ACGHK2015 Kids Logic Transformers 003

Her are a few additional photos of the Kids Logic display at ACGHK 2015. They had a nice mix of previously released and new Transformers figures. Included are the following figures:

  • G1 King Starscream
  • G1 Ultra Magnus (White Cab Optimus Prime Repaint)
  • G1 Bumblebee
  • G1 Bumblebee Battle Damaged
  • Age of Extinction Grimlock with Optimus Prime
  • G1 Devastator
  • G1 Individual Constructicons
  • G1 Megatron
  • G1 Gold Megatron
  • G1 Wheeljack
  • G1 Ironhide
  • G1 Jazz
  • G1 Smokescreen

The photos come courtesy of Tag Hobby. You can see the photos by reading on.

Happy Birthday Peter Cullen

We here at TFW2005 would like to wish Mr. Peter Cullen, the voice of Optimus Prime and so many others, a very happy birthday! Mr. Cullen turns 74 today.

Throughout his successful and still ongoing career, Mr. Cullen has become known to our community as the voice of Optimus Prime, voicing one of the most iconic superheroes in the original Generation 1 cartoon, the live action Transformers films, as well as Transformers Prime and Robots In Disguise (not to mention many other projects as well). He has well over 150 actor credits for the various work he has done over his many years of experience.

Whether you know him for voicing Optimus Prime, Ironhide, Eeyore, or even the voice of the The Predator (who knew that one?), please join us in wishing Mr. Cullen a very happy birthday!


ACGHK 2015 Transformers Kids Logic 1

Here are photos of some non-TakaraTomy Transformers items on display at ACGHK 2015. These include:

  • Kids Logic – Age of Extinction Opimus Prime, G1 Optimus Prime & G1 Megatron
  • HEROCROSS – Transformers Movie Optimus Prime
  • Prime 1 Studio – Age of Extinction Grimlock Statue
  • Prime 1 Studio – Age of Extinction Optimus PrimeStatue
  • Comicave Studios – Age of Extinction Bumblebee

Read on to see the images, which come courtesy of

Platinum Conehead on shelf

The Target exclusive Platinum Edition Seeker Squadron 3-pack has been sighted in a Target in California. 2005 boards member Sky Ray found it earlier and we got an image by JoeHavok. For those of you who missed out on the Conehead Seeker reissues years back, here’s your chance to catch up!

Hero of Steel Optimus Prime Megatron Bonus

If you missed the prototype photos of the awesome looking Oritoy produced Optimus Prime figure, you can check it out Here. Thanks to Tag Hobby, we have a bit of an update. It seems Oritoy will be offering a G1 Megatron inspired Gun Accessory as a pre-order bonus. Here’s some additional info:


  • Around 23cm tall
  • Over 40 points of articulation
  • 15 years and up
  • Suggested Retail Price : HKD 950 (about $122 USD)
  • Estimated releasing date : 1st Quarter 2016

For buyer places pre-order of “Hero of Steel 01 – Optimus Prime” at HKACG2015, he will get an exclusive pre-ordering gift “*Megatron Pistol”.  Don’t miss the chance of getting it and replay the team-up scene of the two greatest leaders!!

Prototype displayed and pre-order at Asia Goal Booth (HKACG- Booth no. C18-21)

Read on to see the image.

Hallmark 2016 Grimlock Ornament

It seems this one passed us by – until now! At San Diego Comic Con 2015, Hallmark gave a sneak-peak of what they have in store for their 2016 range of ornaments. One of those ornaments is a Generation 1 toy inspired version of Grimlock! He’s based on his original toy’s dinosaur mode, and will be a must for anyone who is collecting the Hallmark ornaments – or versions of the Dinobot Commander.


Good news for all you G1 fans out there!  TFW member spliffdizzle dropped in to let us know that the 2015 G1 Megatron Hallmark ornament was released this past weekend.  He was also kind enough to share some images of the latest incarnation of this legendary villain. This ornament is faithful to the original Megatron toy, and follows up on the 2014 Optimus Prime ornament.

So, what do you think?  Will Megatron be terrorizing Rudolph, melting Frosty, or scheming with Santa Claus on your tree this year?  Click the link below to check out the images and sound off in the thread!