Adventure Battle Grimlock

Thanks to TFW2005 boards member catz for providing us with what looks like a retail list of some upcoming Takara product listings for Transformers Adventure and Q-Transformers. Unfortunately we do not have any images to go along with the listings, so we’ll have to play the guessing game a bit until more information surfaces.

TAV30 Battle Grimlock (Price point says this is big, about 4500 yen – Image included of potential color scheme)

TAV31 Black Shadow (Megatronus?)

TAV32 Ramble & Frenzy (Price point says about 3500 yen: Legends? Minicons?)

TED13 Drift (One Step version)

TED14 Fracture (One Step version)

QT32 Black Megatron (Q Transformers redeco of Megatron)

QT33 Black Convoy (Q Transformers redeco of Convoy)

Stay tuned for more information and images when available.

UW Superion 16

Board member Magnoir has graciously share images of in hand images of TakaraTomy United Warriors UW01 Superion with us. He shows off the individual members of Superion in vehicle mode, close ups of the robot mode, and combined mode. You can see the subtle attention to details from TakaraTomy’s release that makes them very accurate to their G1 counterparts. The best bonus of the United Warriors set though is probably the small lithograph of original art depicting the Aerilbots having an Energon Barbecue on top of Metroplex.

Staff Edit: Also included are images from Twitter user Alfes2010 (with grey base board) and Twitter user MunetakaAbe (with blue background)

Checking the images after the jump, and let us know which Superion release you will be choosing on the boards

TAV Phantom Jaw 05

Twitter user Alfes2010 has posted in hand images of Transformers Adventure Phantom Jaw from the TAV VS03 Strongarm vs Phantom Jaw set on his toy blog. Sharing the same theme as its set mate Strongarm, Phantom Jaw is a repaint of Steeljaw as a Police vehicle, and offers much more color variation in both modes than the mold’s original release.

The bio on the back reads approximately as follow:

Strongarm was startled, since the car approaching with its sirens on was Decepticon Phantom Jaw. Phantom Jaw transformed immediately and attacked Strongarm. As a very competent intelligence officer, Phantom Jaw took the opportunity once he heard there was an opportunity to act solo against a member of the Autobot. However, after she was caught off guard, Strongarm begin fight back when she regained her posture. Having fought together with the first class warrior Bumblebee, she has grown by leaps and bounds.

Check out samples of Allfes2010’s images below, or you can view his full gallery on the figure here. Thanks you board member Shatterpoint for giving us the heads up, and don’t forget to share your thoughts on the figure on the boards.

UW Protectobots Robots

Takara-Tomy’s Hisashi Yuki has tweeted some new images showing the individual robots who make up the Japanese release of Combiner Wars Defensor. The Unite Warriors release of Defensor will come as a gift pack, and will be a Takara-Tomy Mall exclusive. The five toys all feature some altered paintwork on their decos – for example, Streetwise sports a grey deco compared to the Hasbro version’s off white, and Hot Spot also features a modified deco, with more white and blue. The set also features an all-new mold currently not being offered in the US – Groove, who features translucent plastic and twin pistols.

The set is on track for a release in November of 2015 in Japan. Watch this space for more news and information on this and all other Japanese Transformers releases.


Via Dengeki Hobby, we have some new images of Takara’s upcoming Legends fembot figures – those being Nightbird, Slipstream, and Blackarachnia. The photos show them off in all their fully-colored glory, in both their robot and alt-modes.

Check ’em out after the break, and let us know what you think in the discussion thread!

RiD Minicons in Singapore

A double-whammy of Transformers sightings for our friends in Singapore! First and foremost, the first wave of Robots in Disguise Mini-Cons – comprising Dragonus, Divebomb, Slipstream and Sawback – have been found at Singapore retail. We’re led to understand these were found in OG Chinatown – and their sighting bodes well for them making it across to the US soon, too. Discuss this news here.

Second is a sighting of the recently released Transformers Adventure Ultra Magnus in Singapore. We’re informed it is rare for Takara’s releases to make it to Singapore toy shelves – so the sighting of this one at retail in a Tokashimoya store might be of interest (our apologies if we mangled the spelling there). Talk about this one here.

TAV 23 Autobot Jazz 001

TakaraTomy Mall has updated with official images and info for upcoming Transformers Adventure Figures, as well as the Hello Kitty Transformer. Included are:

Thanks to Autobase Aichi for the heads up. Read on to see the new official pics and click the above links for the full listings.

LG EX Arm Meg Blk Convoy header

Thanks to Japanese Toy reviewer Tagoal, we have in hand images of LG-EX Black Convoy and LG-EX Armada Megatron; both were exclusives at the Tokyo Toy Show this pass weekend. Tagoal’s detailed images shows off both figures in their full glory in Robot Mode and Vehicle Mode. In Black Convoy’s case, he was shown together in comparison shots with Transformers United Laser Optimus Prime. Armada Megatron was shown together with TakaraTomy Legends G1 Megatron, Hasbro Generations Armada Megatron, and finally the original Micron Legends Megatron. We also get a glimpse of the comic included in the instruction booklet illustrated by Hayato Sakamoto. Check out some key shots for both figures after the jump, and hit Tagoal’s site for the rest!

Figure King Clash of Transformers Scan 2

Check out some tiny Figure King Magazine scans showing TakaraTomy versions of some upcoming Clash of the Transformers figures. These include the new 5-Step Megatronus, plus redecos of Warriors Optimus Prime, Sideswipe and Bumblebee. There is also a Black Convoy style repaint of Transformers: Age of Extinction Leader Optimus Prime, the TRU Japan exclusive Black Knight Optimus Prime. The pics come courtesy of Tag Hobby.

Read on to see the scans.

Kabaya Season Scramble cropped

Courtesy of Autobase Aichi, we are informed that Japanese retailer “Toy Santa” has posted a new images of the Kabaya Candy King Poseidon / Piranacon on their listing on the popular Japanese shopping website Rakuten. These images confirms that the limb members of King Poseidon / Piranacon can indeed “scramble” between arm mode, leg mode, and weapon mode. Check out the images to see the sample configurations to the combiner set and join in the conversation on this candy model kit set already happening on the boards.