TF CW wv 3 n 4 sticker sheet

Hot of the trail of a recent discovery of a sticker sheet from Titan class Devastator, site sponsor Robotkingdom has announced on Facebook their campaign for a sticker sheet for Combiner Wars Wave 3 and 4 figures that you can be obtained from them with a purchase of qualifying Combiner Wars products.

The sheet appears includes stickers for adding details on members of Defensor and Optimus Maximus to make them look closer to their respective G1 counter parts. Unfortunately, a detailed image of the sticker sheet itself is not available just yet; be sure to stay tuned once until then. Checkout the image of the announcement mirrored below, and for more information on the campaign and list of qualifying products, check out their announcement on Facebook here.

Devastator Sticker 03

Thanks to board member Blindspot77, we learned that the website Toy People News published an article showing some tips and tricks on adding details to Titan Class Devastator. Among the images in the article was one showing an official sticker sheet being used to customize the Titan Class figure for added G1 accuracy, very similar to the sheet designed for Superion and Menasor. The sticker sheet appears to be printed on a metallic background, featuring stickers for all 6 memebers of the Constructicons.

In the article, the author mentioned the sticker sheet was simply included in the box with this release in Taiwan. The instructions printed on the back of the sticker sheet is written in Traditional Chinese, which may suggest its exclusivity to the region. Unfortunately, it is unknown whether this will be available through other means at this time, but be sure to stay tuned for the latest development. Check out some of the mirrored images below, and let us know your thoughts on this apparent Hasbro Asia exclusive item.

CW Battle Core Prime 01

Thanks to Facebook user Victor Wong‘s post in the group HK-TF, we got news that Combiner Wars Battle Core Optimus Prime has now been found in Hong Kong. This means that this figure’s release will be coming soon to other markets like Europe, Australia, and North America.

Check out the the images after the break, and let us know if you’re excited for this release on the boards!

transformers combiner wars devastator

As the Transformers: Generations Combiner Wars Devastator is hitting retail, Hasbro has posted a small commercial demonstrating the toy.

“Devastator is a raging hammer of chaos, battling voices in his head one minute, then crushing his targets the next. He is the perfect weapon, held back by a single imperfection: the Constructicons struggle to successfully merge their thoughts into one cohesive action, making it difficult to focus the wrath of their combined form. If they were able to harness the full force of their collective power, they would give the Decepticons a weapon capable of pounding entire civilizations to dust. As long as that threat exists, Devastator will loom as a shadow across the universe, an enemy the Autobots — and all the worlds they protect — must fear.

This all-in-one Devastator set contains 6 Transformers Voyager Scale figures, 4 weapon accessories, and instructions, and comes with a collectible character card featuring art based on the Transformers Legends mobile game. Each figure converts from robot to construction vehicle and back. It takes 8-17 steps to convert between modes, depending on the figure.”

Check out the video, after the jump.

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CW delux wv3 01s

Thanks to board member Pavol Palat, we have a report that Combiner Wars Deluxe wave 3 (consist of Blades, First Aid, Rook, and Streetwise) and Legends wave 3 (with Warpath, Groove, and Viper) was found in an Alltoys store in the town of Nitra. Does this mean Deluxe Wave 3 will be arriving at the rest of Europe soon?

You can check out this sighting report after the break, and if you have you own sighting to report, check out the sightings section on the boards


Run for the hills, protect your children, prepare for a rampaging fandom as they run to stores.  Combiner Wars Devastator has been sighted at a Toys ‘R Us store in Sunnyvale, California.  Devastator can devastate your home for the wallet-emptying price of $149.99.

UW Superion 16

Board member Magnoir has graciously share images of in hand images of TakaraTomy United Warriors UW01 Superion with us. He shows off the individual members of Superion in vehicle mode, close ups of the robot mode, and combined mode. You can see the subtle attention to details from TakaraTomy’s release that makes them very accurate to their G1 counterparts. The best bonus of the United Warriors set though is probably the small lithograph of original art depicting the Aerilbots having an Energon Barbecue on top of Metroplex.

Staff Edit: Also included are images from Twitter user Alfes2010 (with grey base board) and Twitter user MunetakaAbe (with blue background)

Checking the images after the jump, and let us know which Superion release you will be choosing on the boards


The Transformers Hong Kong Facebook community page has shared a new promotional video for the Combiner Wars toy line. This action packed video shows off the Combiner Wars toys in motion through some awesome computer animation sequences. If this doesn’t get you hyped about this line, I don’t know what will.

This is definitively a great way to get more people excited for the toyline, and we hope this will be shown on TV and other popular venues to reach a wider audience. Before that happens though, check out the clip and tell us what you think on the boards!


The Combiner Wars news continues to rush in! This time, we have box artwork to what appears to be a package of three fembots – Arcee, Chromia, and Windblade! This image comes to us courtesy of TFND’s Facebook page, and thanks to TFW2005.COM member Slimaximus for pointing us all to it.

Forum member Cheem The Rup shared an update. A second image showcasing new artwork has been released by TFND. It has been added after the jump.

The artwork suggests a few things to us. The reflection of Devastator in Arcee’s meelee weapon and the fact that this is a boxed set may be an indication that this set will be a San Diego Comic Con exclusive, as the sets could be made to “face off” with each other. There are several notable details that suggest additional paint applications (such as the Autobot faction symbol on Arcee’s face) that could indicate a “Premium” type of release, which would also be consistent with a SDCC exclusive release.

Is this something you’re excited about? Be sure to join into the ongoing discussion to share your thoughts with us after the jump!


For all you transformers fans in the United Kingdom looking for wave 2 of Combiner Wars figures, it appears they have been sighted at a Toys R US around Sevenoaks. Unfortunately, it looks like this version does not include the pack-in comic we have seen thus far. Nonetheless, the figures are out there in the wild now, so happy hunting!

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