Cubex Unofficial Masterpiece Huffer


Third party group Cubex have posted images on their Weibo showing off a potential unlicensed Masterpiece Huffer. What is seen here is an obviously early prototype, but a promising looking release. About large enough to fit in the palm of one’s hand in vehicle mode, this Huffer seems scaled with the current Masterpiece Transformers and is relatively well detailed. Check out the images attached to this post.

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  1. Transbot90210's Avatar Transbot90210 says


    Depending on scale and price I would so buy that. It is truly a Masterpiece. The only thing I would do is add some life/expression to that face.

    @Diam, You had MP Huffer as a title first but changed it. Maybe you want to put (not-Huffer) in brackets in the title? I assume more poeple will click it if they see MP HUFFER.

    This is one sweet toy. I couldn't see how Takara could make it better. I hope this is a 3P offering at a reasonable price. FT perhaps?

  2. TruStarscreamer's Avatar TruStarscreamer says

    really like the weapon integration...If he is priced decently may get him instead of Rager..

  3. payton34's Avatar payton34 says

    Looks to be 15cm in height, which translates to 5.9 inches (or if you're just going to the top of his head, it's 13cm/5.1 inches).

    About to post a scale pic...

  4. daimchoc's Avatar daimchoc says

    Correction, the name is not Alien. I misread that and Tony also corrected me. It doesn't have a name yet. So, for now it's just MP Not-Huffer. Thanks.

    Mods, please kindly update the thread name. Thanks!

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