TFW2005 Reviews Transformers: Windblade #1


The Dawn of the Autobots is upon us, and this week kicks it off with Transformers: Windblade. After all of the discussion, will it live up the hype – or will it be a disappointment? TFW2005 is here to bring you an early review to give you the answer. The full issue will be released tomorrow – Wednesday, April 16 – but for now, check out our review of Transformers: Windblade #1!

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  1. Trek's Avatar Trek says

    Can't find this on Comixology to subscribe to. Guess I'll have to add it tomorrow when it comes out.

  2. Omegashark18's Avatar Omegashark18 says

    Seems interesting, I wonder what Starscream is up to now? Hope Metroplex starts talking again. Also I wonder if we'll see Omega Supreme or Superion?

  3. Novaburnhilde's Avatar Novaburnhilde says

    After reading the review, I can't wait to read it myself. ^.^

    If it's as good as it sounds, I hope it becomes a full blown series alongside RiD and MTMTE.

  4. Brave Magnus's Avatar Brave Magnus says

    Definitely sounds like a must read comic. Or at least one that you should give a chance. Thanks for the review! I so want to get my copy. ^^

  5. Yggdrasil has no avatar! Yggdrasil says

    God I can't wait to get this! So glad that I have 3 books a month to look forward to.

    Great review btw!

  6. HeroicC300's Avatar HeroicC300 says

    Can someone do a list of all the female transformers in the comic for me?

    Because I'm certain Windblade and Chromia aren't the only ones

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