Pictorial Review Of Transformers: Animated (Japan) Blackarachnia


Thanks to ameblo.jp, We now have a Pictorial Review of Transformers: Animated Japan’s Blackarachnia.

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  1. mx-01 archon has no avatar! mx-01 archon says

    I don't remember if the Hasbro one had the gold pinstriping on the thigh pods or not. Otherwise, beyond the purple 'Con insignia, yeah, they look pretty darned identical.

  2. Backscatter's Avatar Backscatter says

    Well, it not written anywhere that you have to buy all the Takara Animated. Blackout maybe the only Destron I order.

  3. Megablah's Avatar Megablah says

    It might be the lighting, but it also looks bluer than the US version's purple bits.

  4. Feralstorm's Avatar Feralstorm says

    Well, good to know there's something there other than turning the 'con symbol purple. Would'a been nice to add some paint to make the lips stand out from the face though.

  5. [Wing_Saber-X]'s Avatar [Wing_Saber-X] says

    Aside from the "toon accurate" con' insignia and virtually identical paint, I really dig the TFA Japan MOSC bubble packaging for Deluxe class toys. Blackarachnia's = aces! :

  6. Brawlastator's Avatar Brawlastator says

    Wow! It's fucking nothing!

    They didn't even needlessly chrome it up. Astonishingly lazy work, Takara. I figured you'd at least pretty up the closest thing the show has to a pin-up girl.

  7. vincheng2k5's Avatar vincheng2k5 says

    The back of the helmet is mostly painted, too. In the US version, the back half of her head is entirely clear plastic - here, it's painted with only the very top left open for the light piping of the eyes.

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