Masterpiece Ultra Magnus Official Prototype Images


Our sponsors TFSource have given us a heads up that official images of the Masterpiece Ultra Magnus prototype are circulating. The new Masterpiece Ultra Magnus is shown here in so we very nice high-def images – be sure to check them out!

We’ve heard reports that accessories for MP-22 will include an alternate head and minifigures of Spike and Daniel. Stay tuned for more information!

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  1. Fort Max's Avatar Fort Max says

    Full colour product photos now available at Amazon Japan:

    ݽ̫ϰ Ͻ߰ MP22 ϸŽ

    Old news:

    TAG Hobby

    Wow, it isn't just a repainted mp10. Looks like a fair bit of retooling and the truck mode can carry a full complement of four cars.

    staff edit: high res thanks to type-r

    19, 440 yen (with Japan's sales tax), due in December

    Superbest pics at Amazon Japan:

    Full description from Robot Kingdom:

    "This item includes:
    Ultra Magnus Main Body
    Face for Exchange X 1
    Weapon X 1
    Daniel Figure X 1
    Spike Figure X 1
    Fist for Exchange

    Transformation from Robot to Car Carrier mode do not require the remove of the Cabin.*
    Vehicle mode can fit in 4 other MP size Cars.
    Totally new mold item."

    * There is no white mp10 or substitute bot mode here, just car carrier to Ultra Magnus and back again.

    Other stuff, Missiles can be moved from the sides to the front of the truck mode and to the shoulders of the robot mode without being removed.
    Face Plate comes off to show a facsimile of the old prime head underneath as a nod to the original toy but this is a purely optional feature.

  2. Fort Max's Avatar Fort Max says

    Originally Posted by Niv3k View Post
    What am I looking at =P?
    Originally Posted by Ikkstakk View Post
    Ah, here's the link he meant to post.

    TAG Hobby

    What happened to his face?
    No idea why that link didn't work.

  3. Cheem The Rup's Avatar Cheem The Rup says

    let's link those glorious pics

    I see a puppet head anyway lol

  4. Erector's Avatar Erector says

    Yeah not sure on the face, let's see what we get when the pics aren't too blurry...

  5. Ikkstakk's Avatar Ikkstakk says

    It looks like there's some sort of removable battle mask, and this is what the face looks like without it attached. Or, it's the inner face under the outer face.

  6. TigerBlade's Avatar TigerBlade says

    Initial thoughts? Stack looks better.

    Still open mind till clearer pics and in colour.

  7. Fort Max's Avatar Fort Max says

    Head does look rather odd, can't imagine why they'd screw that up though, there must be something going on that the picture alone isn't getting across.

    Cheem, ta for posting the pictures directly.

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