Masterpiece Bluestreak at US Retail

We’ve got a report that the next Hasbro Masterpiece Transformer has arrived at US retail. Via TFW member TeamAutobots81 we have a sighting of Masterpiece Bluestreak!

Masterpiece Bluestreak is a Hasbro release of the Takara-Tomy Masterpiece Streak, and is unchanged from his Japanese release. He’s a Toys R Us exclusive, and in defiance of previous reports that he would only be available through the chain online, he’s been found at brick & mortar retail in Times Square, New York!

SDCC 2015 TRANFORMERS Masterpiece Bluestreak in package

Toys “R” Us has posted up the page for their San Diego Comic-Con 2015 Exclusives. As we all know, they will be offering a Mastepiece Bluestreak. Thanks to a press release, we have more details on all their exclusives! They will be available at the Entertainment Earth booth during the show.

TRANSFORMERS Masterpiece Bluestreak from Hasbro®

What’s the most unstoppable thing on the battlefield? The mouth of Bluestreak. He never stops talking and he’s not a fan of silence. He likes the Decepticons even less. If words were fireblasts, Bluestreak would have wiped out the Decepticons long ago. This highly detailed figure easily converts from robot mode to sports car mode for added play, and comes with a blaster that jumps out whenever he sets his sights on Decepticons. This item will become available at Toys”R”Us stores later this year.

After the jump, you can read the entire press release. Check Toyark‘s news story for the non-Transformers items.

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This is very cool. Remember that one Masterpiece figure that was cancelled, then it wasn’t, then it was cancelled again but had a different paint deco and no collector’s coin … and it was still really hard to get? Well, thanks to the Facebook page of Kool Kollectibles, we have a look at the cancelled collector’s coin for Masterpiece Exhaust! Unfortunately the image doesn’t seem to indicate any sort of official release. The best that we can gather is these coins may eventually, slowly, find their way into second hand sellers.

For now, enjoy the mirrored image of what could have been if not for the legal difficulties of getting MP-23 released.


Great news for our readers in Australia! It looks like MP-12 Lambor will be getting released there. GoktimusPrime of Ozformers shared the news there. He assisted in the translation for the release. Right now, they don’t have any further info on price or the production run numbers.

A post by Griffin-of-Oz shares this info:

From what I can tell, this would be an Asia/Hong Kong reissue of the Japanese Sideswipe… I can’t see any sign of it being a Japanese reissue that has filtered into the Hasbro Asia market (and then through to us in Australia).
Hasbro Asia have been known to have their own “exclusive” reissues of Japanese Transformers, but it can confuse people who might look for this “Japanese” Transformers toy online to compare prices and then can’t find it listed at Japanese online stores.

It is listed as being a September release in Asia, so should show up in Australia at around October.


Thanks to our sister site, we’ve got our first confirmation of the Toys ‘R Us Exclusive Masterpiece Bluestreak being released in North America! Bluestreak was spotted at a Toys ‘R Us in Ontario, Canada for $89.99 CAD, thanks to member wervenom.

The mold used for Bluestreak is one of the best Masterpiece figures to date, so don’t hesitate in picking this one up! Use our sightings forums to help out fellow collectors both on TFW and! Happy Hunting!


Via Jedi Temple Archives, we have learned that among other items, the Hasbro version of Masterpiece Bluestreak is set to debut at the San Diego Comic Con 2015, this July. He’ll be sold at the Toys R Us booth at the show, which is a part of the Entertainment Earth booth.

However, fans may wish to take note that other than the con, the only way this piece appears to be available, according to Jedi Temple’s information, is as an online exclusive – they are saying that Masterpiece Bluestreak will not be available in store.

This would be a turn-up for the books, given all previous Masterpieces have been mass-retail releases at brick-and-mortar. Time will tell if this truly comes to pass – and if it may be a harbinger of more Transformers exclusives being offered as online exclusives, or the Masterpiece line moving to online exclusivity VS chain retail exclusivity in the US.


Translator Kevin Chan has shared details on the Talk Transformers Facebook group which confirms Masterpiece G2 Bumblebee is going to be coming to Australia, much like other previous Masterpiece releases. As with previous releases this one is expected to be a TRU Australia exclusive with a predicted retail price of AU$99.99. As with recent Japanese Masterpiece imports the packaging and instructions will be translated into English, details of which can be found linked above.


Via Lost-Zzl on Weibo, we have some new images of the Masterpiece Generation 2 Bumblebee. A shiny redeco of the existing Masterpiece Bumblebee, this new version of Bumblebee swaps out the Exo-Suit that came with the regular release for a rocket pack, as used by Bumblebee in the classic Generation 1 two-part episode Dinobot Island. Check out the images attached to this post.


Thanks to TFW2005 boards member tomac66 for passing along a new image of the upcoming Masterpiece Road Rage. Road Rage is seen here in a scan from the Future King Magazine in a comparison shot to her G1 figure (who would have thought we’d be seeing this pair of Masterpiece and G1 counterparts in our collecting lifetime).

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