Thanks to Transformers Peru on Facebook, we have images of the first Transformers: Cyberverse sighting in South America.

Distribution is crazy this time since, no store is carrying all the classes. Some of them have scouts (from 2 weeks ago) and others have just received the Warriors and Ultra. Prices and sightings are as follows:

Scout: At Tai Loy and Wong stores for 29.90 Soles ($9.11)
Warrior: At Wong for 49.90 Soles ($15.21)
Ultra: At Ripley, Saga and Tottus (only at the bigger stores) for 89.90 Soles ($27.40).

These prices are very competitive, and cheaper compared to POTP and Studio Series figures of similar sizes. Still no sign of One-Step or Ultimate class, but it's very probable we won't receive them. Curiously, almost all the stores and malls have impressive banners and promotional material of Cyberverse, but most of them still don't have any single toys in stock.

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