The Transformers Cybertron line wrapped up through 2006, but with the Transformers live action movie not arriving until the summer of 2007 and the associated toyline not being released until May 2007, Hasbro needed a filler line to fill the void. Hasbro took a cue from Takara’s Robot Masters line and introduced a short line that reimagined the classic Transformers characters in updated designs, ushering in the first Transformers Classics line. In Japan the newly merged Takara-Tomy released a short and controversial series called Transformers Kiss Players, featuring giant robots smooching girls who were drawn to look like pre-teens in the artwork. Yeah… [Read more…]


A member on ACtoys.net has gotten a hold of a new deco of Classics Rodimus. Now although we don’t know if this is a KO or offical product, it could very well be part of a rumored set with Classics 2.0 Cyclonus and Galvatron.

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Cybertron Philippines will be partnering with Toy Kingdom and SM Makati to launch the Transformers Autobot Alliance event this coming June 19 to June 22, 2010! This event will officially launch the Generations, Hunt for the Decepticons and Power Core Combiners in the Philippines, and there will be a raffle for special prizes, including Alternity Ultra Magnus, and also a special two pack of crystal versions of Classics deluxe Optimus Prime and Rodimus! This set is not the same as the Sons of Cybertron set previously mentioned in our coverage of the Japanese Hobby magazines, indicating that in fact there are going to be two sets of crystal Optimus and Rodimus toys – one using their Animated deluxe class toys, and this one using their Classics deluxe class toys.

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Our friends and sponsors at Kapow Toys report that the extremely popular Transformers Henkei Convoy has been re-released! Henkei Convoy is the Japanese release of Classics Optimus Prime, with additional chrome sections and slightly tweaked paint applications. He’s a great representation of the iconic Optimus Prime character, so if you have missed out on owning this toy on his previous releases, now is your chance to add him to your collection!


Our sponsor, BigBadToyStore.com, has new preorders up that will be of interest to our readers. First up is a Japanese Credit Card exclusive Minicon set of 2 which will be available 3rd quarter of 2009 and can be preordered for $49.99 by clicking here.

Next there is a preorder for the second volume of Transformers Generations 2009 along with an Exclusive Henkei Ghost Starscream. This will be available in the 3rd Quarter of 2009 and can currently be preordered for $119.99 by clicking here.

There is a preorder for the Exclusive Henkei Ghost Starscream alone for $89.99 here.


The latest issue of Figure King has been broken down by Snakas and written up in blog form. The English summary provided by TF @ The Moon gives us a few bits of information about Transformers Revenge of the Fallen and Henkei toys.

Revenge of the Fallen Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Soundwave, Starscream, and Ironhide are all shown. Bumblebee is described as a “General Release” Camaro instead of the Concept Camaro as in the first movie.

Regarding Henkei releases, Transformers Henkei Smokescreen is featured in an article titled “25 Years of Transformers, which includes drawings of other Henkei releases. The article closes with “The End” suggesting that the Henkei line will end with the release of Smokescreen.


Our own TRANSJAZZ reports in telling us that ToyHobby & Ganbo Store notified customers via email that their exclusive Henkei Dirge and Thrust toys are going to be released in April.

There was no reason given for the delay, but keep checking TFW2005 for any updates for the release of these figures!


Anyone remember the first rumor lists for Transformers: Classics, and the deluxe Optimus Prime that was listed? Well TF: Generation 2009 vol.1 shows the hard copy of the unreleased deluxe Classics Optimus Prime!

The differences between the unreleased figure and voyager Optimus Prime, are more than meets the eye! The deluxe figure features mold differences, more closely matching Don Figueroa’s original design. Some of these differences can be seen on the knees and the head sculpt.

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On their webpage promoting the Transformers Generations 2009 book, Million Publishing updated with a sample page from the book as well as more images of the exclusive clear Ligier figure that will be part of a mail-away program for individuals who purchase the book. Check out the new images by clicking on the thumbnail to the left.