Once again it’s time for another TFW2005 Reveal.

Hasbro has applied for a new Trademark at the United States Patent And Trademark Office. But this time the trademark doesn’t directly refer to the Transformers Franchise unlike previous reveals. This one is sort of indirect.

Titled as Mini Mashers, we can speculate that the line would consist of miniature Hero Mashers figures which would include (speculated) Transformers and Marvel characters.

The trademark was filed on December 4th, 2014 under the Trademark ID 86467419.

Trademark Description:
“Toy kits containing a plastic toy figure and detachable plastic body parts for affixing to the toy figure to form various caricatures”

We do not know when we’ll hear about this officially but Hasbro has been revealing their new lines as soon as they are applied as trademarks in recent years than previously (RID was revealed just weeks after filing the trademark whereas Airachnid took 3 years to do that).

News Post Image: Transformers Hero Mashers Megatron. [Read more…]


Great news for our Construct Bots fans, the Wal Mart exclusive Strafe and Bumblebee Vs. Stinger set has finally been released in the US! The set has a repainted Bumblebee, Stinger repainted from the same mold, and Strafe that has an excellent G2 deco. The set retails for $19.99 and has 63 pieces.

Be sure to keep an eye in your local sightings thread if you are on the look out for the set and happy hunting! [Read more…]


Courtesy of TFW2005 member ahchu, we have a tip that the Construct Bots Dinobot Warriors Hound and Bumblebee sets are now showing up at US retail. These sets pair a larger Construct Bot with a Dinobot partner which can break down to form armor or weapons for the main figure. These guys were sighted in a Kmart in Concord, CA priced $19.99. TFW2005 member Rookbartley also informs us they’ve been spotted in a Kmart in Warsaw, IN – so check those Kmarts, folks! [Read more…]


Thanks to several TFW2005 boards members, we have confirmation of the first retail purchase of Constructbots Dinofire Grimlock. This set will retail for $39.99 and include an Optimus Prime figure as well, because no Grimlock is complete now a days without Optimus Prime riding on his back!

Check it out after the jump. [Read more…]


Also via Transformers Colombia we have a look at the Construct Bots Dinobot Riders Galvatron and Starscream. These two mini figures are scaled to ride on the backs of the larger Dinobot figures. Notably this Construct Bots Dinobot Rider Starscream is the Movie-themed Construct Bots first venture into characters not in Transformers: Age of Extinction – an indication of the direction the line might take going into next year, perhaps? [Read more…]


We have with us the Official Images of Jetfire from the upcoming Transformers: Hero Mashers Basics Wave 2 assortment. Jetfire will be released alongside Rodimus Prime, and Heatwave when this assortment is released. This wave also contains rereleases of Bumblebee, Drift, Starscream and Springer from the previous wave. [Read more…]


The Transformers Columbia Facebook page has once again revealed some new products to us, and this time, it’s Construct-Bots Dino Riders Galvatron and… well, we’re not sure if this could potentially be a spoiler for the movie (though it may very well just be a toy-only thing), so we’ll tag it just in case:


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Another Transformers Age of Extinction sighting for you! The Target exclusive Construct Bots Grimlock with Silver Knight Optimus Prime set has been spotted at retail. This latest sighting comes from Walnut Creek, CA, and sports a silver version of the Dinobot Rider Optimus Prime figure and a Construct Bot Grimlock in a Generation 2 inspired deco. For those on the hunt for the set, the DCPI code is 087-06-0357 – a big thanks to TFW member Alkamist for the heads up! [Read more…]


While the Transformers Age of Extinction street date remains as May 17th, more Age of Extinction toys have crept out ahead of the date. The latest sighting from the Washington Square Target in Oregon is of the first wave of Construct Bots Dinobots. Each one retails for $9.99 and the DPCI is 087-06-2585. This first assortment consists of Grimlock, Slug and Strafe. [Read more…]