Transformers 4 Age Of Extinction Movie Title Sequence Revealed

Michael Bay‘s Official You Tube Channel has been updated with the Title Sequence of Transformers: Age Of Extinction. The animation is completely different than the previous trilogy where the name “Transformers” appear on screen after a transformation. The new animation sort of hints a dawn of a new age with a sleek, simple look.

Also, the Teaser Trailer release time has been changed to 7:30 PM EST March 4th; an hour earlier than what was previously told.

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  1. Zergi's Avatar Zergi says

    i didnt understand the point of releasing this video, it was just title haha.

  2. Oracle_Aesir's Avatar Oracle_Aesir says

    Wonder how long it'll be before someone complains about the black used being the wrong shade and how that ruined the franchise forever....

  3. fallen_revenge's Avatar fallen_revenge says

    New logo, trailers get pushed for earlier release. What else do I want?

  4. RipCurl's Avatar RipCurl says

    How very common and generic I hope the one in the actual movie still transforms.

  5. sharpy39's Avatar sharpy39 says

    Generic Hipster Transformer stated to appear: "Dark of the Moon logo was so 2011!"

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