Featured Auctions – Prototypes – Beast Hunters Shockwave, G1, Classics and More


We have a handful of Transformers Prototypes for you to check out with out Featured Ebay Auctions. Today’s offering ranges from G1 all the way up to Best Hunters and a few stops in between. Check them out below.

1632 Transformers Prime Beast Hunters Voyager Class Shockwave Prototype | eBay
Transformers Classics Fall of Cybertron Optimus Prime Prototype | eBay
Transformers Beast Machines Set 5 Test Shot Prototypes Beast Riders Deployers | eBay
Transformers Pretenders Submarauder 1987 Hasbro RARE Pre Production Prototype | eBay
1165 Transformers Classics Rodimus Prime Prototype Red Eyes | eBay
Unreleased TF Animated Activator Electromagnetic Soundwave Prototype Testshot | eBay
Transformers Autobot Alternators Smokescreen Prototype Unfinished | eBay
Transformers Prime Ultra Magnus Prototype | eBay
Transformers Legends EZ Prototype Devastator Long Haul Rampage Jetfire Starscrea | eBay
Transformers Botcon 2012 Jazz Prototype | eBay