Tokyo Black Convoy 66

It’s a lazy Saturday afternoon here so why not check out a random photo shoot for a recent figure – the Tokyo Toy Show 2015 Black Convoy. This came in during the frenzy of the summer con season and I was finally able to get around to shooting it recently. Some may know I am a big Robots in Disguise fan – the OG RID, not the current series. 15 years later and I still try to get a hold of all the homages, reuses, and updated characters so I had to have him!

This is a repaint of the Reveal the Shield G2 Optimus Prime mold, which is perfect because the original Black Convoy toy in Car Robots used the G2 Optimus Prime mold as well. This was also done as a club exclusive, though a bit differently, as Scourge in recent times. The TTS2015 version however stays true to the Japanese toy with a pinkish hue to the clear plastic, no big G2 symbol on the door, and a darker grey base. The paint apps are also in more abundance and a bit sharper. Overall it’s a pretty awesome upgrade and very close to what we hoped for a couple years ago with our Scourge NOT NEMESIS PRIME meme on the boards. If this was shifted to a red tint on the clear plastic and swapped to Decepticon symbols, it would be a perfect Hasbro / Scourge upgrade in my opinion, one can only hope!

You can check out the full gallery here: TFW2005 Gallery of Tokyo Toy Show 2015 Black Convoy

Read on for some key shots attached to this story and discussion!

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Thanks to a post from the twitter page of Takara designer Hisashi Yuki, we are reminded today of the 15th anniversary of Car Robots (know as the original Robots In Disguise in North America). Yuki tweeted out an initial draft sketch of what would become Fire Convoy (Optimus Prime) and it shows off some very cool design cues that were not carried over to the toy, most notably being the Maximal insignia on his chest. Yuki designed the Fire Convoy / Optimus Prime toy, be sure to follow his Twitter page today as he’ll surely be sharing more great Car Robots history.

Car Robots as a series falls between two bigger continuities, the Beast Era and the Unicron Trilogy, and it was not very successful in its native Japan. However, when imported to the US as the first Robots in Disguise line, it reinvigorated the Transformers line after the lackluster performance of Beast Machines. More importantly, after five years of beasts dominating the line, it brought back realistic cars and other vehicles as alternate modes!

Car Robots / Robots in Disguise has a very rich history here at TFW2005, so in celebration of the anniversary please enjoy another look at some things that celebrate this great time in Transformers history.

Lucky Draw Black Super Fire Convoy High Res Gallery More Car Robots / Robots In Disguise Galleries Happy 15th Car Robots!


TFW2005 is proud to present a blast from the past – a high res “supah cleah” gallery of Car Robots’ Lucky Draw Black Super Fire Convoy. As some of you may know, I am personally a big collector of Car Robots / Robots in Disguise from 2000/2001. You can check our side project of love, for proof :). This figure has eluded me for nearly 15 years, taunting my soul every time it dropped on eBay. At Botcon 2014 I was finally able to obtain it, and am happy to share a round of pictures I hope does it justice. Read on for some additonal information and some key pics, or jump right to the full gallery here:

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Karyuudo Fansubs has dropped by and let us know that their complete subtitling of Transformers Car Robots is now done! For those that don’t know, Car Robots is the Japanese version of Transformers Robots In Disguise (2001) in the West. Watching the series subtitled in Japanese will be a different beast for sure, as many liberties were taken when the folks at Saban and Fox Kids translated it into English. Not that it was a bad job, but seeing a series in it’s original language should give you a different perspective and is worth a look. On top of the subtitled episodes, Karyuudo also has a ton of bonus content related to the show.

The set includes the following:

– All 39 Episodes in the Original Japanese Audio with English subtitles
– Clean Opening and Ending Songs
– Toy Commercials Spots
– Marionette CD Single Commercial Spot
– A Complete Reference Guide (PDF Format) – Explaining translations, cultural references and information from the series
– Transformers Car Robots – Original Soundtrack
– Blazing Overdrive CD Single
– Marionette CD Single
– DVD Cover Scans
– Scans from Hero Super Guidebook 10 – Transformers Car Robots: Warriors Battle Guidebook!
– Karyuudo Fansubs Promotional Material
– English Cover Song of Blazing Overdrive by Glocktimus Prime
– All 39 script files that we created / timed + the fonts used

Head on over to the forums and discuss!

If you want to catch up on your Car Robots / Robots In Disguise history, you can check out our side project,! [Read more…]


Since we are celebrating Robots in Disguise in today’s chapter of the 30 years of Transformers in 30 days, we thought now would be a great time to take a look at one of the many cool homages to Robots in Disguise that has come out across the last few years – the Transformers Collectors Club 2011 membership exclusive, Sideburn!

Sideburn was a redeco of the Transformers Classics Rodimus, which is a nice bit of self-referencing given that the Robots in Disguise Super Sideburn deco was itself based on Hot Rod’s own deco. The deco is particularly well-suited to the mold and does a good job of evoking the character, and a clever paint job on the robot mode head helps to give Sideburn his own identity.

Overall, the TCC Sideburn was a particularly sharp deco and looked good on the Rodimus mold. If you’re a fan of Robots in Disguise, you could do a lot worse than seeking this toy out for your collection. Check out SydneyY’s excellent gallery and judge for yourself.

Transformers Collectors Club Exclusive Sideburn [Read more…]


2001 was a year of change for the Transformers brand, both in public and also behind the scenes. What was obvious to fans was the cancellation of the Beast Machines line – leaving some toys unreleased – and the Japanese Car Robots line being imported as Robots in Disguise, which brought back realistic vehicular Transformers, Autobots, Decepticons, and the classic faction symbols which had last been widely used in 1992. Behind the scenes, Hasbro and Takara made a deal to co-produce the next Transformers series, laying the groundwork for what would come to be known as the Unicron trilogy – the fruit of this deal would be seen in 2002. [Read more…]


A very interesting pre-order has been posted at BigBadToyStore, a pre-order for none other than Super Fire Convoy from the fan-favorite series, Car Robots AKA Robots In Disguise! This was last the mainline prior to the Armada trilogy and it left big shoes to fill. It also introduced once of the most popular and unique versions of Convoy/Optimus Prime.

For those of you who missed out, the pre-order page can be accessed here. Price is $149.99. BBTS has stated that the Toys R Us exclusive Master Sword is rumored to be included. That may factor into the higher price, but we aren’t completely sure. Since the sword is rumored to be included and was used for the God Fire Convoy combined mode with God Magnus…perhaps the latter isn’t too far behind? Stay tuned as we’ll keep you posted! [Read more…]

TFW2005 is proud to announce the launch of the all new, our network’s little side project that’s been sitting around for years. The mini-site dedicated to any and everything “Robots In Disguise” has been completely redone, upgraded, and added-to, heavily. We’ve been working on this in the background for a while now, and just squeaked in the relaunch during December 2011, which happens to be the 10th Anniversary of Robots In Disguise in the United States! So, to celebrate the 10th anniversary, even if only for another 16 days, enjoy the all new RID FOREVER.

Things of note:

  • Completely redone site, new skin, layout, system.
  • Tons of new entries added for toys, coming very close to (or hitting) absolute completeness.
  • 3rd Party Merchandise area created, documenting the US, Japan, and Korean items.
  • All figures and 3rd party items we have access to have been reshot this year, using semi-professional gear and lighting.
  • Over 7000 New High Resolution Images of RID Toys, spanning 293 Entries for figures and merchandise.
  • Over 2500 High Quality Screen Captures, spanning all 39 Episodes. Sorted by Character.

Here are some pages of interest to get you started.

There is way too much to list here on what’s new, so we invite you to check out the all new…


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The issue of TFWe you’ve been waiting to download is finally here! We’ve just released TFWe issue 05 (Robots in Disguise Anniversary Special) in .PDF format. And the best way to celebrate our favorite Transformers series is to pack it full of bonus content!

As well as our normal extra content (a TON more images to boot), we’ve also included a special Robots in Disguise Art Book – By Fans For Fans at the end of the issue! Our Fan Art regulars may remember our dear friend Joe Moore asking for all of your RiD artwork and customs that you’ve done – well, if you submitted it to him, it’s here in this book! That’s right – it’s our largest issue yet, clocking in at a whopping 35 pages!

(the link is right under the image of the cover)

A special thanks to all RiD fans for submitting your artwork and customs, and always, big kudos to Joe Moore for another bang-up issue in .PDF format. We hope you enjoy it! Leave some feedback! And stay tuned for Issue 06, when the TFWe staff looks at Transformers and Halloween … (you can almost taste the cosplay article, can’t you?) See you soon! [Read more…]