Age of Extinction Concept Art By Vitaly Bulgarov


TFW2005 is thrilled to bring this news post to your attention as it contains an overwhelming amount of stunning artwork. Presented here is concept art for Transformers Age of Extinction by artist Vitaly Bulgarov. We’ve included a sample of the images from the various galleries (most notably of which are Lockdown concepts, and of interesting note his personally designed character Widowmaker) so be sure to check out all of the images at Bulgarov’s webpage.

These images may contain some spoilers for those who have not seen AOE yet, so please proceed at your own risk.

Check out TFW’s selection of photos after the break!

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  1. Sideways77's Avatar Sideways77 says

    The Lockdown art is so sexy. His design is great.

    Those eye trophies are badass. Plus the head/spine stuff... goddamn.

  2. PrimeTime85 has no avatar! PrimeTime85 says

    Dat Widow maker tho? Where was this Bitch at??? I need her in my life right now!

  3. The Ramjet's Avatar The Ramjet says

    Why oh why can we never get a giant book full of this stuff for each movie, I'd kill for it.

  4. Noideaforaname's Avatar Noideaforaname says

    Cool! Seems like the concept artists don't often put up a lot of the art or go into detail about it, but Vitaly does both!

    Lockdown taking eyes as trophies is crazy and awesome. Why didn't that make the cut?

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