Mark Ryan Transformers Cinematic Universe

2005 Boards Member Olivus Prime had the pleasure to talk to Mark Ryan; the voice of Jetfire and Lockdown and good friend of TFW2005, at the Wings and Wheels motor/air show in UK. The actor kindly answered few questions regarding the Transformers Live Action Movie Franchise and the upcoming Transformers Cinematic Universe.

It is stated that the filming of the next Transformers movies will begin early 2016 and the movies will follow a two-directional approach with one focusing on the Bumblebee/Cade team.

  • Jetfire – Apparently he based this performance upon his friend Ray Winstone. When Winstone saw the film, he called Mark and said he owed him a beer.
  • Lockdown – Mark talked about the improvisation he’s allowed to do on set, and Lockdown was a case in point of this. Before shooting, Mark was pondering how to approach the character, when he saw a Jaguar advert in his hotel room that acted as inspiration for the voice. Apparently when he then used it in the dock scene when Ratchet is killed, his voice echoed around the docks (sounding like “the voice of God”!) and everyone was in awe. His facial expressions were also a big influence upon the character, especially in the “You think you were born” scene.
  • Upcoming sequels – I don’t really follow this much so I don’t know if this is new, but he said filming for TF5 ought to start next year and that the films will follow two directions now, one of which focuses upon Cade and co.

We wish Mr. Ryan all the very best for his career ahead and we look forward to meet him on the next installments of the franchise.

Netflix Transformers

Back in last June, we reported that Netflix has signed an agreement (with Epix) for the right to stream Transformers movies. However, that agreement has come to an end.

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings told investors in mid-2012 that Epix content did not account for a “particularly large” amount of its overall viewing. Since then, Netflix competitors like Amazon and Sling have inked deals with Epix as well.

“While many of these movies are popular, they are also widely available on cable and other subscription platforms at the same time as they are on Netflix and subject to the same drawn out licensing periods,” Ted Sarandos, chief content officer at Netflix, said in a blog posting justifying the decision not to renew a deal.

This will result in Epix, the cable provider with domestic streaming rights to Hunger Games and Transformers movies leaving Netflix and taking the movies with it at the end of next month.

Guess it’s time for Netflix to sing “Wake me up when September ends”.


Bajaj Pulsar RS200 Cover Image

Colombo Motor Show 2015 was held in Sri Lanka yesterday and it featured a couple of Transformers related items for the first time in the country’s history (Transformers movie franchise has been increasingly popular in the region during the last few years).

But we are not going to talk about the Chevrolet Camaro that was there. No, this article is about the new Bajaj Pulsar RS200 bike manufactured in India. KSI’s Pagani Huayra isn’t the only robot that is inspired by Bumblebee it seems. This 200CC engine bike which just launched few weeks ago, is designed after the Transformers: Age Of Extinction Concept Camaro Bumblebee. The front view of the bike features the face of the Autobot with the body color scheme and stripes from the Chevrolet Camaro. If you want you can also choose the red Stinger version inspired by the Pagani Huayra.

Much more powerful version titled SS400 will launch next year with a better 375CC Engine.

RS200 is priced at US$ 2000 while the upcoming SS400 is rumored to be priced at US$ 3000.

You can check out a commercial and photos courtesy of Raveen Lakmal & Dinesh Chandra Kumara from Sri Lanka, after the jump.

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Hasbro Transformers Banner

We have with us a small document from Hasbro, highlighting their near future (2015/2016) Entertainment Plans including Transformers. While there is nothing new that we do not already know about, it’s great to hear some confirmations officially.

Transformers: Rescue Bots Season 4 was confirmed by Discovery Family Channel few months ago. Hasbro also highlights the fact that it does.

Planned for 2016 is Transformers: Robots In Disguise Season 2. Rest assured, it’s not canceled as some rumors say.

Finally we have Transformers: Combiner Wars; the upcoming Machinima series. The images on Hasbro’s document is comprised of Package Art from Optimus Maximus, Legends Thundercracker and Bombshell. So, it doesn’t give away how the show will actually look like.

Other than that, My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic is hitting its 6th Season and a new show [?] Equestria Girls: Legend Of Everfree. The next MLP movie is also mentioned. Trademark reveals that it might be called “Guardians Of Harmony”.

Speaking of movies, following tidbits regarding Hasbro’s upcoming movies in the work was also mentioned in another document highlighting the company overview:

“On the film side, the studio has developed and produced a number of features based on Hasbro’s brands. In addition to partnering with leading studios, the Company intends to make movies based on new and existing Hasbro brands for audiences globally through its Allspark Pictures film label. Films in development or planned for release, include TRANSFORMERS 5 (Paramount), G.I. JOE 3 (Paramount), JEM AND THE HOLOGRAMS (Universal & Allspark Pictures), OUIJA 2 (Universal & Allspark Pictures), MAGIC: THE GATHERING (21st Century Fox), PLAY-DOH (21st Century Fox) and an animated feature based on MY LITTLE PONY (Allspark Pictures).”

You can checkout some extracts from the document, after the jump. We will hear some more news soon… so keep your eyes on TFW2005.

Steven DeKnight Transformers Cinematic Universe

Not too long Hasbro CEO Brian Goldner stated that the Writers Room for the Transformers Cinematic Universe is going on well. How well? Steven S. DeKnight; one of the writers explains to IGN.

“It’s that wonderful thing where features are now taking a page from television and getting people together to really try and plan things out. It was a wonderful experience. Akiva Goldsman was fantastic and Jeff Pinkner, who’s co-writing the fifth [Transformers] movie with him was phenomenal. Zak Penn… It was just a room full of brilliant, funny, amazing people. And we spent two and a half weeks in physically the best writers room I’ve ever seen in my life. Paramount pulled out all the stops. It was phenomenal! We laughed and joked and told stories and plotted out…”

DeKnight had to keep his secrets about Transformers, noting, “I can’t say what we plotted out, but it was all very exciting and in the next few months we’ll see what moves forward and what doesn’t move forward. But it was a fantastic experience. One of the best experiences of that was when Steven Spielberg popped by one afternoon to just sit and talk and hear what we were working on. Everybody was about to throw up, they were so excited.”

ACGHK 2015 Transformers Kids Logic 1

Here are photos of some non-TakaraTomy Transformers items on display at ACGHK 2015. These include:

  • Kids Logic – Age of Extinction Opimus Prime, G1 Optimus Prime & G1 Megatron
  • HEROCROSS – Transformers Movie Optimus Prime
  • Prime 1 Studio – Age of Extinction Grimlock Statue
  • Prime 1 Studio – Age of Extinction Optimus PrimeStatue
  • Comicave Studios – Age of Extinction Bumblebee

Read on to see the images, which come courtesy of

Platinum Edition Dinobots 1

Earlier today we received notice of the Platinum Edition Dinobots set. We are now learning that this set of figures will have new headsculpts to give these figures even more of a G1 / Classics feel to them.

We’ve mirrored the images for your viewing after the break, thanks to Hobbybase for the original images.. Head on over to our discussion thread to continue the talk.

Prime 1 Optimus Ultimate Statue 026

Prime 1 Studio has posted up a new gallery for their Transformers: Age of Extinction – MMTFM-08 Optimus Prime Ultimate Edition Statue. This massive statue will come in two versions, a Standard Edition and an Exclusive Edition. The Exclusive Edition will include a swappable Energy Sword and The Seed. Details direct from Prime 1:

Autobots, we charge together! Now, roll out!

Prime 1 Studio is proud to present MMTFM-08 Optimus Prime (Ultimate Edition) from Transformers: Age Extinction is the wise and formidable leader of the Autobots.
Optimus Prime has long believed that freedom is the right of all sentient beings. He has never wavered from his belief, no matter what has befallen him in battle.Transformers fans, don’t miss your chance to own Autobots leader on your collection.

Accessories include :

– One (1) Sword of Judgement
– One (1) Vector Shield
– One (1) Mega Striker
– One (1) Pair of Regular arms
– One (1) Pair of Knight arms
– One (1) Pair Switchable Regular fists
– One (1) Switchable Regular palm holding Sword handle (Left)
– One (1) Switchable Knight fists (Left)
– One (1) Switchable Knight palm (Left)
– One (1) Switchable Knight palm holding Sword handle (Right)
– Two (2) Heads (Regular, Battle Mask)
– One (1) Head Base

Exclusive version:

– The Seed
– Energy Sword

– LED light up function on both heads

Edition Size:

Exclusive version: 888
Regular version: 1500

Retail Price: 1999$USD

– Production sample shown.
– Product details could be subjected to change without further notice.

You can check out all of the images by reading on.

Platinum Dinobots Giftset

Via Alucard Lee on Weibo, we have a look at the long-rumored Platinum Edition Dinobots set. First mentioned back at the Australian Toy Fair 2015 in March, it looks like those hoping for a Trypticon-style shock reissue set are in for a Trypticon-sized disappointment.

The leaked image from Alucard Lee shows a set very similar to the SDCC 2014 exclusive Dinobots set, with the differences this time being that the set comes in a regular Platinum edition box, and includes all five Dinobots. Essentially, what you are getting in this set are the Generation 1 inspired decos of Age of Extinction Grimlock, Snarl, Slug, Strafe, and Slog. There’s a convenience in that you are getting them all in the same box, and there might be some deco tweaks (we’re not seeing the gold on Snarl), but ultimately, this is the same set many of us will already have got last year.

autobot bugatti veyron grand sport vitesse4

We all know the Bugatti Veyron Vitesse as Drift from Transformers: Age Of Extinction. But this news isn’t about the fictional character. Apparently, a Transformers themed Veyron was spotted being shipped to Los Angeles.

GT Spirit stated:

“The entire front end is painted in two shades of light blue and features a subtle Autobot insignia stretching across it. The doors also feature the two-tone blue design while the lighter of the two blues then adorns the rear wheel arches, air intakes and rear decklid. Gloss black side skirts, rear bumper and the lower half of the front bumper are also present. 

Inside, the Transformers theme continues with a prominent Autobot logo having pride of place between the two seats. The seats themselves are finished in bright blue and dark blue leather and include ‘Daniel’ stitched on the headrests which is presumably the owner’s name.”

Speaking of the owner’s name, it is also Transformers related. According to the headrest, the name is Daniel.

We’ve mirrored the images of the car with this news post.