Transformers 4 Age Of Extinction Official Classification & Running Time Revealed


We now have our official confirmation of Transformers: Age Of Extinction Classification and Running Time.

Thanks to British Board Of Film Classifications, the following official details were revealed:

  • BBFCINSIGHT: moderate action violence, infrequent strong language
  • GENRE(S): Action, Fantasy, Science Fiction
  • DIRECTOR(S): Michael Bay
  • CAST INCLUDES: Mark Wahlberg, Nicola Peltz, T.J. Miller, Sophia Myles, Stanley Tucci, Kelsey Grammer, Titus Welliver
  • CUT: This work was passed uncut.

Previously, Michael Bay revealed that the running time was 150 Minutes (without credits).

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  1. RazorX3000's Avatar RazorX3000 says

    My last post of today before I'm outta here: Awesome! I hope this movie takes a looong time to get to the end.

  2. Scorpio's Avatar Scorpio says

    Pretty sure this has been confirmed already several times... my cinema's had the listing as that for ages >.>

    Ah well, 2 hours 44 minutes is too long for me to sit in a cinema with a bunch of pre-teen football fans, so definitely checking it online first to make sure its worth watching.

  3. DHull47's Avatar DHull47 says

    Even longer? Hell yes! I hope it doesn't fly in too fast. Want it to last forever! I guess I'll be seeing it again the next showing anyways, lol.

  4. TeeKay's Avatar TeeKay says

    Well I reported this earlier this week. Guess it was legit after all.

  5. The Ramjet's Avatar The Ramjet says

    I'm just happy that none of that runtime will consist of Shia running around squealing like a hyperactive pig while doing something mundane.

  6. transformervic1's Avatar transformervic1 says

    Dayumn. The pacing had BETTER be on point, and not go like DOTM's slow/boring pacing.

  7. provocateur's Avatar provocateur says

    So 150 mins for the actual movie and 14 minutes for the credits?

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