Loyal Subjects SDCC 2015 Transformers Poster

If you’re attending San Diego Comic-Con 2015, you can get this fantastic poster from The Loyal Subjects. Stop by their booth during the show and pick up one of their Transformers Exclusives and you’ll get a checklist poster with all of the Transformers Action Vinyls released to date. Their exclusives this year include:

  • Clear Frenzy and Buzzsaw Tape Pack – Window Box – 500 Available – $29.99
  • Clear Black Mirage – Blister Carded – 500 Available – $15.99
  • Constructicon 3-pack set (Yellow/Purple Edition) – Window Box – 500 Avilable – $49.99
  • Blue (Cartoon) Rumble and Black Laserbeak – Window Box – 500 Available – $29.99

Read on to check out the poster.

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Exciting news for all you G2 fans!  z75sales has posted a new, hi-res gallery of the unreleased G2 Protectobots via his Facebook page.   These images promise to be some of the best looks ever at this incredibly rare, unreleased figure!

What do you think about Defensor in all his magical and garish G2 beauty?  Click the link below to see the full image gallery and sound off on the boards!


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G1 Platinum Edition Trypticon

Could we be seeing Platinum Edition G1 Trypticon hitting North American shelves soon? A new ebay auction has pics of the figure in-hand, with multiple available, which seems to indicate the official release is imminent. You can see it Here.

There are a few new photos as well, though the only thing of note is the clear shot of the packaging backdrop, which shows architectural art for assorted characters. Check that out after the jump.

Earl Norem1

He-Man World is reporting that artist Earl Norem passed away on June 19, 2015.  Born on April 17, 1924, he was 91 years old.

Earl Norem is well known for painting comic covers for franchises and brands such as He-Man and Marvel Comics.  His contribution to Transformers include the illustrations for four books published in the mid 1980s: Battle For Cybertron, The Great Car Rally, Car Show Blow Up, and The Story of Wheelie, the Wild Boy of Quintesson.

Our condolences go out to Mr. Norem and his family at this time.



Thanks to TFW2005 boards member vproject for letting us know of a recent retail find in the Philippines: Platinum Edition Coneheads and Blaster / Perceptor two-pack! We’re starting to see these sets trickle out more frequently now, so keep an eye out for them if you’re wanting to add to your Generation 1 collection, you won’t be disappointed with any of these figures!

Hit the discussion link below to join in on the talk.


TakaraTomy Mall has announced the next character to be featured in their G1 Card Campaign will be everyone’s favorite Autobot Scout, Bumble (Bumblebee).

From June 1st to June 30th, 2015, you can obtain this card with a purchase of Transformers product totaling 3,000 yen or more at TakaraTomy Mall, while supply last.

Are you following the Japanese campaign? Check out the official announcement and let us know after the break.


Forum member vproject has gotten a hold of the upcoming Transformers Generation 1 Trypticon Platinum Edition Reissue. The figure looks to include everything from the original release, including the gun for Full tilt, which you can see in the images. What are you waiting for? Read on to check out the images!


Thanks to TFW member Daimchoc, we got news that Cybertron Philippines has again shared additional images of the Platinum Edition Trypticon G1 Reissue, this time showing the back of the box. Through these new images, we are able to confirm that the reissue figure will indeed retain its electronic walking feature. On top of that we have a glimpse of the bio written about the G1 character. Check out the images and join in the conversation on this awesome reissue after the jump.


Thanks to 2005 Boards member General Tekno for sharing pics (via Cybertron Philippines) of the recently announced, and now more real, G1 Trypticon reissue. The box art features the modern Transformers design elements along with some sweet new artwork showing a very toy centric Trypticon battling his tiny opponents. Check them out after the break!


Earlier in 2015, it was rumored that G1 Trypticon will be reissued as part of the Platinum Edition line. A preorder has been listed at TFSource for that anticipated reissue, which possibly confirms its release. Will you be adding this to your collection? Let us know on the forums after the break.

Staff edit: Robot Kingdom has listed preorders as well.