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Meteor Operation on Facebook has posted an in-hand look at the GDO Voyager Megatron toy. A remolded version of Bludgeon, GDO Megatron sports a new head and a deco recalling Generation 2 Megatron. The head sculpt is interesting and full of personality, though your mileage may vary on how far an overtly Classic styled head fits the skeletal movie-styled Bludgeon body.

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  1. Neo Tallgeese has no avatar! Neo Tallgeese says

    Hee hee. The legs look very funny with the Megatron head. Not a bad mold choice, but the G1 head looks a little off on the Bayverse body. I had the same issue with GDO Springer. Still a good figure though.

  2. TFXProtector has no avatar! TFXProtector says

    Originally Posted by Jetbolt View Post
    It looks like Megatron is working for the Joker to me.
    Damn. Beat me to it. I was going to say "Wow, when did The Joker become a Transformer?"

    Those are some bright colors... The head mold looks fantastic, though. It really does. It's a shame he's just a mere head remold and redeco. Those swords could've been modified to be cannons and stuff, so he'd be more like his G2 self.

    As is, it seems like Bludgeon playing The Joker playing Megatron for Halloween.

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