TakaraTomy MP-35 Masterpiece Grapple Revealed

Thanks site sponsor TFsource, we have images of TakaraTomy’s next entry in the Transformers Masterpiece toyline, MP-35 Masterpiece Grapple. As most expected, Grapple is a retool and repaint of the upcoming MP-33 Masterpiece Inferno in similar fashion as the original toy in Generation 1. Like Inferno, Masterpiece Grapples appears to include a plethora of accessory as well. In vehicle mode, there appears to three different attachment for the crane arm including the default hook, a scoop, and a grapple claw as seen in the episode “Auto Berserk“. Also there is an alternate plate to change between realistic chrome and … Continue reading TakaraTomy MP-35 Masterpiece Grapple Revealed