Transformers Human Alliance Special 005

Do you remember the fun, though very repetitive, Transformers: Human Alliance arcade game by SEGA? Well, they’re updating it for Japanese arcades and turning it into a crazy gyroscope infused light gun adventure. Reported on by Arcade Heroes (via Kotaku), the Transformers: Human Alliance Special arcade game is making its debut at Tokyo Joypolis. The official Toykyo Joypolis Twitter account has even uploaded some photos and a video.

Read on to check out the images.

Angry Birds Transformers Bluestreak Prowl

Yesterday, we brought you the news of an upcoming update to the Angry Birds: Transformers Mobile Game App by Rovio. Within a day’s time the update has hit Android and iOS platforms. Here’s the official statement for the developer:

/NEW CHARACTER! The Blues have arrived as Bluestreak and Prowl! Unlock them via Portal Missions.
/ENERGONICONS! Knock down those Piggies even faster with fireballs, lightning storms, and many other unique skills by unlocking over 40+ different Energonicons to take into events.
/CRAFTING! Use your hard-earned materials to craft Energonicons in Professor Pigs Crafting Lab.

But wait! There’s more. 2005 Boards Member VictorPrime has listed down the new changes which came with this update. You can read all about it and watch the commercial for the update, after the jump.

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Transformers Devastation Poster2

Guido Guidi has shared on his Facebook page a clear version of the Transformers Devastation poster he worked on that was handed out during San Diego Comic Con 2015. The poster depicts a space battle scene that is very reminiscent of toy packaging art from G1 featuring most of the characters we have seen in game trailers and demos so far. Interestingly, we also see Menasor in his Combiner Wars configuration (His left leg is made of new Stunticon Offroad as confirmed by Guido himself here). Will we see Menasor featured in the game? Only time will tell. Until then, check out that clear image after the break.

Angry Birds Transformers Bluestreak

Official Angry Birds Twitter Account and the Google+ Page has announced the next update for the Angry Birds: Transformers Mobile Game.

Though the exact date of the update is not announced, the update will bring Autobot/Autobird Bluestreak to the game. Rightfully so, Bluestreak will be portrayed by Jim, Jake and Jay; the Eastern Bluebird trio known as The Blues.

Rovio stated:
The Deceptihogs aren’t gonna like this one…
A new Autobird is rolling out soon! #AngryBirdsTransformers
#GetReady! #BlueStreak is coming to #AngryBirdsTransformers!

Followed by the image on this News Post.

Keep your eyes on the TFW2005 front page to learn when the new update will rollout on Android and iOS.

Transformers Legends Sunset Transformers Battle Tactics Menasor DeNA

We are sure our members are aware of the sunset of Transformers: Legends mobile game.

As a parting-gift, DeNA is giving away for the players of the game a new character and a certain amount of Gold in In-Game Currency for their latest Transformers game; Transformers: Battle Tactics.

The character and the currency seems to be random for the players but the most common gift was Menasor and 500 Gold.

Here’s how to get it (message from DeNA):

To get the Starter Pack, download TRANSFORMERS: Battle Tactics and follow the link below to submit your account information:

Redeem your Starter Pack

Note: Must redeem by 7/20 11:59pm PDT. You will receive the Starter Pack by 7/24.


During SDCC 2015, there were exclusive Transformers: Devastation posters being handed out – and now we have a good look at it, courtesy of TFW2005 boards member luks0r! Most notably, this poster features Menasor and the Insecticons – the latter of which we’ve gotten brief glimpses of in the gameplay clips that have been released, but the former is completely new to us. He appears to be taking a bit of inspiration from his Combiner Wars body as well. Could this be confirmation that Menasor will be appearing in the game alongside his fellow Decepticon combiner Devastator?

Let us know your thoughts after the break!

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Spinning out of our SDCC 2015 coverage from yesterday, IGN has put up a new Transformers: Devastation video, featuring commentary from the makers of the game, including writer Andy Schmidt and none other than the voice of the king himself, Gregg Berger! The video shows us a good chunk of gameplay with commentary, but the main event here is of course our first look at Grimlock gameplay! You can check it out after the break.

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For those who missed it in the live coverage of the SDCC 2015 Hasbro Transformers panel, a gameplay trailer video of Transformers Devastation was shown. This trailer shows off the action of this Platinum Games developed title. Check out the trailer with some voicework by Frank Welker as Megatron, a glimpse of Blitzwing in-game, Shockwave, Thundercracker, Insecticons, and topped off by the huge Devastator! It’s a minute and a half of pure awesome fun – check it out below:

After the break, check out a video via showing Sideswipe fighting Devastator while a member of Activision talks a bit about the game in the background.

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Transformers Devastation Custom Console

For those attending SDCC 2015, Xbox will be giving away 20 custom Xbox One consoles featuring some upcoming titles. How does this relate to our hobby? As reports, one of those custom consoles will feature artwork from Transformers Devastation! Read on after the jump for rules and how to enter.

See you at SDCC!

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