The long awaited MP-18B Bluestreak figure has been released! This figure is a dream come true for fans that have wanted a blue Bluestreak since the G1 days. Read on for in-hand images from Monari & TCracker and check out the MP-18B Bluestreak review thread already in progress!

Q Transformers Arcee

Chalk this as a bit of an informed opinion on our part – the Q Transformers website has updated, announcing the vocal talent for some of the upcoming characters. One of the characters to have a voice actor listed is Arcee. While the others – Thundercracker and Skywarp – have toys already on the market, Arcee so far does not. Could her inclusion in the show be a hint that a Q Transformers Arcee is on the way – or is this Arcee doomed to be show-only and not represented in toy form?

QT M Mahha Shaken Optimus 02

Thanks to Japanese Twitter User sig_yan (シグやん), we have some images of QT-M Mahha Shaken Optimus Prime. This unannounced QTransformers release was given out during the Super GT Kids Walk held at the Fuji Super Speedway this year, where children are invited to walk around the circuit, hang out at the pit stop, and meet the Super GT drivers.

This not for sale figure is a repaint of QT09 Optimus Prime, themed after the Mach 5 from SpeedRacer with a Nissan GT-R R35 vehicle mode. If you are wonder why the release includes the title “Mahha Shaken” (マッハ車検), the name belongs the SpeedRacer themed car dealing and servicing website sponsoring this release. Check out the images after the jump, and let us know what you think of this cool little slice of Japan.

TED11 Big Steeljaw 1

Takara-Tomy’s Hisashi Yuki has shared a pair of images of the Transformers Adventure version of three-step changer Robots in Disguise Steeljaw. “Big Steeljaw” as this release will be known is a part of the Easy Dynamic line, and features several paint deco changes compared to his Hasbro counterpart – check out the comparison image included with this post to see how much as changed. We’re digging the improved paint on the head sculpt!

Transformers Adventure Runabout and Override Carded

Via Hisashi Yuki’s twitter account, we have a look at Transformers Adventure Runabout and Override in package. These two toys are redecos of Combiner Wars Blackjack and Groove respectively, and are due out very shortly in Japan. They are both homages to Generation 1 characters, with Runabout being one of the pair of Decepticon Battlechargers, while Override is a homage to the Generation 1 Triggerbot of the same name. Check out the in-package image attached to this post.

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Unite Warriors Optimus Maximus

Hisashi Yuki is at it again, this time tweeting out a teaser image for Takara’s version of the Optimus Maximus combiner! The Unite Warriors version of this Optimus Prime combiner looks to feature the same molds that will be found in Hasbro’s deluxe wave 4 consisting of Ironhide, Prowl, Sunstreaker, and Mirage.

Speaking to the color schemes of this release, we can’t be sure yet as only a portion of the colors can be seen through the silhouette. Speculation is already running within our discussion thread that Takara’s version may be a closer resemblance to the Energon release of Optimus Prime / Grand Convoy

Until we have a clear image of this, join in on the discussion and speculation!

MP Sideswipe Reissue Coin 01

Thanks to, we’ve just received our first image of the collectors coin for the reissue of Masterpiece Lambor (Sideswipe) coming this September. This collector’s coin is different from the first release of MP-12, so your coin collection will be getting a new addition!

Check it out after the jump.

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QTF September header

Amazon Japan also gave some love to the Q-Transformers line for September with product images of QT29 Starscream, QT30 Skywarp, and QT31 Thundercracker. According to these images, the 3 seekers essentially have the same alternate modes, but they appear to have different face sculpts in robot mode, giving them a great deal of personality. The seekers also marks the first time jets are released in the Q-Transformers toy line, so perhaps we may see more jet based Transformers characters in the future. Checker out the mirrored images after the jump, and give us you thoughts on these and possible future Q-Transformers jets.

TAV Sept header

September is about one week away, and Amazon Japan has uploaded some official product images of Transformers Adventure figures that are scheduled for release next month. First up we have TAV 27 Micron Shooter Drift set. The set includes the main Micron shooter figure and 2 Microns (Hasbro’s Mini-con Deployer only includes one). Both the main figure and the Micron themselves appears to have receive additional paint apps than their Mini-con Deployers counterparts.

We also have TAV 28 Ground Vehicon General, a repaint of Transformers Prime Robot in Disguise Vehicon modeled in the similar vein as Jet Vehicon General from Arms Micron line. Although this time the amount of silver paint used appears to have greatly increased on this figure.

Thank you board member wearelegion69 for point us to those listings. Check out the mirrored images below, and let us know what you think of the Drift set here and Vehicon General here.

UW Menasor 05

Thanks to TFW2005 boards member Masabon, we have a great set of in hand images of the recently released Unite Warriors Menasor! We’ve mirrored some of the key shots for your viewing pleasure after the jump, the full list of images can be seen in the discussion link.

If you’re digging the Takara release of these figures, check out our sponsors to try and secure yourself a Stunticon box set!