Transformers My Little Pony Friendship Day

“Saddle-Up And Ride-Out!!!”

Hasbro has sent us a Press Release announcing  the International Day Of Friendship and how their My Little Pony brand is celebrating it.

As a part of the campaign, Hasbro is showcasing mash-up of characters from their other franchises with the MLP Franchise.

“BUMBLEBEE and OPTIMUS PRIME are true BFFs – Bot Friends Forever! The MY LITTLE PONY brand has “rolled out” pony versions of the TRANSFORMERS AUTOBOTS pals in celebration of International Day of Friendship on July 30, 2015.”

You can read the entire Press Release and the Images, after the jump.

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Dinobots Hockey Jersey Design

Dave’s Geeky Hockey Jerseys, makers of the previous Optimus Prime inspired hockey jersey, is back with a potential new design. He created a mash up of the Dinobots and Jurassic Park (a theme we’ve seen a few times) and designed a great looking hockey jersey around it, complete with G1/Ingen logos. Right now, Dave is looking for feedback. It’s not currently being offered, but with enough interest, that could change. As someone who has purchased the Spaceballs Jersey, I can say the quality is top notch. No expense is spared in their creation.

Read on to check out the jersey.

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Kids Logic Constructicons

Kid’s Logic have updated their Facebook feed with a slew of new licensed Transformers for their Mecha Nations line. The headliner of this announcement is a 19.5cm tall Devastator, who is full poseable with articulated hands, light up features, and an optional visor. There’s also a set of 9cm tall Constructicons to go with Devastator. The Constructicons are due fourth quarter 2015, with Devastator set for first quarter 2016.

That is not all, though, as Kid’s Logic has also announced a pair of exclusive figures – a coronation set for their Starscream to recreate the coronation gear Starscream wore during Transformers the Movie (does not include the base Starscream figure); and Ultra Magnus, a white Optimus Prime variant. Both of these are Hong Kong event exclusives, set to be available at ACG HK 2015.

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Today on Fun Pub’s “Ask Vector Prime” Facebook page they announced their names of the two previously unnamed  rainmakers. The previously unnamed yellow and blue rainmakers are now called  Nova Storm and Ion Storm respectively.

As well as the name Fun Pub has also release bios for each character as followed for those that do not have Facebook:

The yellow Seeker is known as Nova Storm. This humorless knave nearly winged me with his Trilithium Crystal Cannons. His armor is hardened against heat and radiation, enabling him to function in the heart of a volcano or even, for a short period of time, the outer chromosphere of a star. He is one of the few bots able to withstand the presence of Sunstorm, Shockwave’s prototype for Seeker body-modification, for extended periods.

The blue Seeker goes by Ion Storm. I am fortunate enough to have never encountered this cocky Decepticon, for he is an electrokinetic of the first order. This ability could, in theory, generate an electromagnetic pulse and disable all electronics in an area, though I suspect doing so would leave him nearly helpless.

Click the link below and feel free to share your thoughts and join in on the discussion on the boards.

Oritoy Optimus Prime

Via TagHobby, we have learned that Oritoy will be debuting their licensed Optimus Prime figure, from their Hero of Steel collection, at the 17th ACG in Hong Kong. The picture shown so far is a bit blurry, but you can make out some details. Firstly, this is a buff looking Optimus Prime! Second, this seems to be inspired by one of the IDW designs, given the leg and chest design.

The figure will be distributed through Asiagoal, with a prototype shown off at the ACG on 24-28 July 2015. Preorders will also be taken at this time.

Check out the teaser image attached to this post.

hasbro pulse 1

Hasbro has launched a new initiative called Hasbro Pulse where they will be revealing behind the scenes information similar to their Transformers Designer Desk series of videos, but for all their collectible brands. The site currently has some looks at Transformers, G.I. Joe, My Little Pony and Star Wars production work. Head on over and check it out here.

Frank Welker Hall of Fame 01

The Official Transformers page has announced on their Facebook page that the legendary voice actor Frank Welker has been inducted in the Transformers Hall of Fame in 2015. He joins other human inductees such as Peter Cullen, Stan Bush, Simon Furman, and Bob Budiansky as those who have contributed the most in building the legacy of the Transformers franchise. Congratulation Mr. Welker, it’s an honor well deserved.

Auto Bumblebee PC Watch 02

On top of showcasing their latest transforming robot toys this year, TakaraTomy has also brought a 1.3 meters (4 foot) tall fully automated transforming Transformers Adventure / Robot in Disguise Bumblebee robot to Tokyo Toy Show 2015 (a smaller 26 cm model is also shown). Thanks to photos and videos from several Japanese publications, we got to see those remotely controlled robots in action.

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Metal Earth Optimus Prime

A minor bit of sightings news for those who like to make kits – a line of Transformers Metal Earth kits are currently being found at US retail. The metal build-it-yourself kits advertise that they can be assembled without glue or solder – though feedback suggests that you may still want to make use of a little glue on some parts. There are four in the line – Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Megatron, and Soundwave.

These were spotted at a Hastings in Ponca City, Oklahoma – thanks to TFW member MnemonicSyntax for the heads up.


Spotted by TFW2005 user almightymaximus, we have here our first pictures of two limited edition Funko Transformers Hikari Vinyl pieces. These indeed do seem to be new colors with Bumblebee sporting an icy white to blue look, and Optimus Prime sporting a more fiery look that transitions from white to a fiery orange-red lending to a dynamic juxtaposition when the two are next to each other. These pieces were found at a Barnes and Nobles in Connecticut, so be on the look out everyone and let us know what you think!