Courtesy of TFW2005 boards member daimchoc, we have a new, colored look at Iron Factory’s upcoming IF-EX11 Evil Lord figure – their Legends-scaled version of Overlord.

These photos show him off in various poses, armed with his rifle, standing next to other figures to get a sense of scale, and of course in all of his various modes.

Check it out after the break!


Courtesy of TFsource and board member daimchoc, today we bring you a plethora of images of both bot and alt modes (sorry no limb mode pics as of yet) for Warbotron’s most recent effort, their take on the Technobot Strafe. Available for pre-order now, with a projected release date of August, this bot scales with your Classics/Generations collection and of course is designed to combine with his teammates to form the massive gestalt, Computron.

Let us know what you think of this figure over on our discussion boards and be sure to stop by our site sponsors to pre-order your figures today.




Gun Dog 1

Via Action Robo on Facebook, we have a look at a prototype Maketoys Re:Master Gun Dog, aka their version of a Masterpiece Hound. Gun Dog is seen here as a colored test shot, with the base plastic colors shown but no paint applications. The images here also show how tall Gun Dog will be against other releases, including Maketoys Cupola.

Action Robo also reports that a bunch of hot third party items have just been released, including the aforementioned unofficial Chromedome, Cupola; plus FansProject’s version of Sixknight, Knight, and FansToys’ Tesla / Perceptor and Sever / Snarl.

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New to the 3rd party scene Toymecha posted on their Facebook page the prototype of a masterpiece stylized version of  Punch/Counterpunch. This currently unnamed figure is a homage to the G1 Autobot spy, Punch, who could disguise himself as the Decepticon Counterpunch. Feel free to check out the images and join in the discussion on the boards.


The third party company BadCube released artwork teasing their next figure in their Old Timer Series line, OTS-08 SunSurge, on their Facebook page. SunSurge appears to be a homage to G1 Sunsteaker in masterpiece style. To top everything off BadCube also teased that they may have more to reveal of this project at the upcoming TFcon. So stay tuned for more updates and discuss your thoughts on the boards.

FansProject Knight 08

Via 景田-百岁山 on Weibo, we have a look at the final product of FansProject’s Knight. Knight is a recolor of the group’s MADLAW, which was inspired by Generation 1 Quickswitch – this version is inspired by the vintage Quickswitch redeco, Sixknight.

What may be of interest to those following FansProject’s releases is that Knight, unlike MADLAW, has been placed in the main numbering of the Function-X line – he’s Function-X6. We’re not sure when this one is going to be available for fans to buy – but, given the FansProject trend of having something available at conventions, the smart money is on a western debut at TFcon 2015.

Perfect Effect Upgrade Devasator

Thanks to the Perfect Effect Facebook page, we have a couple third party items to potentially add to your wish list. We’re continuing the trend of Devastator news by passing along two new kits that will give your Hasbro Combiner Wars Devastator some new hands / elbows for that extra articulation, as well as an IDW inspired kit to turn your Devastator into Prowlstator!

No pricing or release date information is up yet, there will be two separate kits titled PC-06 (Prowlstator head and other accessories) and PC-07 (hands / elbows). We have mirrored the images after the jump of each kit.

Who’s adding on to their Devastators? Sound off after the jump.

HB City Captain 03

Third Party company Hero Hobby, who is also releasing the QD-01 Grimlock homage, has shared prototype images of their upcoming release named QA-01 City Captain, a Super Deformed homage of Ultra Magus. The figure will stand at about 14 cm (about 5.5 inches tall) in robot mode, and fully transforms into vehicle mode without part swapping. Other features includes a face swapping gimmick within the head, a rifle the changes into a hammer, and missile firing rocket launcher.

If you are looking for a trailer for your Q-Transformers figures, you might want to consider this release. Check out the images below, and share your thoughts on the boards

Evila Star Exclusive 1

TFsource just dropped by with some excellent news for those attending TFcon Toronto and fans of third party items. Announced today is an exclusive redeco of Toyworld’s Evila Star! 

From TFsource:

This limited edition exclusive Evila Star figure by Toyworld features a more cartoon/anime accurate color scheme and includes a track piece exclusive to this set! Figure is approximately 8.5″/22CM long in train mode and changes from train to space shuttle to robot and back!

Best of all we’re making this piece available to attendees of TFCon Toronto for preorder via our Eventbright page, as well as a limited amount for non-attendees on TFSource.com.

Unfortunately Eventbright won’t let us collect payments on their site in Canadian dollars, only US$, if there is stock remaining not-presold and available for sale at the door we will be accepting both Canadian and US dollars for purchases at the door.

What do you think of this reveal? Who will be adding this to your TFcon haul?

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Warbotron Grimlock 3

Warbotron have updated their Weibo account with a look at their WB-03F figure – a Legends scaled version of the Dinobot, Grimlock. While it might seem like Warbotron is jumping on the Dinobot bandwagon, what they are actually doing is revealing the partner figure for their version of Computron. Just like their version of Bruticus had a little Shockwave based on a scene in the cartoon, so too does their Computron have a little Grimlock – this time based on the scene in classic Generation 1 episode Grimlock’s New Brain, where Computron first made his debut.

This set of images shows off Warbotron’s mini-Grimlock in its early prototype form – check out the images and see what you think.