Transformers 2 Movie Set Images – Chevy Malibu Police Car


Thanks to an anonymous email tip we now have new images from the Transformers 2 Movie set in Bethlehem PA.

In them we see some various shots of the steel mill being turned into a Chinese city with Chinese letter based signs, and a shot of a Chinese police car. The police car is a Chevy Malibu, slightly altered with the appropriate paint applications.

Whether or not the car seen will actually be a Transformer or not is unknown.


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  1. hXcpunk23's Avatar hXcpunk23 says

    That's the first thing I thought.............LET IT BE PROWL!

    That would kick so much ass.

  2. Dropshot's Avatar Dropshot says

    Originally Posted by benzo View Post
    OMG it's Prowl!!!
    Very G1-esque, maybe you are right. But a Malibu for prowl? I think they can do better. I hope Prowl does appear and that the Malibu isn't hm.

  3. Ash from Carolina's Avatar Ash from Carolina says

    Since Chevy has been the Autobot brand I'm also betting Prowl. Unless it ends up like in the first film where a wrecker was just a wrecker. But people that wanted more movie toys got a figure out of the wrecker so if nothing else maybe it will at least mean a movie style Prowl out of it all.

  4. Ravenxl7's Avatar Ravenxl7 says

    Interesting. That could definitely be Prowl, and it won't surprise me if it is. That's one movie sequel toy I might get, depending on what his bot-mode looks like. If it is him, a battle with Barricade is a must have for the movie.

    Edit: I'm honestly hoping this is Prowl. That way we can get at least one bot that doesn't transform into a really flashy car. I'm also hoping for Hound to show up with a Humvee alt-mode. I'd rather have more ordinary alt-modes, than more expensive sports and concept cars. That way they blend in a bit easier.

  5. Soundwave2's Avatar Soundwave2 says

    as much as I'd love it to be Prowl, I'm pretty sure they would've given him some flashier wheels if he were to be a movie character

  6. Superion33 has no avatar! Superion33 says

    With all the "trans-scanning" in this movie, that could just as easily be Bumblebee, Barricade, or any other robot. This is what makes trans-scanning a stupid idea. Each robot is associated with a certain car. To make each robot able to be whatever he wants detracts majorly from his personality and characterization and confuses the audience as to who the potential robot is that is shown by the vehicle.

  7. Ra88's Avatar Ra88 says

    ......Well, they're filming it as a fictional Asian city, but shit, would still be awesome.

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