HB City Captain 03

Third Party company Hero Hobby, who is also releasing the QD-01 Grimlock homage, has shared prototype images of their upcoming release named QA-01 City Captain, a Super Deformed homage of Ultra Magus. The figure will stand at about 14 cm (about 5.5 inches tall) in robot mode, and fully transforms into vehicle mode without part swapping. Other features includes a face swapping gimmick within the head, a rifle the changes into a hammer, and missile firing rocket launcher.

If you are looking for a trailer for your Q-Transformers figures, you might want to consider this release. Check out the images below, and share your thoughts on the boards

Evila Star Exclusive 1

TFsource just dropped by with some excellent news for those attending TFcon Toronto and fans of third party items. Announced today is an exclusive redeco of Toyworld’s Evila Star! 

From TFsource:

This limited edition exclusive Evila Star figure by Toyworld features a more cartoon/anime accurate color scheme and includes a track piece exclusive to this set! Figure is approximately 8.5″/22CM long in train mode and changes from train to space shuttle to robot and back!

Best of all we’re making this piece available to attendees of TFCon Toronto for preorder via our Eventbright page, as well as a limited amount for non-attendees on TFSource.com.

Unfortunately Eventbright won’t let us collect payments on their site in Canadian dollars, only US$, if there is stock remaining not-presold and available for sale at the door we will be accepting both Canadian and US dollars for purchases at the door.

What do you think of this reveal? Who will be adding this to your TFcon haul?

TFcon Toronto – The world’s largest fan-run Transformers convention will take place July 17th to 19th, 2015. at the Hilton Mississauga/Meadowvale (formerly the Delta Meadowvale) with special guests PETER CULLEN the voice of OPTIMUS PRIME, JOHN MOSCHITTA JR the voice of Blurr in G1 and Animated, MICHAEL MCCONNOHIE the voice of both Tracks and Cosmos in Generation 1, JAMES ROBERTS writer of Transformers More Than Meets The Eye and Transformers Artists ALEX MILNE, LIVIO RAMONDELLI and JAMES RAIZ with more TBA. You can book your tickets now via the TFcon Toronto Admission/Registration/Ticket Information page and  book your discounted hotel room now via the 2015 hotel reservation website. TFcon Toronto Air Travel and Car Rental Discounts are also available.

Warbotron Grimlock 3

Warbotron have updated their Weibo account with a look at their WB-03F figure – a Legends scaled version of the Dinobot, Grimlock. While it might seem like Warbotron is jumping on the Dinobot bandwagon, what they are actually doing is revealing the partner figure for their version of Computron. Just like their version of Bruticus had a little Shockwave based on a scene in the cartoon, so too does their Computron have a little Grimlock – this time based on the scene in classic Generation 1 episode Grimlock’s New Brain, where Computron first made his debut.

This set of images shows off Warbotron’s mini-Grimlock in its early prototype form – check out the images and see what you think.


With so much going on over the weekend, we decided to focus on the Botcon activities and the official Hasbro reveals, which left some news out in the cold. Well, here are some Third-Party reveals we missed while everyone was freaking out over Hasbro’s Devastator, Bruticus and Sky Lynx:

BadCube Collectors Edition Insecticons – These guys will be sold individually and will feature die cast parts, clear chest pieces and chrome.

Iron Factory – Legends-Scaled War Within Dinobots – Continuing on with their amazing EX-line of Legends-scaled figures, Iron Factory revealed resin prototypes of the entire line of War Within Dinobots.

FansToys Grenadier (Masterpiece-Styled Bombshell) – FansToys displayed a painted prototype which everyone who held it said was surprisingly heavy and robust. It features an abundance of diecast, chromed parts and swappable alt-mode legs.

Dx9 War In The Pocket Hulkie – Legends-Scaled Devastator – This reveal included the final two figures in the set, their Mixmaster and Scrapper, the fact that this was coming as a set, rather than in the expected two-packs, as well as pricing and pre-order information.

Play With This Too Boneyard (Pretender Grimlock) – Play With This Too has revealed the first images of their refined Pretender Grimlock homage called Boneyard. More information will follow this announcement shortly as PWTT is ramping up for their second KickStarter.

TFsource Convention Exclusive –  Marvel G1 Inspired ToyWorld Orion and Hegemon – TFsource and ToyWorld partnered together to bring a Marvel comic inspired pair of repaints of Orion and Hegemon. Only 200 pieces were made so there are a limited number available!

Shadow Fisher Addon Kit For ROTF/Energon Bruticus Maximus – This set will include various accessories to enhance the Bruticus Maximus combiner as well as the FansProject Crossfire set.

Mastermind Creations Anarchus (Kaon) – Only a small update for this one, but Anarchus was spotted during BotCon at one of the secret third party get togethers. This figure is MMC’s attempt at an IDW inspired Kaon: He’s the bad dude who turns into an electric chair to punish traitors to the Decepticon cause – or any Autobot in his way!

Mastermind Creations Seraphicus Prominion – Another smallish update, this comes from both Botcon at the Renderform and Friends parts party and The Retro and Relevant convention in Vancouver. Here we see Seraphicus armored up for the first time, and damn does he look sexy! Seraphicus Prominion is supposed to be MMC’s dual take on Prima, and Nova Prime, and this guy pulls it off nicely!

Mastermind Creations Reformatted Spartan – A test shot of this guy popped up at Retro and Relevant and also at Botcon as well. Thus far, Mastermind Creation’s take on Impactor is looking pretty spot on, and I’m sure fans of the Wrecker’s are just waiting for this guy to drop into stock and get him in hand soon. Soon everyone. Soon.

Maketoys Cupola – Maketoys seemed to be out enforce during the secret speak easy’s that made up the bulk of the third party presence at Botcon. At the Agabyss parts party they were kind enough to show off several of their upcoming pieces including Cupola, who looks especially fetching! Here we see the figure in both robot and vehicle modes, and I’m damn surprised that he isn’t released as he is given how good he looks.

Maketoys Visualizers – In addition to Cupola, Maketoys also served us up our first convention sighting of their take on Reflector! These three are looking positively stunning and seem to include an alternate face for each one, weapons, and a scaled down version of their alternate mode that seems like it might be just perfect to be held by your Masterpiece Transformer of choice!

Maketoys Pandinus – And now the big bad boy himself, Pandinus. There was a collective squee that at least one member of our staff let out when they first saw pictures of this guy last year, and the test shot elicited another from that one when he saw it the other night. This guy, looks stunning, and this Newsie(Calabask), cannot wait to have him in hand to put up against Utopia. Maketoys, give us release info and a price already!

Iron Factory Overlord – Be still our beating heart, for indeed, the rumors were true. The Lord of Lips himself was spotted amongst the Iron Factory Dinobots at one of the hush-hush third-party parties, and he does indeed look glorious! Hopefully before too long we’ll be seeing some color pictures of this guy, as we could all welcome our new gloriously lipped Overlord into our lives!

Apologies for getting so far behind, but we’ve been rather busy as I’m sure you know. Feel free to click the links above to join the discussion on the various reveals.


IMG 4298

Exciting news for all you Botcon attendees!  TFSource just announced repaints of Orion and Hegemon in Generation 1 Marvel comics inspired colors!  These items are limited to just 200 pieces worldwide for $220.  They come packed together in one box, and a select number are available in tower room 816 at Pheasant Run Resort, first come first served.

A limited number are also available on TFSource’s site here

Fans Toys Willys

Third party group FansToys has just revealed the first prototype pictures for their project titled Willys! This project will be a Masterpiece inspired figure of Generation 1 Hound! So far we have prototype images of both alternate mode and robot mode, and a brief description that states “it will have a lot of diecast parts and rubber tires.” Standing approximately 16.5cm tall, Willys is scheduled to be available in November.

Will this one be making it on your collection shelves? Sound off in the discussion thread!

Staff Update: Preorders are already starting to come in.



Robot Kingdom



On the Horizon of Hasbro Generations Devastator’s release, comes a new challenger in the third party toys arena named Generations Toys with their first project GT-01 Gravity Builder, homage to G1 Devastator. Courtesy of TF Upgrader via Facebook, we have prototype images of this combiner team in the combined robot mode, as well as individual vehicle and robot modes.

Each individual member of the combiner team features many points of articulation and individual weapons. They also turn into their respective vehicle modes equipped with what appears to be rubber tires. When combined, the Gravity Builder figure will stand about 38 cm (approximately 15 inches) tall, which appears to be about the same height as Warbotron’s WB01 Bruticus Homage Combiner figure.

Unfortunately, no release date or pricing information is available right now, but we will be sure to let you know when it surfaces. So, what do you think of the new third party group going into the ring? Check out the images and share your thought with us on the boards.


Third party group Fans Toys has just revealed three new repaints for their soon to be released Sever. Sever is a Masterpiece inspired Snarl figure, the current first release of the mold features a cartoon accurate paint deco.

Revealed today are images of an “X” version, which will have a metallic, shiny paint deco for the cartoon appearance, a G1 Snarl toy accurate version, and finally a G2 red version.

There is no timetable set for these products yet and as we are still waiting for the first release of Sever, this may be on the wait list for a bit.

We’ve mirrored the images after the jump, take a look!

Staff edit: BigBadToyStore has put up preorders. The scheduled release is October 2015!



Fans Toys have released some new images of their upcoming Masterpiece style Insecticon, Bombshell. Grenadier is a faithful recreation of the original design with a G1 cartoon spin on it, and roughly the same size as Masterpiece Bumblebee. It’s coming in two versions – cartoon grey deco FT-12, and toy purple deco FT-12T.

Check out the new images attached to this post.