Transformers 3 Wrigley Building Chicago On Set Photos – Return of Soundwave confirmed


A selection of photos showing the Transformers 3 on-location filming at the Wrigley Building Chicago has appeared on flickr, and they bring across some blazing hot news! Not only do they showcase the level of mayhem and explosions we have come to know and love from director Michael Bay, but they also confirm that a fan-favorite will be returning for the third movie – Soundwave! Like the Shockwave head image from earlier this week, Soundwave’s head is seen on set as a prop intended to help the actors visualise the robot who will be CGI’ed in later.

Looks like someone just might be getting out on the front lines this go around…

There’s lots more to see as well, from the devastation and several animated .gifs showing some of the events on set, and of particular interest a pair of movies – one showing a massive series of pyrotechnics on Michigan Avenue, and the other showing a helicopter fly overhead and a team of stuntmen leap out in a carefully-synchronized skydive. Check out both of the videos and the various images and sound off with what you think on our 2005 Boards by clicking the discuss button.

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  1. Ravenxl7's Avatar Ravenxl7 says

    Good to see he'll be making an appearance int TF3, let alone one not entirely in orbit. Hopefully this means he'll be getting a larger, and better, toy. Voyager would be perfect, imho. Should be interesting to see how movie-verse Soundwave fights.

  2. Waveride's Avatar Waveride says

    What i'm really itching to find out is who that other head is the person in the back is carrying around!

  3. DrLee's Avatar DrLee says

    So is the dude in blue holding the other end of the Soundwave pole or someone else?

  4. grimlock1972's Avatar grimlock1972 says

    awesome and id settle for just a better toy as honestly we can't judge if the deluxe class works for him until TF3 hits theaters.

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