More TF4 Concept Art from Ken Christiansen – Lockdown


Last week we got a glimpse of some concept art from Ken Christiansen, showing off early designs for Grimlock. KC has updated again with some more shots, this time of early Lockdown visuals which more closely resemble his Animated feel (Green highlights, muscle car, etc). Check out the shots after the break and hit his FB page here!

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  1. Mechafire has no avatar! Mechafire says

    Robot design looks super generic, glad it wasn't used.

    By my god I wish they'd kept the poncho.

  2. nsr46gamer's Avatar nsr46gamer says

    Oh damn, I actually really dig this design. Keeping his alt mode as a muscle car would've been a nice homage, but I still like the final result as well. But man, what could've been.....

  3. JohnRedcorn's Avatar JohnRedcorn says

    Cape is kinda cliche. I am satisfied with the one that appeared on screen. He comes across as a hunter/solider assasin

  4. JirwemTheGreat's Avatar JirwemTheGreat says

    As cool as he was being a Lamborghini in the movie, I have to say, this altmode just seems a little more like Lockdown to me. But maybe that's just me.

  5. Autovolt 127's Avatar Autovolt 127 says

    The poncho is the best thing about this concept design.

    I don't really like the rusted colour muscle car....the slick looking Lambo looked better.

  6. Fallout's Avatar Fallout says

    classic car mode + rotf body + aoe face woulda been the perfect lockdown for me

  7. Ribieconvoy's Avatar Ribieconvoy says

    While it is a neat design, Lockdown's final design was a perfect fit for the movie universe, although I definitely would have loved seeing that muscle car on screen.

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