PWTT Painted Jetstrike 05

Thanks to the Play With This Too Facebook page, we’ve received painted prototype images of JetStrike! Jetstrike will be part of Play With This Too’s September Kickstarter along with Boneyard (who is also featured here in the same update, designed to be a Pretender Grimlock homage). Jetstrike is an homage to the Pretender Starscream and can be seen here geared up with plenty of weapons, accessories, and a new abdomen crunch action!

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Masterpiece Starscream 03

Well, this is a bit of a surprise. The Hasbro edition of Masterpiece Starscream has already been found at retail! So far we have two confirmed sightings of this Masterpiece Seeker: TFW2005 boards member AzT has reported one being purchased in California, while Matt Guzy on Twitter has reported seeing them in Arizona. So these are apparently hitting a month early, but the even better news is the price rings up at $59.99!

Happy Hunting TFW!


Devastation Motormaster

Thanks to the Transformers Game Facebook page, we’ve got a brand new character profile update for Transformers: Devastation. This update features Motormaster: Defeating Motormaster won’t be easy. Are you ready? Unlike previous character profiles, this one does not go into as much detail, probably given the fact Decepticon characters will not be playable in Devastation.

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FT04X 02

One of Fans Toys’s many repaints has started to hit mailboxes and this one is one of the forerunners to the plethora of others in the pipeline, FT-04X Scoria! This repaint of Scoria is based on the G1 comic color scheme with a more silver paint instead of flat grey molded plastic along with many other more reflective paint apps. This version is meant to fit in with the limited edition MP-08X Grimlock and like said version of Grimlock, FT-04X is also a limited edition.

FT-04X, along with the G2 and Diaclone versions, is instock for $224.99. Is this the version you’ve been waiting for? Place your order, check out the pics after the jump, and be sure to click the discussion link below to share your thoughts and excitement!

Iron Factory EX12 01

Iron Factory continues their streak of reveals today by showing off a new three-pack listing of their Legends scaled homages of Prowl, Bluestreak, and Smokescreen. These figures are designed from their appearance in the latest run of IDW Transformers comic books. We’ve seen Prowl previously and much like tradition of other toy lines, Bluestreak and Smokescreen will be small retools of Prowl.

The three figures are pictured here as test shots along with numerous accessories including shoulder mounted missiles and other weaponry. They will be sold as a three-pack releasing in November.

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Combiner Wars Protectobots Russia Release 01

Good news for those residing in Moscow, Russa: the Protectobots have been found at retail! Found at “Children’s World” in the shopping center “Metromarket,” were the four deluxe limbs of First Aid, Blades, Streetwise and Rook. Each figure came out to ₽1300 RUB (roughly 19.42 USD).

Happy hunting TFW!


RID Legion Wave 4 02

Thanks to site sponsor BigBadToyStore, we have some new listings as well as new information to pass along concerning the Robots In Disguise Legion class figures. Wave 4 has previously been released at retail in some select international markets, while North America has not seen wave 4 just yet. Wave 5 however has already been found, debuting Ultra Magnus and Patrol Mode Strongarm.

Thanks to this listing by BBTS, we have confirmed wave 4 contains Alpine Strike Sideswipe and Night Ops Bumblebee (while wave 5 will contain Nights Ops Bee again).

So for fans of the RID toy line, keep a lookout for a retail sighting of wave 4 that includes the Sideswipe redeco! It hopefully isn’t too far behind.

Iron Factory Evil Lord 06

Third party group Iron Factory is staying busy today, this update comes with color and in-box images of their Overlord homage Evil Lord, courtesy of 低像素测评公司 and Iron Factory on Weibo. Evil Lord is designed to fit in scale with other Legends sized figures and if you’re a fan of Last Stand Of The Wreckers you will surely love how this figure turned out.

It looks like this one is on schedule for release as it’s due out later this month. Enjoy the new images after the jump.

Transformers Devastation Peter Cullen

Thanks to the YouTube channel of ActivisionGames, we’ve got a behind the scenes video for Transformers: Devastation featuring Optimus Prime himself, Peter Cullen! In the video we get to see Mr. Cullen at work behind the mic, while also hearing his thoughts on the game and what virtues he puts into the character of Optimus Prime.

Check out the full video after the jump, it’s worth the watch!

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With September upon us and the impending projected release approachingwe finally have in-package photos of Generations Toy GT-01 Scraper, the newest entry into the ever expanding world of Devestator-themed figures. 

Styled as a worthy addition to either your Classics/Generations or possibly your Masterpiece collection, this figure is Voyager-sized and is the first release of the Gravity Builder (Devastator) project, which appears to be scaled to complement Warbotron’s Bruticus.

The figure features rubber tires, die-cast in the feet for added stability and clever use of smoked plastic to create some very convincing windows. The paint apps look to be done just right, while the overall colors undeniably evoke nostalgia for Devastator.

This figure is available for pre-order from all of our site sponsors, so be sure to head over to your favorite and get your order for this very impressive figure.

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