We’ve got the latest newsletter from our sponsors TFSource here for you! Big news this week in case you missed it is they’ll have an exclusive version of Toyworld’s Evila Star at TFcon! Check out a run down of what else is new in this week’s Sourcenews below!

Great News Sourcefans!
This week we have new preorders like TFsource TFcon Toronto Exclusive – TowWorld – TW06B – Purple Evila Star, Warbotron – WB03-F Master, Combiner Wars 2015 – Titan Class – Devastator, Generations – Combiner Wars 2015 – Voyager and Deluxe Wave 4, ToyWorld – TW01C02C – Hegemon & Orion – Convention Exclusive, War in Pocket – X07 X-12 Hulkie – Set of 6 Figures, Generation Toy’s GT-1 Gravity Builder Combining Team, Transformers Unite Warriors – UW-03 – Defensor Set w/ Exclusive Groove Figure, Make Toys – City Bot Series – MCB-02/D DYSTOPIA, Make Toys – MTCM-01 DX Yellow Giant – Set of 6 Pieces – Gift Set, FansToys FT-15 – Willy, 3 FansToys Sever Limited Editions, and Xtransbots – MX-III Eligos! We also have new instock items like Tokyo Toy Show 2015 Exclusive – EX-LG G2 Black Optimus / Nemesis Prime, FansToys FT-06 Sever – Iron Dibots No.3, FansToys FT-09 – Tesla, ToyWorld – TW-D03 Corelock / Grimshell, Hasbro’s Combiner Wars wave 3 – Deluxe, Legends and Voyager Classes, Warbotron – WB03-C Hammer Sharpener, and a restock of FansToys FT-05 Soar – Blue Version! TFsource’s Spring Cleaning Sale Continues with nearly 200 Transformers & 3rd party items up to 75% off! And Visit our sister site theToySource.com for non-transformers collectibles! All this and more in this week’s SourceNews!

In this issue of SourceNews:
1. Now up for preorder – TFsource TFcon Toronto Exclusive – ToyWorld – TW06B – Purple Evila Star!
2. New Arrivals due this Week!
3. Updated photos of Japanese Legends Slipstream, Blackarachnia, and Nightbird Shadow!
4. Now up for Preorder – Combiner Wars 2015 – Titan Class Devastator!
5. Now Instock – FansToys Sever and Tesla!
6. Now up for preorder – Warbotron – WB03-F Master!
7. Now instock – Tokyo Toy Show Exclusive – Black Optimus / Nemesis Prime!
8. Botcon 2015 Exclusives Now Instock!
9. New preorder up – DX9’s Hulkie!
10. Now up for Preorder – Generation Toy’s GT-1 Gravity Builder combining team!
11. New Make Toys Preorders Up!
12. Now up for preorder – Xtransbots – MX-III Eligos!
13. Now up for preorder – MMC’s R-13 Spartan!
14. Updated Unique Toys Ordin Images!
15. Now up for preorder – BadCube OTS-0567 – Evil Bug Corps Set of 3!
16. New 3rd Party Custom Instock and Preorder Items!
17. Now up for preorder – MP-26 Masterpiece Road Rage!


Rescue Bots Heatwave Ambulance Robot

Remember the Rescue Bots Optimus Prime Tow Truck Amazon exclusive we reported on not too long ago? It seems that Amazon has a second exclusive Rescue Bots figure.

Introducing the Rescue Bots Ambulance Heatwave, a reuse of the Rescue Bots Medix figure with a new head sculpt. This ambulance Heatwave seems to have borrowed his deco from the Transformers Movie Ratchet. He’s available now on Amazon, at a price of $14.99.


TFcon is happy to welcome back Transformers toy designer and artist Marvin Mariano to the 2015 Toronto convention. Marvin’s involvement with the Transformers franchise includes Transformers: Rescue Bots (2013-2014), Star Wars Crossovers (2007 – 2010), as well as concept work for Armada (2001-2002) and Beast Machines/Beast Wars (1999) including the design of Obsidian. Marvin will be setup in the TFcon artist alley all weekend.

TFcon Toronto – The world’s largest fan-run Transformers convention will take place July 17th to 19th, 2015. at the Hilton Mississauga/Meadowvale (formerly the Delta Meadowvale) with special guests PETER CULLEN the voice of OPTIMUS PRIME, JOHN MOSCHITTA JR the voice of Blurr in G1 and Animated, MICHAEL MCCONNOHIE the voice of both Tracks and Cosmos in Generation 1, JAMES ROBERTS writer of Transformers More Than Meets The Eye and Transformers Artists ALEX MILNE, LIVIO RAMONDELLI and JAMES RAIZ with more TBA. You can book your tickets now via the TFcon Toronto Admission/Registration/Ticket Information page and  book your discounted hotel room now via the 2015 hotel reservation website. TFcon Toronto Air Travel and Car Rental Discounts are also available.

MT Wrestle n Hellfire 01

Maketoys has released a teaser image of their MTRM-05 Wrestle (Grapple homage) on twitter with their MTRM-02 Gun Dog, as well as additional prototype images on their Weibo page. Following G1 fashion, Wrestle appears to be a retool from their MTRM-03 Hellfire figure (Inferno homage) with a new head sculpt and hoisting crane parts in vehicle mode.

MTRM-02 Gun Dog is scheduled for an August 2015 release, while MTRM-03 Hellfire and MTRM-05 Wrestle is expected to be out in September and October respectively; No pricing information has been announced yet. Before those information arrive though, you can check out the images and join in on the discussion on the boards. Thank you board member Kuma Style for letting us know.

kreo vid

The Transformers Facebook page has share a new stop motion animated video created by Stoopid Buddy Stoodios. The commercial, titled “Arcade”, stars Kreon Vehicon, and two Battle Changers, Optimus Prime and Grimlock. Thank you forum member T4mercustomz for letting us know, and all I can say is watch out if Grimlock ever puts down a quarter to call next in line at the arcades.

You can check out the video here, then let us know your thoughts on the boards.


Prepare for devastation!

It seems we have a new Transformers video game to look forward to. Gaming site Pure Xbox has leaked some images and information of what is coming to us next from Activision.

Transformers Devastation, as it is known, is a cel-shaded brawler with a very slick artstyle recalling the look of the original Generation 1 cartoon. From the images we can see the Autobots in the game include Optimus Prime, Bumblebee and Sideswipe, with Optimus and Bumblebee looking like they may be playable characters. Decepticons shown include Megatron and Devastator, the latter of whom absolutely towers over Optimus. Generic Decepticons armed with swords are also shown in droves, and they seem to resemble the Generation 1 Decepticon Runamuck. There is evidence of combat involving both guns and also close-range melee weapons, such as a pair of swords on Sideswipe and Optimus using his energy axe.

Further details are unknown, but Pure Xbox reports this game is heading to Xbox 360 for certain. We’d imagine that Activision will not ignore the current generation, or the Playstation, so we’d imagine that Xbox One, Playstation 3 and Playstation 4 versions must also be on the cards.

Allegedly, this game will be officially unveiled at E3, so we hope to see more then. For now, check out the images which we have mirrored here for your viewing pleasure.

Is this finally the Generation 1 cartoon inspired game we’ve all been dreaming of?


It’s been a long time since we’ve seen the Generation 2 Laser Optimus Prime[/url] mold reused. Hasbro is bringing it back for the Year Of The Goat. The end result is a unique take on Optimus Prime, using a generous mix of translucent plastic.

Piqued your interest? Read on to check out the upcoming Year Of The Goat Optimus Prime. The image comes our way via the Cybergeeks Alliance Facebook page. [Read more…]


The official Transformers Collector’s Club has revealed artwork for next year’s membership incentive figure, Depthcharge. This figure is a repaint of Hunt for the Decepticons Terradive, and will be sent to you if you have an active membership prior to March 16, 2013.

This “freebie” was announced recently at this year’s Botcon. The Club will also be rolling out a new figure subscription service later this year: the Transformers Figure Subscription Service. There are currently six figures planned for release. [Read more…]


TFW2005 member Monzo has sleuthed out some of Hasbro’s recent trademark filing applications at the United States Trademark and Patent Office.

Autobot Hound
Nemesis Strika
Wing Saber
Vector Prime

While all these names have previously been registered to Hasbro, this round of filings could possibly indicate a return of these characters in upcoming Transformer media. Check out the thread on the message boards for links to each application. [Read more…]