WF2015 Nemesis Prime and Bumblebee Busts

Check out two Wonder Festival 2015 Transformers Exclusives coming from Prime 1 Studio. They have revealed that they will have Optimus Prime – Nemesis Edition and Bumblebee – Stealth Edition Busts. These limited editions will be available for purchase exclusively at the show. Only a limited amount will be available, and it doesn’t sound like they’ll be made available again once they sell out. The event takes place July 26th in Japan.

Check out the image by reading on.

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Courtesy of TFW2005 boards member daimchoc, we have a new, colored look at Iron Factory’s upcoming IF-EX11 Evil Lord figure – their Legends-scaled version of Overlord.

These photos show him off in various poses, armed with his rifle, standing next to other figures to get a sense of scale, and of course in all of his various modes.

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Take this as just a fun little rumor for now.

Takara designer Hisashi Yuki has a history of posting fun images on his Twitter account, which sometimes even contain veiled hints at future products. And today, he tweeted an image of G1 Bruticus – but, curiously, with Groove taking the place of Blast Off as his right arm. Is it a just coincidence that they’re showing off Groove, a character they made a brand new mold for, in place of Blast Off? Or could this be a hint at Takara once again going in a separate direction from Hasbro in their Unite Warriors line and making a new, or at least modified, mold for Blast Off?

Again, we highly advise you only take this as a rumor until we get more info, but given how Takara handled the Slingshot, Wildrider and Groove situations, we feel the notion is at the very least plausible.

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UK Toy Fair 2016 Hasbro

For many years Hasbro was a proud sponsor and the biggest exhibitor at the UK Toy Fair. However, due to the tight schedule with multiple Toy Fairs around the world simultaneously, Hasbro is sad to announce that they will not attend the UK Toy Fair for 2016.

Hasbro stated the following to the media:
“Hasbro will not be exhibiting at the next London Toy Fair due to the complexity of the global toy show calendar in 2016. As part of a global organisation we have had to make this tough choice to ensure we utilise our people and resources as efficiently as possible. We nevertheless continue to maximise support for Hasbro’s sales in the UK and remain committed to the toy industry. This is wholeheartedly demonstrated by our attendance at many of the other UK shows and events, our extensive showroom at our Stockley Park offices and our passionate involvement in the Industry’s charitable ventures. We would like to wish London Toy Fair 2016 every success.”

British Toy and Hobby Association has finalized the dates for next year’s toy fair with the noticeable absence of Hasbro who has withdrawn their participation for 2016. London Toy Fair is one of the earliest toy fairs happening each year. Though the fair is generally closed for the public, early leaks in the past has given us sneak peeks of what we will see at the New York Toy Fair, a month later.

Journalist John Baluch stated that while both Hasbro and MGA pulled out from the event with heavy heart, it is rather bad for a major event to lose a big company like Hasbro even for a year.

Hopefully, leaks will happen during the German Toy Fair… but this time without obscuring bald guys.


Courtesy of TFsource and board member daimchoc, today we bring you a plethora of images of both bot and alt modes (sorry no limb mode pics as of yet) for Warbotron’s most recent effort, their take on the Technobot Strafe. Available for pre-order now, with a projected release date of August, this bot scales with your Classics/Generations collection and of course is designed to combine with his teammates to form the massive gestalt, Computron.

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Black Knight Bumblebee

Via Snakas, we have learned of an upcoming TV Magazine exclusive. The September edition of TV Magazine will include a special edition “Black Knight” (or “Black Night”) Bumblebee. This figure is a recolor of the Robots in Disguise Legion class toy, in a deco not dissimilar to the Night Ops Bumblebee from the US line. A manga in TV Magazine over the next few months will tell the story of the character.

Check out an image of this Japanese magazine exclusive attached to this post.

Paper Rabbit Rope

Our sponsors Robot Kingdom have revealed what the next two entries in the Q-Transformers Crossovers series will be. Following on from Hello Kitty and the Evangelion three pack, we are going to see Q-Transformers Crossovers based on the Japanese film short series Kamiusagi Rope, or Paper Rabbit Rope as it is also known. The characters are from a series of shorts that run between adverts in Japanese theaters before movies, and focus on the main character’s attempts to get to the theater to see a movie.

Coming in November 2015, QTC-03 will be Paper Rabbit Rope himself, and QTC-04 will be Akira Sempai. Both of them are remolds of the Hello Kitty Q-Transformer base, featuring different heads. The price in Japan is expected to be 1,200 yen each, in line with the other Q-Transformers.

Gun Dog 1

Via Action Robo on Facebook, we have a look at a prototype Maketoys Re:Master Gun Dog, aka their version of a Masterpiece Hound. Gun Dog is seen here as a colored test shot, with the base plastic colors shown but no paint applications. The images here also show how tall Gun Dog will be against other releases, including Maketoys Cupola.

Action Robo also reports that a bunch of hot third party items have just been released, including the aforementioned unofficial Chromedome, Cupola; plus FansProject’s version of Sixknight, Knight, and FansToys’ Tesla / Perceptor and Sever / Snarl.

Unite Warriors Guardian Packaging Mockup

Hisashi Yuki continues to tease us with things that are coming our way soon, this time with a look at a packaging mockup for the Unite Warriors Defensor / Guardian. Using the inner packaging tray of Superion, he’s showing us how the Takara-Tomy mall exclusive offering might look when it is packaged – and it’s a lovely layout too, showcasing all the toys and their parts.

We’ve also got a couple of other new pics of Defensor and the new, Japan exclusive mold Groove attached to this post – including a three-way comparison of the three different Grooves, Takara-Tomy, Hasbro, and original Generation 1!

Check it out attached to this post!

TAV21 Optimus 03

Our favorite TakaraTomy toy designer Hisashi Yuki has shared more images of TAV21 Optimus Prime through Twitter. With these new images he shows off the car carrier feature of this new Optimus figure that is due to release in July. You can see that in vehicle mode, the roof of the trailer section opens up and reveals space to fit a single warrior class figure in alternate mode. Several figures can also ride in the trailer section in robot mode as well for more variety of play.

Mr. Yuki comments that it is quite unusual to see an integrated trailer design for the Autobot Commander in Transformers history. The first example of this design that comes to mind would be Star Convoy from “Transformers: Return of Convoy” (which you can check out in our resources section through this link).

Staff edit: Now with images showing 5mm ports available on the figure.

Have a look at Mr. Yuki’s photos below, and let us know what you think on the boards.