TVHUB Interview – Frank Welker Talks Transformers Prime


TVHUB had the opportunity to interview the legend Frank Welker; the man behind the voice of G1 and Prime Megatron. Below are some of the highlights:

When you first started voicing Megatron and other Transformers characters in the 1980s, did you think this franchise would still be living on through big screen features and new television series almost 30 years later? How do you feel about the way its continued to grow into what it is now? Peter Cullen (Optimus Prime voice actor) and I have often talked about that very thing. We had no idea how big the fan base was or how the franchise was growing back then. We never received any fan mail and the only feedback we got was when and if the show was picked up for another season. We didn’t have any invites to Bot Cons and the like until just a few years ago, so all of this attention was a surprise, a very pleasant surprise. With the features and the new iterations of all things TF, the new audience and the old supporters seem to remain enthusiastic and that is very meaningful and appreciated. Do you have any thoughts on the upcoming Transformers 4 movie? You voiced Shockwave and a few other characters in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, so have you been approached to voice Shockwave or any other character for Transformers 4? Is there a particular character you’d love to voice that you haven’t been given the chance to yet? I haven’t been asked to participate in the new features, but usually we don’t know until later because the voice work comes at the end of the production process. I’m not sure if any of the TF’s I did in the other features will be returning. I would like to see Soundwave get more screen time he is always a fun character. For Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, I did his voice in many foreign languages and that was really fun. Hard, but fun. I didn’t have a lot of lines but I tried to make the most of them. Japanese was impossible!!!

Read the full interview at TVHUB.

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  1. eagc7's Avatar eagc7 says

    Originally Posted by Prime Jetscream View Post
    I think that is new. -goes to read it-
    yes its new, cause they talk of TF4 with Welker at one point

  2. The621's Avatar The621 says

    Something surprisingly useful from you. Give yourself a pat on the back.

    Originally Posted by Autovolt 127 View Post
    All Hail Frank Welker: VOICE GOD!
    Yes, indeedy.

  3. Sentinel's Avatar Sentinel says

    Nothing drastically new or surprising, but still a fun read. Welker is amazing.

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