ACToys has posted a selection of in-hand images of the Alternity Galvatron and Banzai-Tron. These two releases, who were originally intended for an Asia exclusive release last year but have only found a way to market now by way of Toy Hobby Market are recolors – no remolded heads – of Alternity Megatron and Starscream respectively. Although hard to judge from these images Banzai-Tron looks like a decent representation of his Generation 1 self – Galvatron though is only a purple Megatron and arguably suffers for the lack of a new head.

Check out the images and decide for yourself. [Read more…]


Amazon.co.jp has also updated their preorder page with higher resolution images of Alternity Thundercracker. While you may have seen these images before, odds are you have not seen them in this high a definition. One thing to note when viewing these images are that they are probably not the final product – they appear to be photoshops of the official images released for Alternity Skywarp. However they give a very good idea of what the final toy might look like! Check out the images on Amazon by clicking on the link above, or alternatively click the title of this story or the link below to view our mirror of the images:

Alternity Thundercracker – Mitsuoka Orochi


TFW Member garyjale has received Alternity Starscream and has been kind enough to post a very in-depth pictorial review of him. garyjale has included many very detailed pictures of pretty much all the Starscream’s detail, transformation, and even problems he has had with the figure.

If you are the slightest bit interested in this figure, be sure to click on the above picture to see all of his thoughts on the figure to help you decide if this is worthy of a purchase.


Earlier, we showed you a gallery of Alternity Starscream. Now it’s Alternity Skywarp‘s turn. Thanks to hk-tf.com, we can now take a good look at the Alternity Skywarp.

Though Alternity Skywarp’s vehicle mode is not a jet, his robot mode give-off an impression that he is a jet rather than a car.

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Blog higekumatoytoy has gotten it’s hands on the newest Alternity release: Starscream! No longer a jet, Starscream trades in his alt-mode for a road bound Mitsuoka Orochi. Even though now based on a car, his robot mode still has details that tie him into his previous incarnations, especially the wings that are folded out under his car roof backpack.

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The Takara-Tomy Transformers Alternity website has been updated! Newly added to the site are entries for next month’s new additions to the Alternity lineup, Decepticons Skywarp and Starscream! In addition to showing off their various modes and features, the website has also been updated with Alternity Starscream and Skywarp wallpapers showing larger, high resolution versions of the character’s box art. Check it all out by clicking on the links above.


E-Hobby has released a picture of the Alternity Ultra Magnus packaging. This white redeco of the Alternity Convoy is packaged in a solid box, rather than the window box of the other Alternity releases, which allows it to feature a nice large piece of Ultra Magnus artwork and big, full color Autobot logos. Check out the image and share your opinions on our 2005 Boards by clicking the discuss button.


E-Hobby Shop has put up a preorder page for Transformers Alternity Ultra Magnus. Ultra Magnus will be a white redeco of the existing Alternity Convoy mold, and will use his Alternity powers to not only deal with it right now, but three days ago two dimensions away (from the other side of the universe for good measure). He will be released in September, although preorders will close on April 25th. Alternity Ultra Magnus will also be available at “Transformers China Carnival” (provisional name, subject to change) in addition to E-Hobby.


Amazon.co.jp has also updated their preorder pages for Alternity Starscream and Skywarp with new official pictures. The Decepticon duo both transform into Okamora Orochi cars rather than jets on this outing, but they still retain the jet mode design cues such as “wings” on their backs and laser cannons on their arms, while also carrying on Alternity’s tradition of awesome hi-tech designs. Check out the new images by clicking on the links above or the title of this story.


The CyberGundam blog has posted a clearer image of the upcoming Starscream figure from the Transformers Alternity line. This will also be the 1st Starscream figure that turns into something other than an aerial vehicle. “Carscream” is also the 1st seeker in the Alternity line.

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