Transformers 4 Age Of Extinction Sydney Footage Details


As we were told, the Transformers: Age Of Extinction footage shown in Sydney yesterday came from the Cinemacon footage which was revealed by some journalists at that time. But, it’s one thing to hear a footage description from the press and an entirely different thing to hear it from a perspective of a fan.

2005 Boards Member JonnyBoy is sharing what he saw via his company blog.

Now, of all the footage descriptions we’ve read so far… this is the most detailed of them all and contains major spoilers.

Furthermore, our member is answering questions based on the footage he saw, at the thread associated with this news post.

Spoilers! You are warned.

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  1. JonnyBoy has no avatar! JonnyBoy says


    Ok so I saw the prescreen footage (15 mins worth) last night. I have written it up on my company website so people can choose to read it there or those who don't can just ignore it. Now don't get overly excited as although there is some spoilerish things there was nothing mind blowing new. More of an expansion of what we have seen. Camera's/phones were taken off us so no images apart from my invitation and stuff from the goody bag.

    Well here it is: Transformers Pre-screening footage - SPOILERS | ProGood

  2. eltonlin98's Avatar eltonlin98 says

    Thanks for the little sneak! Love how Crosshairs and Drift are being kept under wraps for the most part. Can't wait to see them unlock their inner badassery.

  3. Bumblebee2000's Avatar Bumblebee2000 says

    Cool. May change my mind after the film but will probably skip the Galvy toy then and just get a Lockdown.

  4. daniel 97's Avatar daniel 97 says

    This is gonna be the best movie of the franchise, but I wish they do the same thing with the game!

  5. ComfyDeathshot's Avatar ComfyDeathshot says

    I like how Prime say's "calling all Autobots" as he is pulled up into the ship.

  6. BeeOtch217's Avatar BeeOtch217 says

    Thank You!

    One Question, though: You mentioned a scene with hound, did he talk at all?

  7. sideswipe2005 has no avatar! sideswipe2005 says

    Originally Posted by BeeOtch217 View Post
    Thank You!

    One Question, though: You mentioned a scene with hound, did he talk at all?
    I was at that preview too. Hound didn't talk

  8. tonyformer's Avatar tonyformer says

    The ships flying over the Dinos, were they the same ships we see in space?

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