Masterpiece Soundwave and Encore Fortress Maximus Delayed


Cybergundam Blog has updated with news of a delay to two of the most anticipated upcoming releases from Takara-Tomy. Encore Fortress Maximus has now been delayed to a late March release, and Masterpiece Soundwave has been delayed until the end of January.

While this is bad news for those impatient to add these two releases to their collection, we encourage you to look at the bright side – it’s another little while to save up some money to afford these two high-end releases before they arrive next year.

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  1. iacon45's Avatar iacon45 says

    Thank goodness! I was wondering how to afford Soundwave with having to shop for Christmas presents. This will give me some time to recover and save the funds. And also same goes for Fort Max, more time to save.

  2. AnAutobot1985's Avatar AnAutobot1985 says

    Originally Posted by Heat Guy View Post
    Well, more time to save at least.
    Exactly what I was thinking. I'm ok with this.

  3. bulletthebluesky's Avatar bulletthebluesky says

    I'll be the contradictory one here and say.... Boooo!!! I want soundwave ASAP!

  4. Lbsammills51's Avatar Lbsammills51 says

    Interesting. So there was something to BBTS updating their ETA on Soundwave to January.

    Oh well. A delay's fine. As others have said, more time to save.

  5. strangeguy32000's Avatar strangeguy32000 says

    Oh cool.
    About Soundwave
    I really don't care about Reissue Fortress Maximus, Don't got the space for the Autobot Battlestation.

  6. Scantron's Avatar Scantron says

    With everything else coming out in the next month or two, I have no problem with Soundwave being delayed. Given that the Japanese release date is late January, BBTS probably won't get it until February and that's a lighter month for me.

    Was kind of looking forward to Fort Max ASAP, though.

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