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Hasbro has launched a new initiative called Hasbro Pulse where they will be revealing behind the scenes information similar to their Transformers Designer Desk series of videos, but for all their collectible brands. The site currently has some looks at Transformers, G.I. Joe, My Little Pony and Star Wars production work. Head on over and check it out here.

Frank Welker Hall of Fame 01

The Official Transformers page has announced on their Facebook page that the legendary voice actor Frank Welker has been inducted in the Transformers Hall of Fame in 2015. He joins other human inductees such as Peter Cullen, Stan Bush, Simon Furman, and Bob Budiansky as those who have contributed the most in building the legacy of the Transformers franchise. Congratulation Mr. Welker, it’s an honor well deserved.

Auto Bumblebee PC Watch 02

On top of showcasing their latest transforming robot toys this year, TakaraTomy has also brought a 1.3 meters (4 foot) tall fully automated transforming Transformers Adventure / Robot in Disguise Bumblebee robot to Tokyo Toy Show 2015 (a smaller 26 cm model is also shown). Thanks to photos and videos from several Japanese publications, we got to see those remotely controlled robots in action.

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Metal Earth Optimus Prime

A minor bit of sightings news for those who like to make kits – a line of Transformers Metal Earth kits are currently being found at US retail. The metal build-it-yourself kits advertise that they can be assembled without glue or solder – though feedback suggests that you may still want to make use of a little glue on some parts. There are four in the line – Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Megatron, and Soundwave.

These were spotted at a Hastings in Ponca City, Oklahoma – thanks to TFW member MnemonicSyntax for the heads up.


Spotted by TFW2005 user almightymaximus, we have here our first pictures of two limited edition Funko Transformers Hikari Vinyl pieces. These indeed do seem to be new colors with Bumblebee sporting an icy white to blue look, and Optimus Prime sporting a more fiery look that transitions from white to a fiery orange-red lending to a dynamic juxtaposition when the two are next to each other. These pieces were found at a Barnes and Nobles in Connecticut, so be on the look out everyone and let us know what you think!


Thanks to TFW2005 boards member Type-R for linking us to a new item listing for a Nemesis Prime Bearbrick collectible figure. Designed and produced by MediCom, many Transformers characters have received the Bearbrick treatment in the past, including Optimus Prime, Megatron, Starscream, and Bumblebee. According to a product listing on hmv.co.jp, this Nemesis Prime Bearbrick will be seeing a June 19th release date.

Hit the discussion link below to let fellow collectors know if this will be joining your collection.


The official BotCon 2015 web site has updated their page with some new frequently asked questions. Perhaps the most interesting new tidbit is that members of the general public who have paid for general admission will not have access to the incredibly versatile and talented Transformers voice actor Frank Welker. Thanks to TFW2005 member Autobot City Comics 2008 for bringing these updated FAQs to our attention!

Transformers Collector’s Club members who have purchased a Frank Welker VIP Pass along with a Primus or Golden Ticket Package will still be able to meet Mr. Welker.

BotCon 2015 is going on June 18-21 at the Pheasant Run Resort in St Charles, Illinois. Continue to check TFW2005 for future BotCon updates!


We like to throw the spotlight on non-transformers things from time to time, and today, we would like to draw your attention to what the voice of Generation 1 Bumblebee (and the Spider-Man of the 1980s cartoons), Dan Gilvezan, has been up to. Dan has recently published a new novel called Soul – a story about a man whose soul was swapped with another in a near-death experience, and now must solve the mystery of why every woman on Earth is becoming infertile.

Check it out on Amazon!