Revenge of the Fallen Voyager Bludgeon Teaser Pic


Board member GenZhao has shared an in-hand image he obtained for the upcoming Revenge of the Fallen Voyager Class Bludgeon figure. Bludgeon is expected to be released in 2010 and features an alt mode based on a Japanese Type 90 tank. His robot mode homages his Generation 1 namesake’s Pretender shell. Hopefully better images will appear soon showing us his alt mode and sword.

Click above to view the image.

*UPDATE: New image added found by TFW member Toxicon*

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  1. grimlock1972's Avatar grimlock1972 says

    ill be watching for that one and please don't let it be an exclusive

  2. Dys's Avatar Dys says

    Is it just me or does the face look a shade cutesy in the pictures we've seen so far? Looks awesome otherwise, Bludgeon is one of the few transformers I feel the movie style works for.

  3. Ravenxl7's Avatar Ravenxl7 says

    Bludgeon looks cool. I'll definitely get him, but he won't be going with my Movie Decepticons. He'll be going with what I call my "Universe" Decepticons (basically everything that doesn't fit in with Classics or Movie). Though I still may decide to put him with my Classics Decepticons.

  4. Blitz.'s Avatar Blitz. says

    And let the dance of blurry and/or miss transformed pics begin.

    also that face is a bit meh for me maybe in person theirs a lot more detail to be seen

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