Iron Factory EX12 01

Iron Factory continues their streak of reveals today by showing off a new three-pack listing of their Legends scaled homages of Prowl, Bluestreak, and Smokescreen. These figures are designed from their appearance in the latest run of IDW Transformers comic books. We’ve seen Prowl previously and much like tradition of other toy lines, Bluestreak and Smokescreen will be small retools of Prowl.

The three figures are pictured here as test shots along with numerous accessories including shoulder mounted missiles and other weaponry. They will be sold as a three-pack releasing in November.

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Iron Factory Evil Lord 06

Third party group Iron Factory is staying busy today, this update comes with color and in-box images of their Overlord homage Evil Lord, courtesy of 低像素测评公司 and Iron Factory on Weibo. Evil Lord is designed to fit in scale with other Legends sized figures and if you’re a fan of Last Stand Of The Wreckers you will surely love how this figure turned out.

It looks like this one is on schedule for release as it’s due out later this month. Enjoy the new images after the jump.


With September upon us and the impending projected release approachingwe finally have in-package photos of Generations Toy GT-01 Scraper, the newest entry into the ever expanding world of Devestator-themed figures. 

Styled as a worthy addition to either your Classics/Generations or possibly your Masterpiece collection, this figure is Voyager-sized and is the first release of the Gravity Builder (Devastator) project, which appears to be scaled to complement Warbotron’s Bruticus.

The figure features rubber tires, die-cast in the feet for added stability and clever use of smoked plastic to create some very convincing windows. The paint apps look to be done just right, while the overall colors undeniably evoke nostalgia for Devastator.

This figure is available for pre-order from all of our site sponsors, so be sure to head over to your favorite and get your order for this very impressive figure.

Also be sure to jump over to the discussion boards to see numerous in-hand pictures and let us know what you think of this figure.

Iron Factory Soundwave Perceptor 04

After a lengthy period between updates, Iron Factory has shown off colored images of their Legends scaled homages to Soundwave, Laserbeak, Buzzsaw, Ravage, and Perceptor figures, courtesy of 低像素测评公司 on weibo. These figures are designed to fit in with Legends and look quite nice sitting among the Titan Class Metroplex.

No preorders or release date information is up yet, but enjoy the new set of images after the jump.

Staff edit: 

BigBadToyStore has re-opened their preorders.

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KFC Fader and Rover 01

Keith’s Fantasy Club has released images of what looks like final product images of their cassette tapes Rover and Fader. Coming via 幸福teddytao on weibo, these figures have been on the roadmap for a while now and many fans have eagerly been waiting for these homages of Eject and Soundwave’s Autoscout Drone.

Chances are these will be released in September, we’ll update you if we hear anything different. Hit the discussion link below to join in on the talk!

Nero Rex 01

Mastermind Creations have posted some images on their Facebook page revealing they have a black redeco of their popular unofficial Predaking, Feral Rex, in the works. Named “Nero Rex”, this set takes the five Mastermind Feralcons Leo Dux, Tigris, Bovis, Fortis, and Talon, and redecos them in black, purple, and silver. It’s a very slick looking color scheme.

The set of five is going to be an exclusive though, offered through TFH at the Singapore Toy, Game, and Comic Convention, or STGCC, on 12 and 13 September 2015. Don’t be too concerned if you do not have contacts in Singapore to get this set, though – last year Mastermind Creations offered a shadow version of their Azalea in the same way, and leftover stock was made available online after the event.

In the meantime, feast your eyes on the photos of these cool decos – photos by TFW2005 member TCracker – and ponder, if this is Mastermind Creations Reformatted Series release R-20N, is there going to be an R-20… ?

TransformMission Wildrider 3

New third party on the block, TransFormMission, has posted some images on their Weibo account showcasing their first two Masterpiece scaled Stunticons. Their takes on Wildrider and Breakdown are approximately the size of a Masterpiece Autobot car, such as Sideswipe. The designs, though, skew away from giving fans a Masterpiece style update of the Generation 1 toys, and instead use the designs from the Mike Costa IDW ongoing series from a few years ago – is this going to be a “make or break” for you?

You can check out the images attached to this post.

Salus 01

Voodoo Robots has posted new images of their upcoming Masterpiece-Style Ratchet aka Salus to their Facebook page, and those images have made their way to the boards! We haven’t heard from Voodoo Robots much since TFCon earlier this summer so this is definitely a nice surprise. The images posted showcase Salus in both robot mode and vehicle mode as well as a size comparison with MP-10 Optimus Prime. He isn’t however, shown with either of his guns.

Salus is available for pre-order for approximately $120 and is slated for release in September. Share your thoughts on this upcoming take on the Autobots’ oldest medic and be sure to check out the images we’ve mirrored after the jump!

Dinoichi Shell 04

In FansProject fashion the third party group has been hard at work today dropping a ton of news at once. In addition to their color prototype images of Severo, we’ve got our first really good look at the Dinosaur pretender shell that Dinoichi can be stored in or ride atop.

Named Tricerabot, it is still unclear as to how these will be offered to collectors. Rumors were floating around during TFcon Toronto that they will be sold separately from the figures themselves, but no confirmation is available at this time.

Check out the prototype images after the jump!

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Severo 3

Via FansProject’s blog site, we have some color images of their upcoming Lost Exo Realm Severo, an unofficial version of Grimlock. The new posting reveals that there will be two versions, a standard edition and a DX edition who will come with crown and throne. Check out the new images attached to this post.