Transformers United EX Story Chapter 7 The Price of a Life Translated


Our fellow fans over at The Allspark have translated the seventh chapter of the Transformers United story. This chapter picks up on what happened to the Autobot Choppermaster after his battle with Rollermaster and Combatmaster. The good news is, he was rescued by Airmaster. The bad part, it was all a part of a Decepticon plan to track the location of the Master Class’ base, and steal another set of Power Core Combiner drones – and it falls to the Decepticon Dozermaster to execute the plan!

This chapter introduces the two toys from the two-pack that accompanied it into the plot – Airmaster and Dozermaster. As usual hints are dropped at the identity of the two new characters – Airmaster is revealed to be a third member of the Micromaster Air Patrol, Sky High, while Dozermaster’s bio drops some heavy hints that he’s another Generation 2 character – the Autoroller, Roadblock.

Check out the full post and translation over at The Allspark.

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  1. Sol Fury's Avatar Sol Fury says

    Given the last assortment doesn't have any jets (it's got Assaultmaster, who I think might be Clouder / Doubleclouder based on the box art posted today, Buildmaster, Tankmaster and Marinemaster) I'm thinking that's unlikely. Which is a shame, given how the other three managed to make it into the lineup.

  2. Chris McFeely's Avatar Chris McFeely says

    Hydra commented on the AllSpark that Eagle Eye's absence is deliberate because of the timeframe. Specifics undetailed...

  3. Protoman's Avatar Protoman says

    Originally Posted by Sol Fury View Post
    As we're seeing G2 characters coming into the story, perhaps this could explain it:

    Eagle Eye - 1993 G2 Transformers - TFW2005

    A G2 Decepticon, also named Eagle Eye? Maybe it's not the same character, but that'd fit what you're saying about timeframes...
    You got it right on the nose. Stay tuned.

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