Masterpiece Starscream US 02

Thanks for board member barrelks, we got wind that retail giant Toys”R”Us has posted a product page on their website for Masterpiece MP 07 Starscream, and along with it we have official images of this Hasbro release’s of the updated Masterpiece Starscream mold.

Comparing to the Takara’s release of Masterpiece Starscream, there appears to be only a few notable differences. In fighter mode, the jet’s nosecone is painted blue on Hasbro’s, while the Takara’s is left grey. In robot mode, it appears the only difference is Hasbro’s feet panel is painted black or dark gray instead of the light grey on Takara’s.

Don’t remember Takara’s specific coloration? You can head to our resource section’s listing for their version of Masterpiece Starscream here, then check out the images mirrored below, and let us know what you think of the differences, or there lack of, between the two release.

Pre-orders are up here!

MP 18B Collectors Coin 1

Thanks to the Hobby Ark Toy Store on Facebook, we have our first look at the collector’s coin for Masterpiece MP-18B Bluestreak. Barring any more delays, we should start to see this one released towards the end of August / early September.

Check out the coin after the jump and continue the discussion in our thread linked below.

MP11T Thundercracker 08

TakaraTomy Mall has posted a new product page for MP-11T Masterpiece Thundecracker with some official product images. As the numbering implies, this (re)release of Masterpiece Thundercracker is a repaint using the mold of MP11 Starscream with a more animation accurate color scheme compared to the Hasbro version. This listing also indicates the figure will comes with a hologram pilot figure that will fit into the cockpit.

The figure is schedule to release during the latter half of November, and you can preorder this on TakaraTomy Mall from August, 3rd to August, 17th for 14,904 yen, limited to 2,000 units domestically in Japan. The listing also mentioned Thundercracker is scheduled to be released in Asia, but no specific release date was provided. Given the past history with TakaraTomy Mall exclusives though, we may see preorders for this figure from our favorite online retailers soon. You can check out the images after break, and let us know if you’ll be jumping in on this Japanese release.

Masterpiece Ironhide 3

Coming via TFDownUnder, it appears we may have learned the price and release date of Masterpiece Ironhide. According to this website, Ironhide is slated for a release on December 1, 2015 at a price of AU$90.00 (which will be roughly $65 USD).

This is only one source confirming this information, so please do keep in mind things can change as this could likely be an estimation. If more information surfaces we will be sure to update the community, but for now this gives us a good discussion point.

Continue the talk with the discussion link below.

MP Tracks Robot 3

The ACG 2015 is currently underway in Hong Kong, and we have a look at a display of Masterpiece Transformers for you. On show on the display are a trio of toys who have yet to be released – Masterpiece Tracks, Masterpiece Road Rage, and Masterpiece Bluestreak – the latter being the Diaclone “blue” Bluestreak. All three of these are looking awesome, and we cannot wait to get our hands on them!

Check out a roundup of the pics of these three, via Hobbybase on Facebook, Pancrazi on Weibo, and Runaway Transformers, also on Weibo.

MP Tracks 030

Thanks to Goktimus Prime (who now owns all our bases) we have new official shots of MP 25 Tracks by way of Transformers The Religion on FB. Included are new shots of Raul and Blaster, close ups of the weapons and alt alt modes, instructions, box and more. Check em all out after the break!

Masterpiece Ironhide 1

Via TFW2005 member Unexpectedpanda, we have a new look at Masterpiece Ironhide, who was shown off in a presentation at the Transformers Expo Taipei.

The key points of these new images are that we get a full turnaround view of Ironhide’s robot mode and vehicle mode. Amazingly, it looks like the toy design wizardry is strong in this one – there’s very little in the way of extraneous vehicle mode parts on his design, other than the two panels on the hips and his van wheels on his buns.

Ironhide comes with a version of the sled included with his Generation 1 toy, which is not needed for the transformation on this one – it does, however, hold the loads and loads of accessories Ironhide comes with. These include blasters, alternate hands, and his rocket pack from More than Meets the Eye – complete with optional flame parts for the engines.

Check out the images after the break – and a big thanks once again to Unexpectedpanda for sharing these with us.

Masterpiece Tracks Features

Thanks to TFW boards member Danny Boy for passing along a brand new image of the upcoming Masterpiece Tracks! Originating from Goktimus Prime of Ozformers, this image is actually a mash of several shots of Tracks showing of the cartoon model, the toy features, and accessories. Perhaps the most interesting note to take away from this update is the opening car hood of Track’s alt mode. The details are really coming out on this figure, set to release later this year around September.

Continue on after the jump to discuss the update!

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Masterpiece Goldbug Coin

Thanks to the Facebook page of Planet Iacon, we have our first look at the collector’s coin that will accompany the release of MP-21G Masterpiece G2 Bumblebee. Interesting to take notice of here is how the coin calls this figure “Goldbug.” How this will play into any potential release of a more G1 traditional Goldbug is all but speculation right now.

Continue on after the jump to see the mirrored images.