Transformers Prime Toxicity Preview

We’ve got a preview now courtesy of that very nice guy Darkprime for next week’s all-new episode of Transformers Prime. It’s the hunt for the final relic, and it all comes down to Bulkhead VS an Insecticon – but not just any Insecticon, this one’s a named character, and the name is Hardshell – or as fans of the original might know him as, Bombshell! A named Insecticon? Better watch out Bulkhead! Check out the preview below:

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  1. Darkprime's Avatar Darkprime says

    Another week, another sneak preview (guess who has a voice on the show now):


  2. Bountyan's Avatar Bountyan says

    That promo was kind of weird.


    Originally Posted by HeroicC300 View Post
    Srsly? BOMBSHELL!?

    HELL YEAH!!!!!
    Sounded like he said "hard shell" to me.

  3. Sideswipe80's Avatar Sideswipe80 says

    Originally Posted by Crystal Convoy View Post
    Was that David Kaye?
    Sounded like Welker to me. I thought Kaye was rumored to be an Autobot?

  4. HeroicC300's Avatar HeroicC300 says

    Originally Posted by Crystal Convoy View Post
    Was that David Kaye?
    Doubt it. They said that Kaye's character would get a two-episode arc, and at the conventions where he did said character's voice it sounded like hound.

  5. kaijuguy19's Avatar kaijuguy19 says

    This is gonna be intense!

    Like how one of the Insecticons seems to be more of a character. Here's hoping he'll live long enough tobe a part of the cast!

    Wonder if he does kill Bulkhead.....

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