SDCC x Combiner Hunters 83

TFW2005 SDCC 2015 Transformers galleries continue today with the Combiner Hunters 3 Pack! This set features three fem-bot characters – Arcee, Chromia, and Windblade – in new tricked out colors with some big *** weapons specifically for hunting Combiners! Check out over 100 shots of them in both modes after the break, and make sure to scan through them all because they might have found their first victim (dun dun dun..)

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SDCC x Devastator 136

Prepare for termination! SDCC Devastator is in the house and we’re finishing up his galleries today with shots of the individual bots and their vehicle modes. Check out 140 images of Bonecrusher, Hook, Long Haul, Mixmaster, Scavenger, Scrapper and of course some group shots after the break! If you missed it, you can check Part 1 of our SDCC Devastator gallery, featuring Devastator in his combined form, here.

Combiner Wars Wave 3 Voyagers

More good sighting news for those residing in Germany, the Combiner Wars Voyager figures from wave 3 (Hot Spot and Cyclonus) have been spotted at a couple of outlets. After skipping wave 2 of the Combiner Wars line just as the rest of Europe had to go through as well, this is a welcome treat! Spotted at both the Toys ‘R Us store in Krefeld and in Duisburg, start keeping your eyes peeled!



CW Wave 4 Legends

Good news for those located across the pond, wave 4 of the Legends Combiner Wars figures have been purchased at UK retail! Purchased at a Basingstoke Toys ‘R Us by boards member 1love1984, we’ve got confirmation that both Rodimus and Skywarp were seen in store.

Be sure to keep using our sightings forum to help each other out!

SDCC Devastator 036

SDCC is right around the corner, and Hasbro has been kind enough to hit us up with some of the items that will be available at the show, including the “raging hammer of chaos” himself – Devastator! We’ve decided to split the galleries into two sessions, first up is Devastator in his combiner mode. Check out over 70 High Res images of him in action after the break!

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transformers combiner wars devastator

As the Transformers: Generations Combiner Wars Devastator is hitting retail, Hasbro has posted a small commercial demonstrating the toy.

“Devastator is a raging hammer of chaos, battling voices in his head one minute, then crushing his targets the next. He is the perfect weapon, held back by a single imperfection: the Constructicons struggle to successfully merge their thoughts into one cohesive action, making it difficult to focus the wrath of their combined form. If they were able to harness the full force of their collective power, they would give the Decepticons a weapon capable of pounding entire civilizations to dust. As long as that threat exists, Devastator will loom as a shadow across the universe, an enemy the Autobots — and all the worlds they protect — must fear.

This all-in-one Devastator set contains 6 Transformers Voyager Scale figures, 4 weapon accessories, and instructions, and comes with a collectible character card featuring art based on the Transformers Legends mobile game. Each figure converts from robot to construction vehicle and back. It takes 8-17 steps to convert between modes, depending on the figure.”

Check out the video, after the jump.

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CW delux wv3 01s

Thanks to board member Pavol Palat, we have a report that Combiner Wars Deluxe wave 3 (consist of Blades, First Aid, Rook, and Streetwise) and Legends wave 3 (with Warpath, Groove, and Viper) was found in an Alltoys store in the town of Nitra. Does this mean Deluxe Wave 3 will be arriving at the rest of Europe soon?

You can check out this sighting report after the break, and if you have you own sighting to report, check out the sightings section on the boards


Run for the hills, protect your children, prepare for a rampaging fandom as they run to stores.  Combiner Wars Devastator has been sighted at a Toys ‘R Us store in Sunnyvale, California.  Devastator can devastate your home for the wallet-emptying price of $149.99.

UW Superion 16

Board member Magnoir has graciously share images of in hand images of TakaraTomy United Warriors UW01 Superion with us. He shows off the individual members of Superion in vehicle mode, close ups of the robot mode, and combined mode. You can see the subtle attention to details from TakaraTomy’s release that makes them very accurate to their G1 counterparts. The best bonus of the United Warriors set though is probably the small lithograph of original art depicting the Aerilbots having an Energon Barbecue on top of Metroplex.

Staff Edit: Also included are images from Twitter user Alfes2010 (with grey base board) and Twitter user MunetakaAbe (with blue background)

Checking the images after the jump, and let us know which Superion release you will be choosing on the boards

IMG 0462

BotCon may have wrapped up last Sunday, but that doesn’t mean the news from the con has to stop. TFW2005 was fortunate enough to sit down with Jerry Jivoin and Ben Montano of Hasbro for a brief discussion of the future of the toy line from the show floor. Read on to discover what the team revealed in this enlightening interview!

The audio interview is also available as WTF@TFW supplemental.  You can download and comment on it here: WTF@TFW Botcon Supplemental 2

Also, please check out the first Botcon 2015 supplemental “The Ichabotcon Chronicles” here:  WTF@TFW Botcon Supplemental 1

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