Play with this too Boneyard Painted 1

Play With This Too have updated their Facebook page with some images of a hand-painted prototype of Boneyard. Boneyard is the group’s version of Pretender Grimlock – taking the Pretender outer shell of the 1980s toy and realizing it as a fully articulated, 6 inch action figure.

These images show the figure with a hand-painted deco, so expect the final deco to possibly look a little different – but hopefully not too much. Check out the second image showing the accessories too, which includes an extra head / helmet which crosses Grimlock’s robot mode head with the helmet of his Pretender shell – with some great little details including some War Within style teeth below the cheeks.

MasterMade Rex 02

Coutesy of Weibo user 小蜜蜂小王子, we’ve got a look at prototype images of the Master Made SDT-02 Diabolus Rex, a super deformed version of Trypticon! This prototype will soon join Master Made’s releases along side Titan, their SD Metroplex figure.

[Staff Edit]: Updated with new Images from Weibo user AC Toys (AC模玩网商务中心)

No release date information or pricing is available at this time, we’ll keep you updated!

Dr Wu Jetpack 1

More 3rd party upgrade news comes to us tonight as Dr. Wu presents a new jetpack accessory for your Masterpiece Bumblebee!

This accessory comes with two sets of “straps” that attach to both of Bumblebee’s shoulders and can detach themselves from the jetpack. Bee’s new toy also comes with two afterburner flame pieces which attach to the thrusters on the pack. No information on price or release date so far, but if this is a piece you intend to have for your MP-21 or MP-21G, check back for more details.

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Third-Party manufacturer Fans-Want-It announced their newest add-on kits which will feature accessories for the hugely popular Evasion Mode Optimus Prime and will combine to form their Ultimate Armory Set. The three separate sets will include:

FWI-5 – Advanced Weapons Collection – Buster cannon, Striker cannon, dual shields, dual energon swords and Gatling gun
FWI-6 – Jetwing Upgrade Kit Mk II
FWI-7 – Annular Armory – aka weapons ring

There is no announced price point or release date as of yet, but be sure to check back as this project progresses for more information.

Cyclonus 6

More news from X-Transbots tonight as we get an in-hand look at their Masterpiece-Inspired Cyclonus, Eligos in the form of a grey prototype. In these shots, we get close-ups of Eligos and his Targetmaster Truncheon, a view of his back and how certain parts fold up for robot mode, and size comparisons in both spaceship mode and robot mode alongside preceding X-Transbots offerings, Apollyon and Andras.

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Scourge 3

Coming in late tonight is a small bit of news for you, some new photos of X-Transbots Andras’s (their take on a Masterpiece inspired Scourge) featuring various accessories and special features that we can expect to see with the figure.

First is the compartment found at the top of Andras’s chest that’s made especially to accommodate the Matrix of Leadership accessory that comes with any MP-10 Optimus Prime. Next up is the Key to the Plasma Energy Chamber which is located lower in Andras’s torso. Finally we get a look at the three LED lights in his alternate mode laser weapons, one of them being the decoration on top of his head in robot mode.

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11796325 816547375119606 4588971748232059856 n

Thanks to Lunar Toy Store’s Facebook Page we now have updated images of the upcoming Spark Toys The War Within Optimus Prime prototype. Shown off in its prototype stage is a Don Figueroa inspired design of “The War Within Optimus Prime.” The War Within is a six-part miniseries published by Dreamwave Comics in the early 2000’s. Some more information from Spark Toys:

If you are heading out to New Jersey Collectors Con this weekend, make sure to stop by Lunar Toy Store and see the prototype in-hand at his booth.

Hit the discussion link below to share your thoughts on this figure and be sure to check out the pics after the jump.

Machine Boy Astrotrain Robot

Via the Transformers Fourth Party Club Weibo, we have a look at the finished product images of the Machine Boy Astrotrain. Their take on Astrotrain – the third one coming to the market this year next to offerings from DX9 and ToyWorld – takes a different approach to the locomotive mode, adding a coal cart which even the character it is based on lacked. In terms of robot mode design, though, it is arguably the closest an unlicensed Astrotrain has come to nailing the look of the original character’s animation model. Check out the new images attached to this post.

27531241d1437916855 dr wu vigorous mixer mixmaster cw titan devastator 8c3a9cbdgw1euggdzgwl1j20rs0m3jw2

Dr. Wu updated their Weibo page to include prototype images of their first full figure Vigorous Mixer. As previously reported, Vigorous Mixer is intended as a full figure replacement for Combiner Wars Devastator team member Mixmaster. So, if you’re looking for a more G1 accurate Mixmaster for your CW Devastator this product might be for you.

Check out the attached images and feel free to discuss your thoughts on the boards!


Planet X has updated their Facebook page showing off their upcoming PX-06 Vulcan figure squaring off against Takara’s Generations Fall Of Cybertron Grimlock in dino mode! If you ever wondered just how big Vulcan was in comparison, these photos answer that question. Read on to see more of how the big guy compares!