Hunt for the Decepticons Mini-Cons Being Released as Single Packs in the US?


Here’s a weird nugget of news for you. 2005 Boards members ScottyP and Counterpunch were out at a “Toy City” store in Cary Towne Center in Cary, NC. They found this guy on the pegs – a single pack release of Iron Claw, from a Mini-Con 8-Pack released in parts of Europe in October 2010. Their thought is this might be a new run of “Market 6” exclusive single pack Mini-Cons – and who knows, perhaps we’ll see some of the others from that exclusive 8-Pack turn up?

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  1. ScottyP has no avatar! ScottyP says

    I was out earlier with fellow collector Counterpunch and we came across something a bit strange in the weird Toy Store at the local Mall:

    Iron Claw 001

    Yep, that's a single packed version of the (previously) European exclusive Minicon Iron Claw. It cost $8 (ouch!) at the "Toy City" store in Cary Towne Center in Cary, NC. We're thinking this is a running change to the Market Six release from last year with the same, unchanged recolored Cybertron Recon Team members, although it wasn't clear if an entire case was out, so who knows.

    Anyone know anything else about these? Might we see some more of those Euro 8-pack guys surface?

  2. Thundershot's Avatar Thundershot says

    Ooooh... Maybe there's some hope that places like Ollie's or Big Lots might get these guys..

  3. Lbsammills51's Avatar Lbsammills51 says

    Huh, interesting. I managed to snag the European 8-pack from HighPrime a while back and it's pretty cool. If some of these end up at retail after all that's cool for those that missed out.

  4. WhiteMocha's Avatar WhiteMocha says

    I'd love to see these trickle into US retail somehow... I missed the Euro 8-pack as well and it feels like an annoying gap in my Classics collection.

    The single-packaging of this is really encouraging.

  5. zandergb's Avatar zandergb says

    Where are people getting the idea that these are HFTD? The originals weren't, and neither are these. You can see the packaging

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