Optimus Prime New Cartoon Look Revealed


Thanks to the new issue of TV Kids, we get a full page look at the new Transformers cartoon again. This time we have Bumblebee AND Optimus Prime. Both feature a cell-animated look reminiscent of Transformers Animated. Keep in mind, those involved with the production team mentioned that the previous Bumblebee image was just temporary art as they work out the full details of the show. This may be the same thing. Check out the full size image after the break!

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  1. Super4Ever has no avatar! Super4Ever says


    Looks like a stylized version of his Beast Hunters look to me. I wonder if he may just appear this way in flashbacks.

  2. Smashs's Avatar Smashs says

    OK wait what now? How...

    OOOOOOHHHH yea that's right. This is Transformers afterall.

  3. Stryker055's Avatar Stryker055 says

    Maybe Optimus will be some sort of Force Ghost/spirit advisor for Bumblebee.

  4. Cro's Avatar Cro says

    I can dig it.

    Especially if OP is some kind of Obi-Wan or Yoda, showing up all WooOOOoo Special Force Ghost.

  5. toaprime's Avatar toaprime says

    His chest looks like his FOC form a lot. Good to have him back. Not sure I like how the aesthetic looks though.

  6. kaijuguy19's Avatar kaijuguy19 says

    From how he looks faded I'm guessing that he'd be more of a spirit that talks to Bumblebee every now and then when a crisis is too big for Bee to take which I'm fine with if that's the case.

    As for the design it looks like a blend of his Beast Hunters design along with the TFP Orion Pax design that was featured in the flashbacks of the One Shall Rise arc and the Art of Prime book.

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