Oh no! It's the Cops! Quick, hide the LINUX!

Old School Fan super favourite Prowl has surfaced in Alternators form in package for the first time!

TFW2005 super-chum P.Prime delivers the goods once more with these in package pics of the guy whose innards melted and smoke came out of his mouth and eyes when he died. Eww.

To see all the pictures, check out P.Primes BLOG containing them HERE

Can you dig it? Because this guy can! Fresh from Remy and our friends at the the Allspark comes this picture of what could be Cybertron/Galaxy Force Metrolplex.

Alas it appears he is a citybot no more, and instead, judging by his enormous weapon, that he transforms into some kind of giant digging machine complete with minicon.

A big fat thanks to TFW2005 board member Master Fwiffo for the heads up.

S250 posted a pic of the vehicle mode. See it by clicking Here.