Okay so I found on Twitter this tweet written in french which says that Cyberverse might air on Gulli, I checked the link and indeed it is listed as scheduled for a release on Gulli (don't know what kind of site it is but it might be a site specialized in TV-related news and schedules).
Nothing mentioned any august release, but, if anyone here remembers, RID Combiner Force aired weeks earlier on Gulli, and, judging by this, it might be possible for Cyberverse to also have an ealier release date on Gulli.
I am aware that the US release date is around this september, yet, Cyberverse could arrive early on Gulli sometime in august, idk around the middle-the end of august.
For those who don't know what is Gulli, well, Gulli is a french TV-channel, and so, Cyberverse will air dubbed in french.