Dinoichi Shell 04

In FansProject fashion the third party group has been hard at work today dropping a ton of news at once. In addition to their color prototype images of Severo, we’ve got our first really good look at the Dinosaur pretender shell that Dinoichi can be stored in or ride atop.

Named Tricerabot, it is still unclear as to how these will be offered to collectors. Rumors were floating around during TFcon Toronto that they will be sold separately from the figures themselves, but no confirmation is available at this time.

Check out the prototype images after the jump!

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Severo 3

Via FansProject’s blog site, we have some color images of their upcoming Lost Exo Realm Severo, an unofficial version of Grimlock. The new posting reveals that there will be two versions, a standard edition and a DX edition who will come with crown and throne. Check out the new images attached to this post.

Boost Robot 6

Via the Facebook account of TFW2005 member TCracker, we have a look at the test shot prototype of the X-Transbots Boost, aka an unofficial approximately Masterpiece scaled Windcharger. Boost is looking decent in these images, and a suitable fit for anyone looking to add Windcharger to their Masterpiece collection in lieu of an official offering from Takara-Tomy.

Also shown in these images is a brief look at Boost’s retool, Hatch, who is a Masterpiece styled version of Generation 1 Tailgate. This one is at a slightly earlier stage than Boost, though, and is currently only shown in comparison images.

TWD Dino Combiner

Toyworld has shared with retailers an image of their Classics-style Dinobots in their completed combined mode; including their take on Swoop. There is definitely a good deal of blue on the left arm formed by the unnamed Swoop-inspired figure which breaks up the red, grey, and gold of the other four. This is the first time we’ve seen the whole team combined and in color, whereas in past images the combined form has been missing at least one member. Hopefully the next look we get at the combined form will have the wings extended to mimic Divebomb’s (coincidentally, this was going to be Swoop’s name before Divebomb stole it) wings on Predaking’s back.

Excited for Toyworld’s fifth and final member of their Dino Combiner? Check out the image after the jump and be sure to click the discussion link to share your thoughts!

UPDATE: It seems we have a new image of the combined form, this time with the wings spread out completely.

P1170512 zpsxemdvbek

Thanks to fellow TFW board member TCracker we have our first in hand view of Keith’s Fantasy Club (or KFC) Doubledeck , their homage to Twincast in masterpiece style. Doubledeck is a repaint of KFC’s Transistor and comes with two cassettes, Mandy and Stinger. Mandy is a repaint of their  HiFi mold and is a homage to Kiss Players Rosanna where as Stinger is a brand new mold and transforms from a cassette into a robotic scorpion. TCracker also stated that the front hip skirt has been retooled to allow for more forward leg articulation.


Feel free to check out TCrackers awesome new pictures and keep up with any new information by clicking the link to the discussion thread.

Generation Toy Scrapper Mixmaster 01

Third party group Generation Toy passed along some new color prototype images of their Front Loader (GT-01A) and Mixer Truck (GT-01B)  via their Weibo account. These two limbs, homaging the more recognizable names of Scrapper and Mixmaster, are the legs of their first project dubbed Gravity Builder, Generation Toy’s take on Devastator.

These two figures are scheduled for an August release, which of course is almost over, but these new images show off two figures that appear complete.

Check out the new images after the jump.


Nonnef 10

At Auto Assembly 2015 there was a presentation of a lot of upcoming third party products, given by the awesome team of Ceno Kibble and Cassy Sark (free toys were thrown into the crowd periodically). While a lot of the information given in the duration was the same as what was shown at TFcon 2015 last month, Nonnef Productions had a significantly larger presentation – given by guest presenter, Tuxedo Mike!

We’ve got a quick rundown of all that was shown, which includes:

  • Combiner Wars Ironhide and Sunstreaker chest addons, which give the toys their Generation 1 chests, and can remain attached when transforming from robot to vehicle mode.
  • Upgrade kit for Combiner Wars First Aid to convert him into Ratchet.
  • The previously shown foot and hand addons for the Combiner Wars gestalts, which include articulated hands and ankle tilt feet.
  • Chest kit for Generations Nightbeat, which replaces the existing chest and again does not need to be swapped out for the vehicle mode.
  • Chest and head kit for TCC subscription figure Carzap, to convert him into a classics Masterforce Minerva.
  • Rotary cannon accessory for Generations Dreadwing, based on the Generation 2 original.
  • Replacement hip ratchets for the Combiner Wars Optimus Prime, Motormaster, Silverbolt, Hot Spot, and Onslaught were also discussed. They are designed to have twice as many clicks to improve posing options.
  • Lastly, a set of clips are being made to let Combiner Wars Blackjack attach to Motormaster in a couple of different ways, including one designed for Rodimus to allow him to attach his axe to his back to act as a spoiler.

We’ve got some images of the slides, courtesy of TFW2005 member Mort, as well as an image of the Ironhide and Sunstreaker chests from Tuxedo Mike’s own Twitter account!

Browning 2

Site sponsor Bigbadtoystore has alerted us to four new preorders for upcoming Fansproject releases. First up is Function X Crox, which is an homage to Generation 1 Skullcruncher. Also up for preorder is Function X Browning II, which is NOT the character Browning, but in fact their version of G1 Headmaster Highbrow. Lastly we have the first two figures for Fansprojects Lost Exo-Realm unofficial Dinoking combiner “Saurus Oh-Ryu” – Dinoni (Yokuryu) and Dinoichi (Kakuryu).

Lock in your preorders below at our various sponsors:

Dinoni – BBTS, TFsource, Chosen Prime, Toy Dojo 

Dinoichi – BBTSTFSource, Chosen PrimeToy Dojo

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Function X Crox – BBTS, TFsource, Chosen PrimeToy Dojo


In gearing up for their upcoming Kickstarter campaign, Play With This Too has shown off a new render image of their redesigned Wastelander figure done by their designer Albie Lim. Wastelander is a repaint of their Boneyard figure modeled after a certain fan favorite velociraptor themed character.

In addition to general change in color scheme, Wastelander’s human head is done to make it individualized from Boneyard’s. The release will comes with 3 sets of hands, sword and blaster, triceratops shield that can be used as the figure’s head. Check out the image after the jump, and let us know if you are excited for Play With This Too’s Kickstarter campaign in September.

KFC Ditka Render

The Masterpiece inspired trend running through the third party collecting circle continues as Keith’s Fantasy Club has just revealed a Masterpiece inspired Blitzwing figure named Eavi Metal Phase Seven: A – Ditka. Ditka will stand around 9.5″ tall in robot mode and of course is a triple changer, transforming into either a Mig-25 Jet Fighter or a tank.

At this time we only have a render, but thanks to a few of our site sponsors we’ve got some information about the release, which is slated to be coming this November at around $149.99 USD:

This figure includes:
– Head *1 (Featuring cartoon face/ Comic face/G1 face)
– Buster gun *1
– Sword *1
– Comic book & manual *1
– PVC Bio Card *1
– Early bird special gift *1

Hit the discussion link below to share your thoughts on the reveal. Check out our sponsors for preorder information below!



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