ToyWorld Brainwave Unlicensed Brainstorm Color Images


Some new images of ToyWorld’s Brainwave (unofficial version of Brainstorm) have been posted online, showing off the colors of this unlicensed Headmaster. Brainwave takes a few liberties with the Brainstorm design, offering up one designed in the same vein as the original Brainstorm, but with a slew of its own unique touches. Check out all the images which came to us via Aces Toy Store attached to this post.

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  1. motorthing's Avatar motorthing says

    Hope it's better than HardboneHead.....that was a floppy disappointment.

  2. Tirade's Avatar Tirade says

    Looks good to me. So sick of all the FP love. Hardbone is waaaay better than Code.

  3. GammaRay has no avatar! GammaRay says

    Originally Posted by SurlyJ View Post
    Who the hell is this?
    Headmasters Brainstorm, I believe.

  4. Jehsee's Avatar Jehsee says

    Agree with some other posts I've seen... the shapes are just too roundy and not angular enough.

  5. Obvious Prime's Avatar Obvious Prime says

    oh man this one has a faceplate, definitely getting it instead of smart robin now

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