Transformers Revenge of the Fallen Ransack and Depthcharge In Package Images


Ebay seller tfctoy now has two new auctions up that will be of interest to anyone following the Transformers Revenge of the Fallen product line. The auctions are for in package versions of Scouts [EBAYLINK=”270355871383″]Ransack [/EBAYLINK]and [EBAYLINK=”270355872465″]Depthcharge[/EBAYLINK].

Bio information and stats are visible on the card backs as well as shots of the toys in both bot and alt mode. To check out the auctions click on either of the following links: [EBAYLINK=”270355871383″]Revenge of the Fallen Ransack [/EBAYLINK] and [EBAYLINK=”270355872465″]Revenge of the Fallen Depthcharge[/EBAYLINK]

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  1. Optimus Prime's Avatar Optimus Prime says

    Awesome, I wondered when we'd finally see better pics of these MOSC and see the bios.

  2. Sso02V's Avatar Sso02V says

    "DEPTHCHARGE is a shrewd military strategist. AUTOBOTS and DECEPTICONS alike are accustomed to ground and air-based combat, but ocean tactics are unfamiliar to them. DEPTHCHARGE uses this to his advantage, choosing a stealth boat mode to spy on DECEPTICON forces from the nearest port. Fast and smart, DEPTHCHARGE never shies away from battle- but he prefers to be armed with the element of surprise"

    "Back in the distant past of CYBERTRON, when flight was a new technology, RANSACK was first of the flying aces. He was a ruthless combatant, blasting his opponents out of the the sky and then strafing the helpless troops stuck on the ground without cover. He may be past his prime and equipped with outdated weapons now, but there was a time when RANSACK was the most feared name on CYBERTRON"


  3. Hobbes-timus Prime's Avatar Hobbes-timus Prime says

    Odd that they're packaged in robot mode, but I prefer them that way, so I ain't complaining.

  4. Laser_Optimus's Avatar Laser_Optimus says

    Interesting... thus far the scouts seem to be the only thing I really like from this line.

    I don't know if I should be happy about that or not...

  5. shibamura_prime's Avatar shibamura_prime says

    I'm so modding Depthcharge into Van Damme's stealth boat from Street Fighter.

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