Official Images Of Transformers 4 Age Of Extinction Power Battlers Wave 3 And 4


We have with us the Official Images of the upcoming Transformers: Age Of Extinction Power Battlers Wave 3 & 4. We have our first look at the Rally Fighter as a Vehicon.

The list of figures are:

Wave 3

  • Galvatron
  • Grimlock
  • Lockdown
  • Slug
  • Snarl

Wave 4

  • Junkheap
  • Vehicon

Check out the images, after the jump.

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  1. Novaburnhilde's Avatar Novaburnhilde says

    Very nice. I like how these look, and they all have cool features.

    The Vehicon and Junkheap looks pretty cool, Galvatron looks pretty cool too. The others look great too.

  2. toaprime's Avatar toaprime says

    If only the Rally Fighter transformed in the movie. Vehicon and Junkheap look great.

  3. GoseiWonder's Avatar GoseiWonder says

    It looks like Junkheap's gimmick is a chomping trash compactor chest. Looks cool, will probably buy it.

  4. kaiserlisk's Avatar kaiserlisk says

    For this size class, they don't look awful. Galvatron's definitely a highlight of this subline. If Junkheap doesn't get a Voyager toy, I might get him.

  5. Powerglide1991's Avatar Powerglide1991 says

    May have to pick up a couple of them Vehicons, they look pretty decent

    My TFP Vehicon can be the commander of a unit or something xD

  6. Optimus Prime's Avatar Optimus Prime says

    That Vehicon looks great, too bad they aren't making a Deluxe version.

  7. Lazerwave's Avatar Lazerwave says

    I guess this is close as I can get to for Junkheap and Vehicon.

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