Beast Hunters Cyberverse Legion Air Vehicon New Official Images


By way of this Amazon Marketplace listing, we have a look at some new official images of the Beast Hunters Cyberverse Air Vehicon. These new images show the Air Vehicon “unphotoshopped” and also show the packaging. Check them out attached to this post.

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  1. Nevermore's Avatar Nevermore says

    Don't think we've seen this before, BotCon and SDCC only had loose photos as far as I know.

    Amazon is the first online retailer to have stock photos of a final sample of Beast Hunters Cyberverse Legion Class Air Vehicon, including a packaging shot. These pics have been added today, they still had the hand-painted early prototype when I last checked yesterday. Transformers Prime Legion Class Air Vehicon Figure: Toys & Games

    Please don't freak out over the price, this is a third party seller's offer. This is in no way indicative of Hasbro or Amazon's own price.

    (They also have photos of Bumblebee/Energon Driller, but we've seen that one before in packaging from Robot Kingdom. )

  2. Nevermore's Avatar Nevermore says

    Originally Posted by spartan 3764 View Post
    It's a third party seller's offer (as stated under "Ships from and sold by"). This doesn't reflect Hasbro's or Amazon's own price.

  3. slugslinger2004's Avatar slugslinger2004 says

    Haven't we seen in package pics before? I know someone already did a video review a month or so ago, but can't remember if the packaging was a part of the review.

    EDIT: On topic, I can't wait to pick up a couple of these up!

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