Maketoys Giant – Wheel Loader and Mixer, Giant fully revealed


Hot on the heels of the released photos of the second set of Maketoys‘ Giant bots, Maketoys themselves have released new photos of the final two construction team members Wheel Loader and Mixer.

Maketoys has also revealed the final, combined form of the yellow Giant.

Staff Note: This is an unofficial product not produced or endorsed by Hasbro or Takara/Tomy.

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  1. Bountyan's Avatar Bountyan says


    where are the pics?!

    EDIT: Thanks snip312, found them: MT-03



    Long Haul:



    Man, I gotta say, these look great. They homage their G1 characters so well but look Classics updated. Hook is probably my favorite.

  2. Billzilla's Avatar Billzilla says

    I do like way the sculpts turned out, but it's still a pass from me for now.

  3. Acid Wing's Avatar Acid Wing says

    Awesome, but I think I still will be sticking with TFC's Hercules...unless colored protos convince me otherwise.

  4. exclusacon's Avatar exclusacon says

    Long Haul looks like he suffers from Uni Ironhide look down problem...

    But Scrapper is sexy....

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