Botcon 2014 IDW Transformers Comics Panel

We attended the IDW Transformers Comics panel today! The panel featured the creators of all three of the ongoing Transformers comics – John Barber, Mairghread Scott and James Roberts. There was talk about the current series More than Meets the Eye, Robots in Disguise and Windblade along with Transformers VS G.I. Joe, Primacy and Transformers: Punishment along with teasing upcoming projects such as Drift: Empire of Stone and Windblade Returns

Read on for our full writeup! IDW gave some brief previews for the upcoming issues.

More than Meets the Eye, issue 30 is out this coming week and concludes the trial of Megatron, with 31 being a story set in real time, so the issue is all one continuous scene. Issue 31 is set to feature Drift. Some art of 32 was shown which was a battle scene featuring Whirl and Mainframe. Grimlock will make a return appearance up the line with the rest of the Scavengers in a two part story in the near future. A story returning to the early era of Cybertron involving senators, Functionists etc is also coming up soon.

Robots in Disguise, the main thing previewed was that Jazz will get a bit more focus on 31-32. Other promo art showed Thundercracker with Buster next to Optimus Prime. Verity might also make a return appearance down the line? There are also hints that Soundwave’s early history might be touched on.

Windblade, issue 3 makes you think that Mairghread Scott is evil by her own admission, it’s the darkest issue so far. You’ll get to see more of Windblade’s weapons training in issue 3 and her jewelry will have a significance revealed in issue 4. More of Windblade’s backstory will also be explored in issue 4. Sarah Stone calls working on Windblade a crazy, surreal and awesome

Primacy concludes the Cybertronian War trilogy begun with Autocracy and Monstrosity. This miniseries is going to be a true war story, where you can see what Optimus and Megatron have evolved into compared to what they used to be

Transformers VS GI Joe’s first issue will be out before Comic Con. While the zero issue was the GI Joe POV, by issue 2 it is Transformers heavy. John Barber says Tom Scioli is diving headfirst into the world of the comic. Some preview art shown had Cyclconus, Scourge and Thrust in the series. Another bit of art showed Devastator.

Transformers: Punishment was also touched on. It’s an original motion comic available on the Madefire app, available now and available for free on the Windows 8 version. There will be a big push on it next week. The series is in continuity with IDW comics and has a story where Optimus makes a visit to Cybertron post- Dark Cybertron. Someone is killing Decepticons and Optimus must find the killer. There will be a print version eventually, but the series was designed with the motion in mind, and it’s full-on motion such as doors opening, or when someone gets shot in the head and their head properly explode.

IDW explained that their plan is to have the two main series to be complemented with a miniseries. We have had Windblade, and more miniseries were hinted at.

Previews of upcoming series included Drift: Empire of Stone, which is by Shane McCarthy & Guido Guidi with colors by Josh. It’s planned to start in November. It picks up on where Drift has been since he left the Lost Light, and other MTMTE characters may make an appearance in the series.

The next miniseries, coming in 2015, is Windblade Returns. It’s by the team of Scott and Stone. Could not say much without spoiling the ending of issue #4 of the current miniseries. Everyone very pleased with the tremendous response to Windblade and the miniseries (comic sold extremely well in the IDW booth)

Anthology issues were discussed, but the main problem was figuring out the right way to do it because they’re a hard sell. Spotlights are not part of the plan right now, as they want to find the right time to cover them.

Movie comics are now confirmed as not happening for now as IDW is focusing on the mainline books.

A tie-in comic for Robots in Disguise 2015 cartoon has been discussed, stay turned to see how it plays out.

Lastly, there are currently no plans for Simon Furman to do any further work with IDW at this time.

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  1. Jalaguy's Avatar Jalaguy says

    Not sure how to feel about another McCarthy mini. The original Drift mini wasn't too bad, I guess.

    I'm intrigued by this 'Transformers: Punisment' thing. Supposedly available now, but I can't find any mention of it on the Madefire website...

  2. Mechafire has no avatar! Mechafire says

    >Another Drift series by McCarthy

    Hilarious, can't wait for the rage. I'm excited for it!

    >Windblade continuing


    >Verity in RID

    Oh god no...

    >Furman not coming back

    Hopefully should Furman return, he'll use this time to "get his head back in the game", so to speak.

  3. Novaburnhilde's Avatar Novaburnhilde says

    Awesome stuff. Glad to hear that Drift is coming back with a new series. Transformers: Punishment sounds really cool too.

    Nice to hear another Windblade mini-series will be made, and that Sarah stone will do artwork for it. Also curious about the "Early era" story that was mentioned when talking about MTMTE.

    "IDW explained that their plan is to have the two main series to be complemented with a miniseries. We have had Windblade, and more miniseries were hinted at."

    That's a perfect idea, I really like that setup.

    Also, I'm gonna lol if people start hating on Drift again, or call him overhyped, after the hilarious Windblade fiasco.

  4. Omegashark18's Avatar Omegashark18 says

    More comics, YAY! Nice to know we're going to see Drift again very soon.

  5. 'Zakath has no avatar! 'Zakath says

    I'm loving Windblade, and I'm thrilled to see it continued, but please let "Windblade Returns" not be the final name.

  6. Negativedark has no avatar! Negativedark says

    Well Drift is in AOE. And more Scavengers and Grimlock, bout time. Windblade's miniseries is doing well, so a second one doesn't surprise me.

  7. Kraken's Avatar Kraken says

    Verity! Yay! In RID? Booooooo!

    MTMTE 31 sounds interesting, I get what Roberts meant abou an X-Files episode now. They did a couple of those one camera, no cuts episodes.

    Haven't got Windoes 8 so I guess that TF Punishment will have to be skipped for now.

    Windblade II next year? Not sure what to think about that to be honest. I'd assumed that she'd be absorbed into the main RID cast. Wait and see how things pan out.

    Empire of Stone sounds an interesting sub title for another Drift mini. Hope that McCarthy doesn't fly against what Roberts has done with him.

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