Kreo Bumblebee Set Released in the US

Here is a sighting we honestly thought we would never see. The Kre-O Transformers Robots in Disguise Bumblebee Disc Demolishor set has been found at US retail. This is notable, as when previously asked about this, Hasbro expressed they had no plans to bring the RiD Kre-Os to the US.

The set was picked up by TFW2005 member T-Hybrid in a TJ Maxx in Eagan, MN. It seems these sets may be following the fate of other items that failed to be picked up at mainstream retail in the US – they go straight to the discount retailers instead. Keep your eyes on your TJ Maxxs, Ross and others of that ilk – we suspect other Robots in Disguise Kre-O sets may follow suit.

Botcon 2015 Kreo Most Wanted

We have our first look at the Botcon 2015 Kreo set. The Kreo “Earth’s Most Wanted” set gives fans Kreons of Dr Arkeville, Nightbird, Robot Master, Autobot Spike, Animated Sentinel Prime, and Animated Headmaster. Check out the image attached to this post!


Hasbro has sent us official images of SDCC 2015 Exclusive Transformers KRE-O Class of 85.

Press Release:

(Ages 6 years & up/Approx. Retail Price: $59.99/Available through or Booth #3213 at Comic-Con International in San Diego)

Go back to the
uh, past with this amazing set of retro TRANSFORMERS KREON figures celebrating the radical year 1985! Like last year’s special edition KREON CLASS OF 1984 Yearbook celebrating the 30th anniversary of the debut of the TRANSFORMERS brand, the “new wave” KRE-O TRANSFORMERS KREON CLASS of 1985 set features 30 amazing TRANSFORMERS characters, all of whom debuted in 1985’s second season of the TRANSFORMERS animated series! Features fan-favorite characters like DEVASTATOR, GRIMLOCK, and OMEGA SUPREME, as well as the KREON debut of ASTROTRAIN, BOMBSHELL, JETFIRE and more! Plus, get the figures ready for their laser-background yearbook photos with awesome ’80s KREON accessories like a denim jacket, custom feathered hairdo and a prophetic Sports Almanac! Following the convention, a limited number will be available on

Check out the images, after the jump.


TakraTomy is set to release a series of Transformers Kreon Microchangers. According to Autobase Aichi, these will be single packa figures. Forum member bigkid24 shared the news and states that these look to be capsule style releases. No word yet on if these will be in capsule vending machines or sold in stores. These are scheduled for release in August. Included are the following:

  • Jetfire
  • Trailbreaker
  • Sunstreaker
  • Seaspray
  • Highbrow
  • Gears
  • Wheelie
  • Wingspan
  • Skalor
  • Mindwipe
  • Misfire
  • Trypticon

Check out an image showing the figures by clicking the thumbanil.


I personally don’t recall seeing this elsewhere. Japanese toy site Juusankaidan has images for a Japanese Kreon Capsule Vending Machine. They posted a detailed gallery of the G1 style Bumblebee that came from the machine, as well as a few images of the vending machine itself. According to the site, these popped up in February and are priced at 200 yen each (about $1.61 USD).

You can read on for the images. If they’ve been reported on before, then please enjoy this refresher.


Thanks to forum member T4mercustomz, we have pics of something cool and random. Family Dollar stores seem to be getting Kre-O Transformers 88-Piece Brick Boxes. These are listed at $5, and are likely similar in fashion to the previously released 73-Piece Kre-O Transformers Brick Boxes, which popped up at Big Lots. The boxes contain an assortment of brick pieces in Transformers friendly colors. Great for building play sets or expanding upon your custom figures.

See a few photos after the jump.


Treat this with all the usual caution that comes from questions asked of customer service representatives, but we’re getting reports that the Transformers Kre-O line may not be continuing in the US.

Christian Flores of the “For Kreon Out Loud!!” group on Facebook asked the question of Hasbro’s customer services, and got the following response:

Regrettably, our Spring line of Kre-O Transformers are not scheduled for release in the United States. They will only be available in Canada at this time.

The two important things there are that this only extends to the Spring line of releases – so future ones may come out – and also, the qualification “at this time”, which does not rule out the possibility that plans may change.

However, for the moment, it looks like Kre-O is headed for a time out in the US. This writing has been on the wall for a while, with more recent releases being slow to appear in retail, if they’ve shown at all.


Many thanks to TFW2005 member Deceptigtar for linking us to some new listings for Kre-O figures on eBay. This is the second wave of the Battle Changers, featuring our favorite Autobot Jeep, Hound, and the nefarious Decepticon mad scientist, Shockwave. Like the previous first wave, these figures don’t have to be disassembled to transform.

Check it out after the jump!

Kre-O Battle Changer Wave 2 HOUND Kre-O Battle Changer Wave 2 SHOCKWAVE


Hasbro’s official Transformers You Tube channel is updated with a new commercial for the Transformers Kre-O Warrior Kreons.

For more information about the toyline and images, visit our previous news post: Kre-O Warriors Kreons First Images.

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