pitre Durocher along with writing by Mairghread Scott, and features the fembots rocking their new Combiner Hunters paintjobs:

Transformers: Combiner Hunters Special one-shot

COMBINER WARS FALLOUT! Because you demanded it—WINDBLADE and CHROMIA team up with ARCEE to put an end to the menace of the COMBINER WARS—but will they end each other first?!”

If you don’t mind some spoilers, you can take a look after the break – and be sure to check out the full issue next week to see the comic debut of Fan-Built Combiner Victorion!

Clash of the Transformers Warriors Released in Canada

Yet more Robots in Disguise Clash of the Transformers toys have arrived at Canadian retail. This time, we’ve got the Warriors assortment, which consists of Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, and Sideswipe. All three are redecos of their existing Robots in Disguise Warrior class offerings, and like all of the Clash of the Transformers releases seen thus far, all three are exclusive to Toys R Us. Sadly, the heads on Bumblebee and Sideswipe are not remolded to represent their new headgear shown in the package art.

This sighting comes to you via Matrix Holder of our sister site, Cybertron.CA! It is also reported that other Robots in Disguise offerings, including the Mini-Cons Wave 1, the Deployers, and the Mega Optimus Prime, have reached Canadian retail.


The third party company BadCube released artwork teasing their next figure in their Old Timer Series line, OTS-08 SunSurge, on their Facebook page. SunSurge appears to be a homage to G1 Sunsteaker in masterpiece style. To top everything off BadCube also teased that they may have more to reveal of this project at the upcoming TFcon. So stay tuned for more updates and discuss your thoughts on the boards.

SDCC x Combiner Hunters 83

TFW2005 SDCC 2015 Transformers galleries continue today with the Combiner Hunters 3 Pack! This set features three fem-bot characters – Arcee, Chromia, and Windblade – in new tricked out colors with some big *** weapons specifically for hunting Combiners! Check out over 100 shots of them in both modes after the break, and make sure to scan through them all because they might have found their first victim (dun dun dun..)

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Takarastaff1 1332738573

Famed Takara designer, Shogo Hasui, had just revealed on his Twitter that he will be attending SDCC 2015!

“I’ll attend San Diego Comic-con as designer of Titian Devastator at Hasbro booth.”

Hasui-san is most well known amongst fans for designing the majority of the Masterpiece figures since MP-10 and, as he states above, Combiner Wars Devastator.

Be sure to keep an eye out for him next week at the Hasbro booth!

FansProject Knight 08

Via 景田-百岁山 on Weibo, we have a look at the final product of FansProject’s Knight. Knight is a recolor of the group’s MADLAW, which was inspired by Generation 1 Quickswitch – this version is inspired by the vintage Quickswitch redeco, Sixknight.

What may be of interest to those following FansProject’s releases is that Knight, unlike MADLAW, has been placed in the main numbering of the Function-X line – he’s Function-X6. We’re not sure when this one is going to be available for fans to buy – but, given the FansProject trend of having something available at conventions, the smart money is on a western debut at TFcon 2015.

SDCC x Devastator 136

Prepare for termination! SDCC Devastator is in the house and we’re finishing up his galleries today with shots of the individual bots and their vehicle modes. Check out 140 images of Bonecrusher, Hook, Long Haul, Mixmaster, Scavenger, Scrapper and of course some group shots after the break! If you missed it, you can check Part 1 of our SDCC Devastator gallery, featuring Devastator in his combined form, here.

Masterpiece Bluestreak at US Retail

We’ve got a report that the next Hasbro Masterpiece Transformer has arrived at US retail. Via TFW member TeamAutobots81 we have a sighting of Masterpiece Bluestreak!

Masterpiece Bluestreak is a Hasbro release of the Takara-Tomy Masterpiece Streak, and is unchanged from his Japanese release. He’s a Toys R Us exclusive, and in defiance of previous reports that he would only be available through the chain online, he’s been found at brick & mortar retail in Times Square, New York!

Combiner Wars Wave 3 Voyagers

More good sighting news for those residing in Germany, the Combiner Wars Voyager figures from wave 3 (Hot Spot and Cyclonus) have been spotted at a couple of outlets. After skipping wave 2 of the Combiner Wars line just as the rest of Europe had to go through as well, this is a welcome treat! Spotted at both the Toys ‘R Us store in Krefeld and in Duisburg, start keeping your eyes peeled!



Transformers Devastation Custom Console

For those attending SDCC 2015, Xbox will be giving away 20 custom Xbox One consoles featuring some upcoming titles. How does this relate to our hobby? As Xbox.com reports, one of those custom consoles will feature artwork from Transformers Devastation! Read on after the jump for rules and how to enter.

See you at SDCC!

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