Griffin-of-Oz stopped by our 2005 Boards to share with us an in-hand look at the Bot Shots 2013 Wave 3 single packs, which surfaced in Australia in December last year but to the best of anyone’s knowledge have never made it to US retail.

The assortment consisted of five releases – a new mold Megatron, Twinstrike, Inferno who is a redeco of Series 1 Sentinel Prime, Hound who is a redeco of Series 1 Ironhide, and a new mold Skywarp who is the chase “Super Bot” for the assortment.

Interestingly, if you go by the “collector series” numbers on the releases, it has been noticed that two numbers are missing. Decepticon Brawl in 2013 Wave 2 was B006, Megatron and Twinstrike here are B008 and B009 respectively. B010 is skipped, then Inferno and Hound are numbers B011 and B012, respectively.

What became of the other two numbers? A cross sell shows Skystalker and gives his number as B010, so it looks like he was planned for the assortment, but cancelled. That leaves B007, which based on the leaked Hasbro toy list, would have been Rom the Space Knight – it looks like he too has been cancelled. [Read more…]


Ken Christiansen has shared some concept work he did for what would become the Bot Shots line on his Facebook. He explains that the vehicle designs were “just some fast vehicles” to fill out a Hasbro presentation. He did not work on robot modes for these.

What might be of interest is that Ken also did concept work for two more Bot Shot vehicles, Dino and Dark of the Moon Soundwave, neither of whom made the final cut. [Read more…]


Walmart have updated their listing for the Bot Shots Protectobots Five Pack with images of the set. This set features five Bot Shots redecoed as the Protectobots – Hot Spot from Sentinel Prime, Blades from Combaticon Vortex, Streetwise from Prowl, First Aid from Ratchet and Groove from Decepticon Brawl. That’s right, Groove has been working out, he’s got buff and now he’s a tank. Check out the images of the set mirrored with this post. [Read more…]


Hasbro have updated their online product catalog with new official images of several upcoming Bot Shots releases including:

Launchers Bluestreak, Buzzclaw, Hun-Gurrr and Starscream
Single Packs Smokescreen, Hydrax, Soundwave, Prowl and Strafe

New images of the Combaticons Five Pack have also been posted.

Of interest is that the Smokescreen in the new assortment seems to draw on the Alternators / Binaltech “blue” version, with the Launcher Bluestreak looking a lot like Smokescreen, one questions if perhaps the names got switched. Then again, perhaps this Bot Shot Smokescreen is meant to evoke Transformers Prime Smokescreen in his Beast Hunters deco. [Read more…]


A pair of new Bot Shot launchers have been revealed in a catalog displayed in Taiwanese store Toyworld! The two new launchers feature Buzzclaw, an orange and green Predacon Bot Shot, and Bluestreak, who looks very much like Generation 1 Smokescreen. The page also features a fresh look at the Starscream and Hun-Gurrr Bot Shot Launchers.

The catalog also features coverage of Construct Bots, the Rescue Bots Flip Changers and Optimus Prime Rescue Trailer, and the Beast Hunters Cyberverse Vehicles, but nothing on those pages that was previously unseen. [Read more…]


Wal-Mart have updated their site listings for the Bot Shots Combaticons Five Pack with a pair of images of the set. The images show the five Combaticons in and out of box – although only one mode for each are shown so it is hard to work out who is going to be a reuse of which mold – that being said this set seems to debut a new mold for Vortex, as he appears to be our first helicopter Bot Shot! Check out the images to see him and Decepticon Brawl, Blast-Off, Onslaught and Swindle in Bot Shot form! [Read more…]


The convention season for the Transformers has just about ended. While we’ve had many new reveals and new products announced, one specific line within Hasbro’s arsenal seemed to have been passed over. Which, of course, lead many to believe it had been cancelled. But, fear not fans of Transformers Bot Shots! Hasbro has updated their website with new officail images of the previously announced Starscream and Hun-Gurrr Flip shot launchers, but have also given us new official images of the previously un-announced:

Flipshot Soundwave

Jumpshot Prowl
Flipshot Hydrax
Spinshot Strafe
Blitzshot Smokescreen [Read more…]


More new Bot Shots toys have appeared at US brick and mortar retail, and once again they are making their way straight to the discount stores. This time out we have reports of the 2013 Three Packs Assortment Wave 2 hitting discount retail chain Ross. The 2013 Three Packs Wave 2 featured two sets, Sergeant Kup, Scourge and Blitzwing, and Optimus Prime, Cindersaur and Jazz. Happy hunting, Bot Shots fans! [Read more…]


Bot Shots fans, this one is for you – the next assortment of Bot Shots Five Packs have finally appeared at US retail. The two sets in the second assortment of five packs, the Decepticon Fire Assault Team and the Autobot Air Force (aka the Aerialbots) have been found at a branch of discount store Marshalls in Arkansas. Many thanks to 2005 Boards member Autobot City Comics 2008 for the heads up! [Read more…]