Combiner Wars Protectobots Russia Release 01

Good news for those residing in Moscow, Russa: the Protectobots have been found at retail! Found at “Children’s World” in the shopping center “Metromarket,” were the four deluxe limbs of First Aid, Blades, Streetwise and Rook. Each figure came out to ₽1300 RUB (roughly 19.42 USD).

Happy hunting TFW!



Now a follow up on a previous story regarding the Generations Voyager Optimus Prime’s hip problem and how Hasbro has resolved them. It has now been brought to our attention that the voyager mold’s very popular reuse, Motor Master, has been given the same treatment! These resolved issues make the figures more stable when combined with the Stunticons in their combined mode, Menasor. Thanks to 2005 Board member Payres for once again providing the heads up.


You can view pictures and how to tell if you’re purchasing the correct version after the break.

Legends LG 14 Ultra Magnus 01

Thanks once again to Hisashi Yuki, we’ve received some new tweet updates with more new images of Takara’s Legends LG-14 Ultra Magnus (known as Leader Class Ultra Magnus in Hasbro markets). This is our first look at an in-package Magnus as we inch closer to its release this month. The icing on the cake is another new image with Magnus featured along side Arcee and Springer, bringing some G1 Animated movie magic to your collection shelves!

Continue on after the jump to see the images and join in on the discussion!

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Battle Core Optimus Remolded Hips

A common complaint from fans about the Combiner Wars Optimus Prime and Motormaster toys are that their hip ratchets make it very hard to stand the toys up when combined with the Combiner Wars Deluxes. It seems as though Hasbro has heard the complaints, and has retooled the hips on Combiner Wars Battle Core Optimus Prime to allow them to lock out in a more vertical position in robot mode – making it much easier to pose the combined form, Optimus Maximus.

Reports state that Takara-Tomy followed suit and used these fixed ratchets for their release of Motormaster in the Unite Warriors line. Motormater is due to ship alongside Battle Core Optimus Prime – it remains to be seen if these Wave 4 repack Motormasters will also feature the new hip ratchets.

A big thanks to TFW2005 member Payres for bringing this to our attention.

TF CW wv 3 n 4 sticker sheet

Hot of the trail of a recent discovery of a sticker sheet from Titan class Devastator, site sponsor Robotkingdom has announced on Facebook their campaign for a sticker sheet for Combiner Wars Wave 3 and 4 figures that you can be obtained from them with a purchase of qualifying Combiner Wars products.

The sheet appears includes stickers for adding details on members of Defensor and Optimus Maximus to make them look closer to their respective G1 counter parts. Unfortunately, a detailed image of the sticker sheet itself is not available just yet; be sure to stay tuned once until then. Checkout the image of the announcement mirrored below, and for more information on the campaign and list of qualifying products, check out their announcement on Facebook here.

Devastator Sticker 03

Thanks to board member Blindspot77, we learned that the website Toy People News published an article showing some tips and tricks on adding details to Titan Class Devastator. Among the images in the article was one showing an official sticker sheet being used to customize the Titan Class figure for added G1 accuracy, very similar to the sheet designed for Superion and Menasor. The sticker sheet appears to be printed on a metallic background, featuring stickers for all 6 memebers of the Constructicons.

In the article, the author mentioned the sticker sheet was simply included in the box with this release in Taiwan. The instructions printed on the back of the sticker sheet is written in Traditional Chinese, which may suggest its exclusivity to the region. Unfortunately, it is unknown whether this will be available through other means at this time, but be sure to stay tuned for the latest development. Check out some of the mirrored images below, and let us know your thoughts on this apparent Hasbro Asia exclusive item.

Combiner Wars Defensor Trailer

The official YouTube page for Transformers has uploaded a very striking commercial featuring the Combiner Wars Protectobots toys for Hasbro Australia. This commercial features some amazing animation of the Autobot combiner Defensor and Decepticon Menasor, while showcasing the toys of the Protectobots.

Check out the full video after the jump, it’s very much worth the watch!  [Read more…]

Unite Warriors Optimus Maximus

Hisashi Yuki is at it again, this time tweeting out a teaser image for Takara’s version of the Optimus Maximus combiner! The Unite Warriors version of this Optimus Prime combiner looks to feature the same molds that will be found in Hasbro’s deluxe wave 4 consisting of Ironhide, Prowl, Sunstreaker, and Mirage.

Speaking to the color schemes of this release, we can’t be sure yet as only a portion of the colors can be seen through the silhouette. Speculation is already running within our discussion thread that Takara’s version may be a closer resemblance to the Energon release of Optimus Prime / Grand Convoy

Until we have a clear image of this, join in on the discussion and speculation!

UW Menasor 05

Thanks to TFW2005 boards member Masabon, we have a great set of in hand images of the recently released Unite Warriors Menasor! We’ve mirrored some of the key shots for your viewing pleasure after the jump, the full list of images can be seen in the discussion link.

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We’ve got something cool to show you now. Via TFND, we have a look at the pack-in comics which were supposed to come with the repacks of the Combiner Wars Wave 1 Deluxes. Those following the site will know that this intended running change ultimately never materialised for the Aerialbots, though we did get Dragstrip with a comic in a revised Wave 2 case.

These comics were being given away with a spend of approximately $60 or more at a Taiwanese comic convention. What is cool about this is we have a look at the backs of the comics – which like all Combiner Wars Deluxes, feature extra-length bios for the toys. The great thing here is that we finally get some more background on who Alpha Bravo is and how he came to join the Aerialbots.

We have a big shout out and thank you to send to TFW member Viking_iGamer, who brought this to our attention via the TFW2005 Facebook page.